"Y" with a small "s" inside Laurel Shield Fine Porcelain mark


"Y" with a small "s" inside Laurel Shield Fine Porcelain mark:- I bought a tea service at an antique shop in Crosby, Tx. The set consists of 12 cups/saucers, teapot, sugar dish & creamer. I love the set because its so pretty. Would just like to know if its a 'new' set or actually an antique.



Peter (admin) says about:- "Y" with a small "s" inside Laurel Shield Fine Porcelain mark

Hi Jody

Great photos - nicely merged into on uploadable image. Sweet little unusual item. I bet the tea set is very pretty indeed.

I never saw this mark before, and its not in my books, but rather than write it off as 'unknown', lets look at the clues:-

The mark uses most of the devices known to man....
the crown, the shield, the laurel cartouche, and the letters which say "we don't have to put our full name on because everybody has heard of us", or rather... "We can't put on our actual name because people will know we are not an upmarket maker - but perhaps we can bluff this one out..".

Far East makers often invent marks like this..... as European looking as they can possibly muster.

It flags up - just in case we didn't know what we were looking at, the fact that it is 'fine porcelain'. However, at the same time it remains anonymous. Why, aren't they proud of who they are? What are they hiding? Why are they shouting "FINE PORCELAIN!" at us?

The gilding is hand done, but in a hurry..... "quick, get the next one done, we're on piece rate..."

The backstamp is very crisp and clear which suggests newer transfer technology.

I think this is mass production "FINE PORCELAIN!", not necessarily expensive ware and possibly not very old.

Could be Soviet block, behind the Iron Curtain era, or Far East.... who knows?

I'd love to know who this is. If you know, please post.


Peter (admin)

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same mark Y inside wreath
by: Anonymous

I bought a tea set with the exact same mark - Y inside wreath. Very pretty with gold trim and 2 roses on the face. The finish is almost a shiny cream and rose color and very pretty. I haven't been able to find anything showing this mark and would love to know something about is as well.

Russian Crown
by: Liam Donaldson

Hi, I bought some demi tasse cups at a yard sale recently and they have the exact same marks. The lady I bought them from thought that they were Russian which ties in with one of your theories. The crown does look very much the Russian Crown - yes all crowns were different from country to country and eg Britain has distinctly different crowns for their king or queen. I was amazed to find out that the Russian Crown was "lost" in Ireland for about 30 years. The Russians were short of money after WW1 and Approached Michael Collins (yes same as the movie)and exchanged the crown for a loan of 25,ooo pounds. The crown was more or less forgotten about until 1948 when it was rediscovered in 1948. My countrymen were thinking of selling it (and probably should have) but decided to ask the Russians if they wanted it back. We gave it back and they gave us 25000. How much would that Crown be worth now. Anyway, back to the cups - I believe that they are Russian and may have made in a Soviet State pottery during the Communist era. Great site ! Thank you

Liam's Russian Clue fore the Y mark on fine porcelain item
by: Peter (admin)


Great post. Let's follow up some more on your lead.

By the way, I like your tangents about the Russian crown. We need more tangents like that, so no apologies. Takes an Irishman to realise exactly what this site is all about - "The Crack"!

So let's follow the clues and do some head scratching and chin stroking about where this leads.

The lady in the yard sale thinks Russian. Great circumstantial evidence. Yes, originally I thought this was a possibility as I said above.

So if you look at the next step and try to work out what the 'Y' stands for, you have to first look at the Cyrillic (Russian). In Cyrillic letters the Y stands for 'U' (as in the word Hula). There are no Russian factories I can find which begin with the letter U.

So let's assume, as the 'fine porcelain' is in English (otherwise it would say 'farfora' or 'фарфора') that the pottery mark is also westernised.

So we are looking for Russian ceramics factories beginning with the letter 'Y'.

There are only two on my list (which is pretty comprehensive).

continued below/.....

"Y" with a small "s" Pottery Mark
by: Peter (admin)

continued from above/....

First is Yerevan Farfor in Yerevan, Armenia. Founded in 1948, the factory was situated in the Armenian capital (also called Armfarfor). If you look at the marks and the wares from this factory they are completely different - roughly stamped marks in blurry ink - even to the 1980's, so unless they had a complete turn around (which is doubtful), not them.

The second is Yuzhnouralsk in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, Founded in 1963 - also known as the 'South Ural Porcelain Works'.

The factory is named after the town which translates as "Southern Urals (town of)". The Russian word for South or Southern in the Cyrillic alphabet is "Южного", or when you say this in an English accent it sounds phonetically like "Yuzhnoural" or "Yuzhnava" (i.e. very close to the name of the town). So the small 's' within the larger 'Y' might be a reference to this duality of the Russian language.

This area of the Ural Region is known to have rich kaolin deposits. Kaolin is a key ingredient of porcelain, so this definitely fits in terms of "fine porcelain" production within Russia. Both the date, after 1963 fits the modern looking pottery mark transfer print, and the 'Y' letter also fits.

I can't find anything else out about this maker either online or in books at my disposal.

Let's assume for a minute that this 'Y' mark does belong to Yuzhnouralsk Porcelain of Chelyabinsk in the South Urals.

So speculation might run like this:-

The Soviet regime decides to go into exporting fine porcelain. They have rich deposits of kaolin in the South Urals. They open a factory there and name it after the town.

The decide they need the export revenue and make the pottery marks look western by using the English language. I don't know their range apart from the photo above, but I speculate it calls on the rich and fabulous history of the Russian Imperial porcelain wares (see my online china guide), whilst at the same time having the production values of a Lada car (i.e. none).

Just some ideas. If you know more, please post.

Thanks Liam for adding to this interesting thread.

Peter admin

Y with small S
by: brandy

i have a set of small tea cups and plates with the same Y and S on them the painting on them are of george washington and martha, my mother bought them at an auction, they are still in the original case, i was trying to find out what their worth is. If anyone could help!!


The Forum Help Elf says:-

For valuation help and advice, please go to Peter's vintage and antique china values page

'Y' mark does belong to Yuzhnouralsk Porcelain of Chelyabinsk
by: The Forum Help Elf

As you can see, Peter's theory is that this mark, which is not listed in any of the standard pottery marks encyclopaedias, is that this 'Y' mark belongs to Yuzhnouralsk Porcelain factory of Chelyabinsk in the South Urals, Russia.

They would have been looking for export dollars primarily, so a US themed historic subject matter would be appropriate.

Anyone who can shed light (confirm or contradict) please post below.


by: Anonymous

Also have an item with y and s inside. I guess it is a tea cup,but there are no handles. The logo is a little blured. Has gold trim with oval shaped,inside is a hummingbird with flowers. Just curious about it.

another piece of the puzzle
by: road2clova

I just bought a cobalt blue plate, very fancy with a man & woman in the center, heavily trimmed in gold, including some that is hand painted. Interesting on the back, in addition to the "Ys" in a shield is the words, "Lemoge Design". I found your website and all the comments regarding this particular mark while trying to research the plate. Do you have any further thoughts? Thanks

1 coffe cup
by: Anonymous

I am looking for 1 small coffe cup like the one in the picture, Does any one has it?

Single cup
by: Jody

Do you need just the single cup to complete a set?

Teacup and Saucer Set 6 of each
by: Anonymous

Same Y in shield, S in Y with crown, set has roman or Greek theme. Togas worn by women on cups and saucers.

tea set
by: Anonymous

I have the same tea set in the silk box...does anyone know what its worth?

Romeo and Juliet with Y s Stamp
by: Candi

I too just bought a piece with the exact Y s Stamp. It is a man and a woman on a napkin holder. It is irredecent in color with heavy gold trim and red feet. I found a teapot on EBAY with the exact image of the couple and they were referred to as Romeo and Juliet. The colors of the pot were also very similar to my napkin holder (not a ring but a standing holder). The tea pot also had a gold stamp on the bottom however, it was a gold crown and said republic of Czech. I also would love to know the origin of the Y s stamp so I hope this gives another piece to the puzzle.

by: Candi

I just found a person who I wrote to about this and this was their answer
Hi Candi,

what you have there is neither old nor Czech - it's Chinese, the trademark stands for "Yau Shing" (a.k.a. "Yaushing", "Yao Shing", etc.). Knowing that, you can easily search for other examples, some even clearly showing the manufacturer name as part of the mark.

I hope that helps,
I then found on a GoodWill site an example of the same stamp only it said Yaushing above the laurel and it was in black ink.

Y s
by: Candi

I was told by an expert it is chinese and not old. It stands for YauShing or Yao Shing. I even found a goodwill site with a teaset with the same Y and s only it said Yaushing at the top instead of a crown.



Peter (admin) says:-

Thanks for this great detective work Candi. This was one of the longest standing mystery marks on the site. It's good news, but it sure does shoot down in flames my magnificent theory about it being Russian! Shame on me! [**egg on face**]


tea set
by: Anonymous

can anyone tell me how much this is worth? I have the same tea set in silk box and cannot find it anywhere....please help!!

Same pattern as original poster.
by: Tina

I have a demitasse cup & saucer in the same pattern as the original poster except that what is green on hers is dark red on mine. Same stamp of an "S" inside a "Y" inside a shield surrounded by a laurel wreath with a crown on top of the shield. The only light I can shed on the age of this set is that my cup and saucer were owned by my grandmother who passed away in 1979 at the age of 92. Assuming she acquired it sometime in her early to mid-adult life, that would put its age at 66 - 96 years.

tea set value
by: Anonymous

Can anyone please tell me what this is worth? I have the tea set (plates & cups with exactly the same mark) in a silk box.....Does anyone know?

porcelain mark - Y with s
by: Lynn

Well, I'm another owner of a Y with s item. It's a teapot with gold painted handle and spout. The finish is sort of iridescent, and on the side there are a lord and lady beside a fence. Again, I'm curious about the value of this. I don't know whether to donate it to Goodwill or try to sell it. Can someone give a general idea?

Fine porcelain mystery
by: Sandra and Marshall

We have the same set with a different type pattern on it that resembles A Harlequin pattern. It also comes in a silk box. The teacups have only three legs and the teacup handles are heart shaped.

Would love to know the value of these as well.

The fact that no one seems to be able to know the origin for sure makes me even more curious.

We acquired ours while treasure hunting at a goodwill.

Y with S
by: Lucia

I also have acquired a set of dinnerware with this logo but underneath mine says "Fine China" then under that "Japan". Mine has a blue flower pattern which includes tulips and daisys around the edges of the plates, etc. I have almost a set for 8, one broken dinner plate and cup, with extra serving large oval plate and sugar and creamer. It is a clear stamp.
Why would it say Japan if it was made in China?

Another Yao Shing Porcelain Set
by: Anonymous

I am also the owner of a chinese Yao Shing Porcelain tea set in a silk covered box. I knew it was chinese after coming across a website that showed the different marks used by the various makers.

Mine sounds the same pattern as Sanda and Marshall. It is a set of 6 cups and saucers, teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl. It is white with a dark blue, yellow, and gold harlequin type pattern. The legs are heavily gilded in gold as well as the handles.

On the front of the silk covered box there are two labels. On one is stamped YSC3-F73A and the other is a small round label that says CIB h with the number 44T311.

I acquired mine in a raffle. It has been sitting in my closet and I am also eager to know what it is worth.


Y marked cup and saucer
by: Sandy

I also have a cup and saucer, Y stamped, inside a crown. It came out of Grandma's attic, so there's no telling on the age. The scene is of a lady and her gentleman, standing near a lamp post, looks either British or French, and it could be that they are dancing?? Handle is gold, rim is maroon, china iridescent.

Thanks for all the interesting commentary, it was fun to read!


half the pieces marked Y with n in the middle
by: Anonymous

I have a set but half of it has a n instead of a s. Would someone go through the trouble of copying this set?

Trying to find out about my set
by: Crystal

I have the wreath but it has the letter N in the middle with Japan underneath and Laurel across the top.

Y s I have the answer
by: John Knapp

I have this set , I purchased it at an estate sale a few years back , mine is in the original box with the makers name " Yusui" printed on the box. I would like to include a photo , but I am new to this site and don't know how

by: Anonymous

no one still has said what this set may be worth....any ideas anyone?

Just bought a set
by: Anonymous

I agree some price please... How do I post picture

Ys mark in Gold

Just found this site, I just purchased a bowl with the crown,shield and laurel Ys mark on underside. Says some name worn off underneith and Porcelain 24kt. g.p. under that...letters that are hard to read seem to be S or G and then furui maybe

tea cups and socers
by: Anonymous

I have a set of six it has a flower on the front and it also has the crown with a large y with a s inthe middle and a left with a bow at the bottom doesany one know and thing about the Orin the are worth anythin

Tea cups and saucers set of 6
by: Anonymous

I have a set of 6 tea cups with the saucers trimmed in gold has the big y with a little s inside would like to know more about them if anyone has any information please. Contact me at tyauer@mail.com thank you.

Also have a set need to know the value
by: Fineme

6 piece saucer & cups with a man & woman next to a light post maroon with gold trim. On the box has these #'s 12H98007-M does anyone know the value if any

Interesting twist on the research
by: Joyce

I purchased a set of 8 demitasse cups and saucers in black porcelain glaze with 24k gold trims. What is interesting is some have the Ys mark in wreath with '24k gold fine china printed on the bottom.'

Some have the 'L.T.R. fine porcelain Japan' on the bottom. The LTR cups saucers are of much better quality, but they look at first glance to be identical.

The came in a box marked Casati fine porcelain Bavaria Design Germany

by: Joyce

I am of the opinion that the two trademarks are not related to each other, nor are either related to Casati.

My research has not turned up much on the Ys trademark but found a couple of the L.T.R mark, one similar to mine where a cup and saucer sold for $10 plus shipping on Etsy. I plan to sell the one with LTR and donate the others to the Thrift shop.

Laurel wreath with the Letter Y w/ S
by: Jerry Thompson

We also have a Tea set with these markings. One of the pieces has "Classic Porcelain Czech Republic design" on the bottom.

y s & crown tea set
by: Pam M R

I bought mine at a flea market in Florida in the 1980s. It is gold trimmed, iridescent and green with a lady and gentleman in a garden. The saucers have open hearts around the plate sides. 6 cups and saucers, a cream, sugar bowl and the tea pot.

Not worth very much
by: Steven in NY

To those asking about worth -- these "lines" are not worth much; in fact, they were originally sold very cheap. There are 2 very common transfer prints in these lines: (1) A man & woman with interlocked arms. This is a style imitation of French painter Fragonard's art. And; (2) A more Victorian looking man & woman sitting on a wooden fence, often in red.

When Peter mentioned Russia & particularly Armenia, he was onto something. The Armenian shops in Los Angeles import actual European AND "no-name"/pseudo-European china en masse, which these would be. I'm Armenian, and Armenians love to buy these "no-name" lines for everyday use, since they're much more affordable. A plate would probably be a couple dollars. Twenty years ago, my mother was given whole sets of both types I list above. Some only say "MADE IN JAPAN" (no logo), some "ROYAL CROWN JAPAN," and others "YS." You can assume that the transfers are public and different manufacturers are slapping them on and exporting them.

The Mystery Three leged Tea Cups NEW
by: Curious of Y & s mark

Hi everyone, the answer to what the Y and S stand for is included in the thread of this post. The Fine Porcelain is from China. The only thing that has not been determined but ask several times, what is the worth of such Porcelain?

I found this site to be very informative.
I too, have a set of four tea and saucers. The same kind as the picture posted with this Y and S post:)

Mine is marked fine China Japan on the bottom NEW
by: Betsy

These are not Chinese they are Japanese , mine has the Y And the s. Along with fine China Japan on the bottom. I do not see how to attach the picture however

Fine Porcelain marked Y with s inside
by: janeen

I have the whole set in the silk box....my husband bought it at an antique shop 15 years ago for $65.
It has a teapot, creamer, sugar, twelve cups, and 11 saucers (missing one)

I too would like to know the value...NOBODY WILL COMMIT to the price!

yY with a small s stamp
by: Jo

If you want to sell it then put it up on eBay or facebook marketplace. Put what you want for them. You can always come down or do a "Best offer". The price is whatever the traffic will bear. No one can give you a concrete price as no one is really sure of the origin.
I bought mine in the early 90s and it was new and is still in the box. so they are not 96 years old..more like 25 yrs.
Mine are demitasse and they have the red border.

Beautiful tea set NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a set with those markings from an estate sale and found them to be cheaply made. Absolutely beautiful but done in a hurry! The tea pot has a musical wind up "cheaply made " with made in Japan. I know for sure the set was from the 70,s according to the estate. As for value, because the maker is who knows who, not worth much more than what you would pay for a new set today $25 - $35. I know, BUMMER. But the good news is they are absolutely beautiful!

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