5 prong Crown Pottery Mark Over a Cursive "D" on a "Rape of Europa"

by Benny

Five prong Crown Pottery Mark Over a Cursive

Five prong Crown Pottery Mark Over a Cursive

Five prong Crown Pottery Mark Over a Cursive "D" on a "Rape of Europa":- Hi, I've bought this nice porcelain figurine on a flee market around a year ago, and since then I'm trying to understand the origin of this mark.

It supposed to be 19's century, probably Dresden.
This figurine is quit big and looks old. The mark is located under glaze.

Please assist.




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A visitor has come up with an answer - "Wolfsohn, Helena used a crown with a cursive D under it between 1850-1881. Yours looks like it. I hope this helps. See.....


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Hi Benny

Many thanks for your interesting query and your nice photos.

Great submission, not least because it flags up an area of research on pottery and porcelain marks which is not well documented either online or offline (as far as I can see) - that of the modern Dresden decorating studios operating in the middle part of the 20th Century.

Dresden probably yes, 19th C probably no.

Although my 'thing' is more 20th Century UK makers, I have been doing quite a bit of research on this particular type of crowned 'D' Germanic style of mark.

Please treat the following as theory only and possibly not necessarily correct. I am not an expert in this area - just interested in finding out more.

Here are my ideas about the 'D' with crown porcelain marks:-

First thing to say is the classic mark associated with the ceramic industry of the city of Dresden decorators (not to be confused with the Meissen porcelain factory, a distinctly separate entity, the originator of European porcelain production who have their
own set of very distinctive marks) is the mark is a Crown with the word 'Dresden' beneath.

Dresden Porcelain - Pottery Mark Query, typical Dresden Decorators Blue Crown

In the 1880's other people had the idea to use this mark, namely Helena Wolfsohn, but were slapped down and stopped by the 4 porcelain decorators who had agreed to reserve this mark for themselves (see this Dresden Porcelain Marks article).

Helena Wolfsohn of Dresden is the first maker I can find using the cursive 'D' and crown. Her decorating studio opened in 1843. She had to stop using the original crowned Dresden mark and began using a crowned 'D' with three prongs instead.

Query About My Different Cursive 'D' Pottery Mark

Then around the middle of the last century a loosely associated group of Dresden decorators used various versions of the cursive crown 'D' porcelain mark.

In no particular order, these makers were Karl-Heinz Klette of Küps, Bavaria (I have only seen a 7 prong crown in association with this maker). Klette was somehow possibly associated with Franz Sieber in Rudolstadt (Thuringia) later to become Gisela Keilhauer (still producing today - and associated with a 5 prong crown). Sieber was producing prolifically in the 1920s and 1930s in soviet occupied East Germany (more info see Dresden D Crown mark Query)

Another maker who is attributed with a 5 prong crown 'D' mark is Höffner & Co founded in 1951 in Sandizell, Bavaria. This maker used many migrant workers who fled form Thuringia after the war and produced a wide array of Dresden type figures and gift items, sometimes using the 5 pronged crown with D and sometimes a 5 prong crown 'N' rather like the Italian Capodimonte mark.

Further reading:-

German specialist website and source

Dresden D Crown mark Query

collectible figurines period costume lady

So I can't really identify which maker your mark pertains to - just the background of which makers it might be.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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5 Prong Crown Pottery Mark Germany
by: Peter (admin)

Having had time to think about this submission query a bit more and having seen other marks etc; I feel this is definitely mid to late 20th Century reproduction from one of the following makers:-

Franz Sieber of Rudolstadt (Thuringia)

Gisela Keilhauer of Rudolstadt (Thuringia)

Höffner & Co of Sandizell (Bavaria)

The reason I say this is the modeling is just too poor in comparison to the earlier 19th century era which would be simply better.

Helena Wolfsohn's mark was a 3 prong crown as far as I know - and I am not convinced her studio did this sort of thing - she was a quality decorator of white-wares.

Peter (admin)

phantasy mark
by: Karl

This special mark is not a hallmark, but a product of phantasy. It is priceworthy to clear this mark.
One theory says, it is a hallmark for asian falsifications. Like Europe had made chinoiserie to get rid of the expensive imported goods, so Asia made figurines in an european style.
Do you know "Antik 2000", the wholesaler? It looks like one of his items.

Attirbuted to Karl Heinz-Klette
by: George Bartholomew

Look into the studio of Karl Heinz-Klette which operated in Bavaria between 1950 and the mid 1960's. All indications are that this is one of his pieces. He is most noted for his figurines which today (2017) sell at auction from between $200-$400. This is most certainly his specific mark.

Plates with the exact same mark NEW
by: Stephanie

I have a beautiful pair of reticulated plates with the exact mark. Have you found any difinitive answers as to the origin of your figure?

Fake Mark NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a Chinese reproduction. Last quarter of the 20th century. They've pilfered many old Dresden marks and are using them on new pieces to fool unsuspecting buyers. NOT old.

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