6 gal crock with crown stamp

by Mark Ratto
(Bay Point, CA USA)

6 gal crock with crown stamp on the side

6 gal crock with crown stamp on the side

6 gal crock with crown stamp on the side:- I recently rescued a 6 gal crock my parents were going to thrown away. I am interested in finding out more about it. If anyone can identify the stamp and let me know where it's from, when it made and if it's worth anything 4

i'd appreciate it!

Thanks in advance...



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6 gal crock with crown stamp on the side

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Crock ID - Ransbottom Brothers Pottery
by: Blake

Dear Mark,
Your crock was made by the Ransbottom Brothers Pottery Company of Roseville, Ohio. They were in business from 1900 to 1920. Often crocks such as yours are mistakenly thought to have been made by the Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Company also of Roseville, Ohio. They started production in the 1930's and though they used a very similar crown mark their marks were impressed into the clay; not done in cobalt blue glaze.
For value try running a search on eBay for Ransbottom Crock. You might also try using Robinson-Ransbottom in your search but only note the prices of crocks marked in the same manner as yours.
I hope this helps.

Yours, Blake

thank you
by: Mark

thank you very much blake!

6 gal crock with crown stamp
by: Patty

Did you find out the value of your crock? I have 2 of the same also in excellent condition.

by: Anonymous

no i have not...i recently offered them on craig's list for $30 for the pair.

I picked that number out of the air hyaving no idea what they are worth.

no takers so far. :(

maybe the crock market is soft right now. ;)

quick update
by: Mark

I think i didn't find anything on e-bay at the time of blake's advice but just found a pot with this mark on ebay

90 bucks for one pot ain't to shabby. maybe i should reconsider my Craigslist price!

crocks with crowns
by: Cheryl

Your crock is worth more than $30.00 I buy old crocks all the time. I just bought a crock with the crown and a 2 under it. (2 gallon capacity) and paid $30.00 that was a good price for it. I have seen the same size go for $45.00 to $50.00 when in good condition. I got a good deal

12 gallon Crown Ransbottom Crock
by: Anita

I have a 12 gallon Crown-stamped Ransbottom crock. It has handles on each side made of metal with red wooden dowel handles. Any idea what its value is? It stands 20" high and is 14" in diameter at the inside. It's ridiculously heavy.

Need a lid
by: TN

I have an old 6 gallon Ransbottom crock - brown inside. Broke the lid. Anyone have one for sale?

I have a pair of the 6 gallons
by: chaz

Beautiful one has a hair line crack. Sturdy and quite nice

Brown crown emblem
by: Carina

I just bought a similar crock that is 3 gallon but the crown is brown/blackish. What, if anything does that mean? Would you say its safe to use as a pickle crock? Thanks!

questions on crock
by: Patty

I just bought a 6 gal crock today for $30.oo Has blue crown with a 6 in it. No other markings. It has a lid with a hairline crack in it. The crock is 1/2 dark brown. Any ideas as to what that is?

Crown blue stamp crock
by: Ronnie

I was just found a 6 gallon crock with the crown stamp on it,someone had it in the garbage,
Robinson ransbottom,roseville,ohio.
How much can I get for it

me to
by: kee

I inherited crock half dark brown half tan. Dark brown top with crown #6 inside crown..

Bean pot
by: Tammy Cohen

I have a blue crown 3 bean pot on handle what is it worth it was my grandmas

by: Chastity

I'll buy your crocks for $30 If still available

2 6 gallon crocks with lids. NEW
by: Gloria

I inherited 2 6 gallon crocks with lids from my mom, perfect condition. They were my grandmothers before my mom. They are worth about $200 @. Authentic Ransbottom.

Pottery NEW
by: Anonymous

I have never seen this type of pottery for less than $100.00 it's old and will never be made ever again because of age and who was making pottery at that time 1900 to 1950's

Dating Crown Mark
by: KP

Anyone happen to know how to date the blue crown mark crocks?

See some with USA under gallon size and some without. Some have USA on the bottom and some have no markings.

Crock pot
by: Frank

I have a 2 tone 6 quart with the crown what is it worth no lid did it come with a lid fit it at a storage box

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