Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD!

by Chris Post

Part of china set

Part of china set

Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD!:- My parents had a bone china set which I believe they used in the 1940s. It is well worn and some of the items have been repaired by rivets. There are no makers marks on any of it. We have no idea of its age etc, but would love to know more about it if possible, as the family home is being sold and the contents are being disposed of. Many thanks



Just a quick reply to Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD! from Peter (admin) - as this is urgent.

No marks on a set of this age means possibly very old and therefore VERY valuable (despite the worn condition).


It may be false alarm, but it looks very genuine to my (non-expert) eye.

I have published a page especially to help visitors in your position know what courses of action they can take:-

Value of Antiques & Vintage China - Identification Help Page

Peter (admin)

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I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

I have a tea set that was given to me by my mother in-law it is unmarked and very thin.

black china tea cups
by: Anonymous

I have a set of black china tea cups and side plates with mother of pearl inside each cup. each cup has a different colour inside. china is unmarked. can you help identify it please.

Jackfield Black
by: Peter (admin)

Hi to the last poster...

Sounds like it might be Jackfield Black maybe. Try googling that and see if it looks the same.

Peter (admin)

Gold leaf tea set
by: Anonymous

I have Just unearthed a very ornate tea set with gold leaf elaborate design. It comes with 2 different styles of tea cup - perhaps one is coffee. Design has what look like little clover leaves scattered throughout. The only marking is the number 9166 in handwritten pinkish colour on the bottom of saucers and cups. Does this ring any bells? Could it be old and valuable or destined for the tip!

Unmarked Turquois China
by: Lois

I have an unmarked set of china that I found wrapped among my deceased sister's things. The cups are turquoise on the outside, with a white ivory look on the inside with a turquoise and green floral twig. The bowls and saucers are white ivory with the turquoise and green floral twig. All pieces have an approx. 1/8" - 1/4" silver trim. The creamer is opposite of the cups, in that it is white ivory on the outside and turquoise on the inside. I am delighted to hear any comments or suggestions you may have.

tea service
by: Anonymous

i have what seems to be a jaapanese/chinese style it appears to be a part set as i have 7 cups and 11 saucers and about 15 teaplates it has gold edging round the rim and a navy blue strip round the the inside top of the cups also there is two serviceing plates

Unmarked bone China
by: Anonymous

I have a muted pink and gold trimmed unmarked bone China teacup, saucer, and sandwich plate. It is very thin bone China and in mint condition. I am told it goes back to the 1700's

I think it is OLD
by: Kathy

I have a bowl that has rust spots where it is chipped, no markings on the bottom, I cannot find the pattern anywhere. I wish I could submit a picture.

Tea set NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a tea set,very thin green / blue with what looks like 17th century male and female and sheep
The marking is a B in side a double U shape with a crown on top any suggestions?

Identification help please NEW
by: Anonymous

I have an old bone China cup & saucer with what looks like a ih on the bottom of the saucer engraved ( not sure of how to explain) it is very small & almost looks like some sort of Asian script. The cup itself has lupins along with other flowers with blue trim around rim & a building surrounded by trees & flowers as one part of the design. Any idea of its origin? I have many pictures I could try to upload.

i have an old gravy boat and in a set. they are white. no markings. NEW
by: Vanessa

Hi there, i have a set of 3 one looks a gravy boat. No markings. Gold accent. Gold pheonix's on each. They are all white. One has a slight blue tinge of imperfection. Very small but its amongst the white. They look very old. Ive had them for years as i collect and have alot of ornaments but they are very old and detailed. Im not sure on mich more info. I have photos. Any idea where to find out more? Thanks heaps!

unmarked china 1700 to 1800s NEW
by: Bon

I have a set of china and cannot find it anywhere else. It is very beautiful delicate and belonged to my husbands mother who was born in 1903. She inherited it from her mom when she was 9 yrs old. Her mom died in childbirth.
Sure would like to know the value.

China with silver line on edge of plates NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 place set that has pastel blue and pink flowers on the outer edge, with a silver trim around the edge. It’s a complete set. The manufacturer symbol has a sailboat with a rock on either side. The made in China logo is in the water written in Chinese and English. Above the sailboat is lines that look like sun rays. Any ideas the dates or info on this set?

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