20 Inch Tall Beer Stein With a "Moby Dick" Whale Handle and a "Fran" Pottery Mark

by Steve
(Chino Hills.CA. US)

20 Inch Tall Beer Stein With a

20 Inch Tall Beer Stein With a

20 Inch Tall Beer Stein With a "Moby Dick" Whale Handle and a "Fran" Pottery Mark:- I Got This Giant Beer Stein From A Friend Of Mine,It Has FRAN Written Or Stamped On The Bottom.

I Can't Find It Anywhere,online

Would appreciate putting it out to the forum here to see if anyone can shed any light on this pottery mark.



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20 Inch Tall Beer Stein With a "Moby Dick" Whale Handle and a "Fran" Pottery Mark

Hi Steve

Phew - you'd get a nice drink of beer from a 20" stein!

This looks kind of hand made to me - as if it's from an amateur artist. It's nice and a fun object though.

If other people have this item, then maybe it is not hand made by an amateur, but from a small studio perhaps.

Interesting submission - let's see what we get.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Moby Dick Beer Stein
by: Blake

Dear Steve, I've gone through my Beer Stein Book 3rd edition and also run the usual searches with no luck. There is a great website though that is very good about answering questions. Here's the link:

If you get an identification from them please be sure to post the results here.

Yours, Blake

20 Inch Tall Beer Stein
by: Steve

Thanks A Bunch Blake,
I'll Check Out The Site


moby dick stein.
by: Anonymous

I have this stein. Email me crazycrak@gmail.com

moby dick stein.
by: couchdragon

I have this stein. Email me couchdragon@cox.net
mine is different colors, ane the captain is broken. Not signed.

by: margaret/Anonymous

I have this stein also and search with out finding anything, stamped on bottom Pen-Del d. 1978 that is all I have. the web said that Pen-Del is a name the artist use when they do not want people to know who they are.

Moby Dick Stein
by: Donna

I also have this stein but no Fran name on it and it has no lid

re.beer stein
by: carl

hi steve. my wife and i ran a ceramic studio back in 1980 we had that stein mold that i poured quite often. i did that stein myself with blood on the whale and beautiful colors on teh men in the boat. i sold that stein at a yard sale and now i would like to have it back .no chance of that but that was my finest accomplishment and im sorry i sold it .the mark on that piece was our studio name penncraft ceramics /were out of business but that mark on yours is very likely the person that did the piece .franklin. francis.or such.

Looks like my Aunt's mark
by: Anonymous

This looks like a stein my aunt has done. She has made many in the past for my father and uncle and puts "FRAN" on the bottom. I talked to her and she doesn't know if she did a Moby Dick one or not. We actually are from the mid-west. So, this is a ceramic art that many have painted in many color schemes. Could be my aunts but can't confirm. I do hope this helpd

20 inch moby dick beer stein
by: Anonymous

I also have the same 20 inch moby dick stein whih the mark on it ps seen this same stein in 1999 on one of antique road show if am right they started the show with it. it was worth a few bucks

I just bought this stein
by: Anonymous

I paid 20 for this with no lid, did I get burned?

I have a moby dick whale handle beer stein
by: Joel Ayon

Hello , I am Joel and I have one like this , if anyone is interested let me know.....

moby dick stein
by: boston mike

i grew up in the whaling city capital where moby dick is based on. I now live in California and I found this stein at an antique shop so I thought it was really cool. but on the bottom of mine the artists name is Jim Dicks and its dated april 21 1977 any one ever here of Jim Dicks

Moby dick
by: Matt

I just bought one of these at a garage sale for $5 there's no stamp or markings on it anywhere I can find it's a pearl white with light blue accents

I have a similar stein
by: Anonymous

My wife recently bought me one of these at a small thrift shop. It looks identical, except the whales are black. I don't know where or when it was made, but it is interesting that there are more than one out there.

Moby Dick Stein
by: AnonymousRich

I have this stein. It's numered (#486) also has "sea 11/80" on the bottom and painted in different colors. The lid is intact.

Same stein!
by: Anonymous

Anyone have any ideas on the value? Mine has no lid.

moby dick stein
by: Anonymous

I have one as well and was wondering what it might be worth mine has no stamps on it but says dick 1971 on the back side of the handle

20 inch Moby Stein with Fran mark
by: Patti

Should you ever wish to give it up, I would love to give it to JAKE HEGGIE, the awesome composer of the fabulous opera Moby-DICK that world premiered in Dallas in 2010 and is there now!

ceramic stein with whale handle
by: Anonymous

I made one like this in 1980s whiteware or greenware class. I sold it at a tag sale and now I wish I did not. Great Piece. My stein was less colorful.

I have one of these also
by: Olieman

I just picked one of these out of the trash bin where I live. I was surprised that it was in perfect condition. The one I have has a light colored mid section and a rich dark blue top and bottom section with the whale handle a baby blue color. The rope is painted gold or gold leaf?
It's marked on the inside of the lid KJ 78. It looks to be a very nicely done piece.

Whale mug NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same beer stein but in a different color. Mines marked 1970 and has a name but I can't make it out. I haven't been able to find out much about it. I got mine in a estate sale.

Vintage 1970's Whaling Stein NEW
by: Bill

I bought one of these at a yard sale a few years back and sold it on Ebay for $75. Mine was colored different and had no lid.

Moby Dick Stein NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine says "happy 1st aniversary" 1973. Im thinking a ceramic shop popular mold? Ive repainted and love it, however, i dont have the lid. It seems to finish it nicely.

20" Whale Beer Stein NEW
by: Mike

It has Fran with some letters following it that I can't definitely make out, "lone?" around the bottom edge and PAT"70" on the bottom, unfortunately it did not come with a lid. Light gray whale handle, pale blue sky, dark brown rope and white birds.

hand painted ceramic NEW
by: Anonymous

it a ceramic hand painted - my mom did one!

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