Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD!

by Chris Post

Part of unmarked (bone china?) tea set / service

Part of unmarked (bone china?) tea set / service

Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD!:-

My parents had a bone china set which I believe they used in the 1940s. It is well worn and some of the items have been repaired by rivets. There are no makers marks on any of it. We have no idea of its age etc, but would love to know more about it if possible, as the family home is being sold and the contents are being disposed of.

Many thanks



Hi Paul

Reply to Unmarked Antique bone china means OLD! from Peter (admin):

The absence of any markings on a finely made and beautifully decorated fine china set may well mean old - possibly as much as 200 years old. This is because, early on, marks on fine china were not yet a standard practice.

Before getting too excited, you would have to have a good look and feel of the set to see if it was, in fact early bone china or mid Victorian fine/stone china or later 20th century output.

Do the standard bone china tests

First, you would need to do the translucent light test that we've mentioned elsewhere and then feel the cups. The lightness of touch of bone china is unmistakable when compared with stoneware. The colour should be a beautiful slightly creamy white, whereas porcelain and stone china is a grayer white. If it were the grayer type of colour, and still very light/translucent/luxurious in feel, then it might be of German origin, not English.

Remember the marking laws of the 19th C

Before the laws came about in the late 19th Century in both Britain and the USA, Germany, in particular, exported high quality (but inexpensive) 'knock-off' wares which would either be deceptively labelled or not labelled at all.

So, let's have a look at a few examples of early unmarked bone china. We'll see that the examples we tend to see are often somewhat even more ornate than your set. Although your set does admittedly look solidly mid Victorian in design (but perhaps not quite as fancy as many of the early bone china designs).

Early unmarked bone china sets were, for example, individually commissioned by rich households. So 'visual branding' and 'logo marketing' were concepts yet to be fully developed. Up to about c.1850 marks on china that were used tended to be only a blue colour.

Value comparisons

In terms of value, you might think an unmarked set of that age (early 1800's) might be truly valuable. I mean, we're talking 200 years old beautifully made and rare bone china for goodness sake! But, the value is not necessarily as much as you would think at the moment, because two of the 'seven factors of value' come into play here:- that of FASHION and NOTABILITY.

So, your set may tick the all the other five boxes of AGE, QUALITY, DESIGN, CONDITION and RARITY, but the two boxes it doesn't tick are significant to the potential value.


Beautiful ornate fine china is not in vogue as it once was - it has a much smaller niche following currently - thrifters and specialist collectors - NOT the general public anymore (so the FASHION box is not currently ticked). Of course, things come back around, and that's the definition of 'FASHION'.


The fact that it isn't easily attributable to a famous, sought-after maker due to the lack of marking simply makes the practical business of selling it that much less easy (that's the NOTABILITY box gone too). The fact that early bone china was often issued unmarked has meant that speculation as to who made it is almost inevitable, and that overarching doubt brings down prices.


Listings and lots of unmarked sets are forced to say things like "In the style of Rockingham", "Possibly from the Coalport works" etc. This is likely all you would get from the resident auctioneer expert
or online paid for service. You would have to go to a museum level curator expert for an investigation into your set to be sure, and those resources just aren't available to the public.

Examples of unmarked teas sets & services we see today at auction


So let's have a quick look at some recent sales on marked and unmarked Victorian era tea sets so as to get a lie of the land in terms of value. It's important to note that when valuing, experts will give a range of value, which is so broad as to, basically, cover their butts if they get it wrong and under or over value.

Unmarked Antique Bone China - Example 1


The above unidentified unmarked tea set (speculated to be Rockingham) sold at auction for £300 in December 2021. Other sets similarly attributed can sell for as little as $50 or as much as $3000.


Apart from the market for fine bone china being inconsistent at present (as discussed above), it would be to do with factors like condition, completeness, pattern detailing, colour, listing competence and the auction venue.

Unmarked Antique Bone China - Example 2


So this one small unmarked, unidentified cup sold for a tidy sum of $200 USD. Not to be sniffed at right? Especially if you found it buried at the back of a thrift store and bought it for $2.99!


Just look at the decoration and quality of detailing, painting and make. The miniature painting is tiny and exquisite. There are so many different hand painted panels it is quite mind boggling to think of the time, training and skill that must have had to go into the making of this little cup and saucer.

Bear in mind that several of the early adopters of bone china went out of business due to the expense of manufacturing in that medium. Wedgwood famously steered clear for many years and weren't an early adopter at all. They survived.

Further Examples of Unmarked China Sets/Services

Here are some further examples of the type of ware you might see at auction classified in the 'unmarked tea set/service' category. Notice I have included an unmarked lustreware set which tend to general fetch less than bone china/porcelain.

unmarked-bone-china-value-range 2

So what of the more spectacular price ranges? Below are services which sold for $1000-$3000 USD (prices in descending order). How does your set fit into the landscape of these realised prices?

unmarked-bone-china-value-range 4
unmarked-bone-china-value-range 5
unmarked-bone-china-value-range 6


So Paul, how does your set fit into all this?

If it fits the bill of lightness and quality of feel and translucence, it could be porcelain or bone china. If it's creamy white, bone china (therefore English), grey/white porcelain (therefore German).

It has the look of a 19th century set in terms of design, although this style of design could have been carried on in the 20th century - which is when your family were using it. However, it would have been much more likely to have a marking of some sort had it been manufactured in the 20th century.

It was much more likely an heirloom type set from the previous century, brought out with pride for special occasions and Sunday high teas.

How early?

Well, it doesn't quite look like the early ornate Coalport/Davenport/Rockingham style, but it could be. I don't know quite enough about the style of early designs to say one way or the other. But if this style were to fit the era, it could be even up to 200 years old.

Remembering that the later it was made, the more likely it was to be marked - unless it was one of those sneaky German imports that just pre-dated the new laws of the late 19th century.

Have another closer look and feel, bearing in mind the pointers I have given you and then make a judgment.

Hope this helps.

All the best

Peter (admin)

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How to research the value of your own set online
by: Peter (admin)

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black china tea cups
by: Anonymous

I have a set of black china tea cups and side plates with mother of pearl inside each cup. each cup has a different colour inside. china is unmarked. can you help identify it please.

Jackfield Black
by: Peter (admin)

Hi to the last poster...

Sounds like it might be Jackfield Black maybe. Try googling that and see if it looks the same.

Peter (admin)

Gold leaf tea set
by: Anonymous

I have Just unearthed a very ornate tea set with gold leaf elaborate design. It comes with 2 different styles of tea cup - perhaps one is coffee. Design has what look like little clover leaves scattered throughout. The only marking is the number 9166 in handwritten pinkish colour on the bottom of saucers and cups. Does this ring any bells? Could it be old and valuable or destined for the tip!

Unmarked Turquois China
by: Lois

I have an unmarked set of china that I found wrapped among my deceased sister's things. The cups are turquoise on the outside, with a white ivory look on the inside with a turquoise and green floral twig. The bowls and saucers are white ivory with the turquoise and green floral twig. All pieces have an approx. 1/8" - 1/4" silver trim. The creamer is opposite of the cups, in that it is white ivory on the outside and turquoise on the inside. I am delighted to hear any comments or suggestions you may have.

tea service
by: Anonymous

i have what seems to be a jaapanese/chinese style it appears to be a part set as i have 7 cups and 11 saucers and about 15 teaplates it has gold edging round the rim and a navy blue strip round the the inside top of the cups also there is two serviceing plates

Unmarked bone China
by: Anonymous

I have a muted pink and gold trimmed unmarked bone China teacup, saucer, and sandwich plate. It is very thin bone China and in mint condition. I am told it goes back to the 1700's

I think it is OLD
by: Kathy

I have a bowl that has rust spots where it is chipped, no markings on the bottom, I cannot find the pattern anywhere. I wish I could submit a picture.

Tea set
by: Anonymous

I have a tea set,very thin green / blue with what looks like 17th century male and female and sheep
The marking is a B in side a double U shape with a crown on top any suggestions?

Identification help please
by: Anonymous

I have an old bone China cup & saucer with what looks like a ih on the bottom of the saucer engraved ( not sure of how to explain) it is very small & almost looks like some sort of Asian script. The cup itself has lupins along with other flowers with blue trim around rim & a building surrounded by trees & flowers as one part of the design. Any idea of its origin? I have many pictures I could try to upload.

i have an old gravy boat and in a set. they are white. no markings.
by: Vanessa

Hi there, i have a set of 3 one looks a gravy boat. No markings. Gold accent. Gold pheonix's on each. They are all white. One has a slight blue tinge of imperfection. Very small but its amongst the white. They look very old. Ive had them for years as i collect and have alot of ornaments but they are very old and detailed. Im not sure on mich more info. I have photos. Any idea where to find out more? Thanks heaps!

unmarked china 1700 to 1800s
by: Bon

I have a set of china and cannot find it anywhere else. It is very beautiful delicate and belonged to my husbands mother who was born in 1903. She inherited it from her mom when she was 9 yrs old. Her mom died in childbirth.
Sure would like to know the value.

China with silver line on edge of plates
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 place set that has pastel blue and pink flowers on the outer edge, with a silver trim around the edge. It’s a complete set. The manufacturer symbol has a sailboat with a rock on either side. The made in China logo is in the water written in Chinese and English. Above the sailboat is lines that look like sun rays. Any ideas the dates or info on this set?

Dish set
by: Joy

Ok here goes. It was said that this set of dishes was given to a maid from Eisenhower along with a hutch from governors mansion in Napa California. My father did repairs for her and received this as payment along with the hutch. I'm curious only because there are no markings on it at all. I can't find the pattern. It would seem the president would of had something more elaborate unless maybe got it before he was president. How do I find out when this was made and the maker? Thank you.

Teaset Unmarked
by: Anonymous

I have a Wild Dog Rose pattern with butterflies. Tea set with no Maker's Mark. Replacement . Com sys they cannot identify it. It's got a beautiful Ring to it when tapped

Rd No 133817
by: Melissa Bradshaw

I have some unmarked china with an Rd No (old English patent number) either handwritten or stamped into the pieces. I have been unsuccessful in determining the make, pattern or value.
It is in good condition and you can tell it was hand painted in teal and gold.
Any assistance would be appreciated!

Black and white tea set
by: Ivy

My husband found the set doing a demo job. It's a beautiful black and white tea set. No markings. One piece has a number 3 on it in the porcelain. Any ideas how to find out anything about it

by: Anonymous

I have a teaset the plates and cups look polish with engraving design etched and it has beautiful peach and blue dogwood rose flowers with butterflies and Gold gild on all the items. was told it is 125 years old and was used by 3 generations. no makers mark or back stamp

I have the same problem
by: Robert Varcoe

A friend was moving..... she gave me a rather large set of china.... she told me they belonged to her grandmother (Friend currently in her 70's.. The china is bone white with absolutely NO markings.... or pattern. The set is mostly dinner plates, salad plates and cups and saucers.

Gold porcelain tea set
by: AnonymousLori Reiner

1940's wedding gift. Only markings are the number 1620 and below that is the number one. So beautiful.

set from early 1900s
by: Gretta

My china set is my great grandmothers set from Northern Ireland. My Mom gave them to me. The have a brown floral pattern with a gold circle in the middle of the plates the cups sit on. I am trying to figure out how to find out more about it. Any help? Thank you.

by: Anonymous

I have some china , the makers mark is two sail boats sailing between two mountains done in gold there are a bunch of lines above like the sun and horizon and water underneath all done in color...then chinese script at bottom of mark

Tea set need help
by: Sarie

I have an of tea set 18 p it is all different colours with gold rim, each 3 p a colour orange, purple,green,pink, yellow, silver it look old no markings
Please help

Unmarked China full set
by: Anonymous

I have a full dinner set w servers, sugar and creamer...in family for several generations...more than 200-300 years old.
Very classy...one single pink rose w stem. Any idea the value?

Unmarked antique porcelain plate with pansies on it.
by: Anonymous

It was given by Great auntie and told me to be careful that this plate was valuable has gold plate around outside and pansies painted on the plate. No markings on back. Uncle was in navy Japan and said was very old.

unmarked antique
by: John

I have a pair of unmarked cobalt blue china miniture shoes, I know for certain that they are close to 100 years old, however the only feature that could represent a mark is 2 small i.5 mm lumps/rises on the left shoe, can you possibly help me find or reveal a positive ID, Yours Appreciatively, John Daly

Unmarked china plates
by: Anonymous

I have small plates not circular but angled top and bottom the main colour is light yellow together with a long shallow rectangular plate with it which are all light yellow with a blue line running around the edges the corners are shaped angular the print is of spring flowers of the colours Blue, pink and a deeper yellow.

Pearl China
by: Anonymous

Is it possible for earlier Pearl China cream and sugar bowls to be unmarked? Also ,would the gold trimm be able to wear off if it was real? I did a search and these look like the Pearl China i see come up just mine has no mark. However, they were my gma's and possibly her aunt's or mother's., Idk. Ty for any input!

132 year old white with gold border
by: Anonymous

I have old white china set with border close to the edge of the dishes & gold circle in the middle. It is not marked on the bottom, but know it is 132 year old - since that is when my great-grandmother got married. And this was her wedding china. Any suggestions as maker or name of the china? Thanks

UNMARKED Strange Tea Set
by: Nicole

I have this tea set that has no markings on it wahtsoever. It is extremely ornate, raised strawberries and leaves, with what looks to be also corn cobs. It is highly accented on raised areas with gold detail. Tea pot, tea cups, sugar bowl and creamer have "claw feet". Saucers are in the shape of leaves. Everything is detailed in gold. I cannot find this anywhere on the internet. Can you suggest a reputable place for me to get this appraised either in person or online?! It was given to me by my aunt, who informed me it has been in the family for at least three generations, maybe more. It is opaque, so I do not think it is fine bone china, but possible porcelain?! I know my grandmother used it (so I know 1950s - family immigrated here in the late 1920's, early 1930's, so not sure if it was brought with them or not). Thanks for the assist.

Bone China Desert Plates - no markings
by: Anonymous

I just acquired 4 desert size plates that are definitly bone china. They are extremely delicate and have no markings on them. I don't know how to upload a picture of them, but would love to see if you can identify the pattern.

Is it SCIO or Sheffield or other maker?
by: Lee

I just bought grandma's old white set of China. It has no markings on it and looks like SCIO with the swirly pattern, but then I found one plate in the set with Sheffield USA that has the same essential pattern. I see other makers also have used this same pattern. Maybe it is just cheap stoneware that has no history, but I would like to find out. Both the SCIO and Sheffield USA stories are quite interesting. Some people say if there are no markings it's very old. I don't know. It isn't fine china, the noritake places I have are much thinner. Would like to solve this mystery.

New Teacup?
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a new teacup. It wasn't in a set, nor did it come with a saucer of any kind. Around the outside of the cup, towards the top, are ornate golden floral patterns that take up about half of the cup all of the way around. On the inside, I found a picture of an aristocratic couple, the male playing a flute. They seem to be in traditional early English wear. I have looked all over this cup, but it has no markings of any kind. Anyone know about how old it could be?

Mustache guard NEW
by: DrDormouse

I have what I hope is a Victorian piece of bone china, it is white with pink and gold accents. The mustache guard on the inner lip is highlighted in gold. There are floral bouquets around the words think of me in gold. It is however unmarked which makes me worry that it is a reproduction or fake. I don't plan on selling it all I really want to know is if it is real and what age range it would be from as it is staying in my collection nonetheless.

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