6 pointed star mark with a G

by Patricia Martin
(Wagga Wagga NSW Australia)

6 pointed star mark with a G

6 pointed star mark with a G

Hi there!

I picked up some cool pieces probably about 20 years ago from a local charity shop. I basically put them in the cupboard and then completely forgot about them till now.

Although I was always curious about their history,I was unable to do much research back then. Ive recently seen the back stamp online and know they're probably from the 1800s. Ive seen the same pattern on a chat forum line, but it was dated from 2006. Anyway, I can't seem to find anymore information about them. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ta Tricia


Reply by Peter (admin)

Always willing to help an Aussie gal in distress (even if you normally win the ashes!).

This 6 pointed star mark with a G is Grimwade Bros of the Winton Pottery, Hanley and Stoke used from 1886-1900, before they went on to form Grimwades Ltd in 1900 and invent chintz and become a huge player.

This was the only photo you uploaded, so the only one I can help with, I'm afraid.

Best regards


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