8" plate with Cartoon of Edwardian Collectible Bathing Belles and Suitor marked F. & V. I. England Patent Applied For

by Geraldine


8" plate with Cartoon of Edwardian Collectible Bathing Belles and Suitor marked F. & V. I. England Patent Applied For

8" plate with Cartoon of Edwardian Collectible Bathing Belles and Suitor marked F. & V. I. England Patent Applied For:- I have an 8" plate that reads on the back F. & V. I. England Patent Applied For and also has a crude backwards j hand drawn toward the sides. The front has a blue image that appears to be an engraving that depicts 2 women on the beach wearing sailor type dresses asking a man in a hat "Won't you please teach us to swim?" Lots of crazing.



Here are some others in the series (courtesy of Beth):-


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8" plate with Cartoon of Edwardian Collectible Bathing Belles and Suitor marked F. & V. I. England Patent Applied For

Hi Geraldine

I don't know the mark, and can't find it in my books, so in that respect, this plate is a mystery so far.

However, the plate looks to me as it it has all the indications of being a very collectable piece of china. It is quirky, it seems it is rare. The question has to be asked why it has the term 'patent pending' on a china plate.

It is a unique process or technique which is patentable - not a design or trade name, which are covered under different legal categories such as copyright and trademark legislation. So I am confused as to what the patent pending thing is about.

The other interesting thing about this plate is the artwork and humour seem to be a forerunner of the English seaside town saucy postcard genre - which is a very collectible area in its own right.

I would guess this might be a piece of souvenir ware from an English seaside town. I blew up the photo to see if I could recognise the coastal features (as I come form the UK), but the landscape could be anywhere.

All in all, something tells me plate might be worth investigating more. It is interesting indeed.

Best regards
Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Beth

I also have that same plate and have 6 others {5 different comical designs]that go with it. I am looking all over the net for any information on these plates. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

English Seaside Postcard Plates - "England Copyright Applied For"
by: Peter (admin)


Many thanks for your contribution. We have solved a great many of these types of mystery on this site over the years by a process of visitors giving small clues until we have enough of a body of evidence to solve the mystery pottery mark.

In this case I feel sure it would help if you were to send in photos of each of your plates, if you would be so kind, and I will add them here on this thread.

Either upload them on the submission form (use more than one form if necessary - there are 4 photos allowed on each form), then I will manually transfer them over to here. Or send them direct to me at peteradmin@theclayartist.com

Thanks for your help on this one Beth.

Peter (admin)
p.s. On re-reading the original submission, I realised Geraldine got it wrong when she wrote "England Patent applied for", because it actually says "England Copyright Applied for" which is different, so ignore my comments. The thing is saying "England Copyright Applied for" is also strange because as far as I know, copyright is automatic so long as you can prove you are the originator of the intellectual property and have not signed it over to a third party. Copyright is not something you apply for like a patent. Maybe it was different years ago, but I don't think so.

i have a plate also
by: lindaham

My plate is the same blue but is of a man in a woman in what appears to be a hammock type chair. the saying is"I am so "hard pressed for time can not get away. It has the same markings on the back

bathing belles
by: wendy

My friend has one of these plates also. Has anybody any idea of age or origin?

Similar plate
by: Anonymous

I have a plate with the same markings on the back ( F.& V.I. England Copyright Applied For), but the drawing on the front is of a man and woman standing on a beach with their backs to each other as if they are having an argument. The missing plate, according to my now deceased Mom's story, is of the couple making up after arguing and it is titled "After The storm", I believe.
I would like to find out if it is valuable or collectible.
Thank you, Ruby Hooper

Green Plate marked 'Enchanted'
by: Jenny

I also have a plate marked 'F & VI England Copyright applied for' and it is green. I was told by a dealer that this is quite a rare plate. I actually have two of them, the other is marked 'The Fishing is fine'. I would like to know more about them.

by: Ann Lloyd

F.&V.I. is the abbreviation for Fondeville & Van Iderstine, importers of fine glass and porcelain. These plates were called "Whimsy" plates and were made in England around the turn of the century.

Thanks to Ann, we have the ANSWER - Whimsy Plates by Fondeville & Van Iderstine
by: Peter (admin)

A huge thanks to Ann for finally solving this mystery mark which has bugged us for many years on this site

Whimsy plates by Fondeville & Van Iderstine

Well done

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I also have 4 of these. 3 are the cartoons and one is a woman at a piano playing while a man rests his arm leaning over listening. The wording at the bottom is : ENCHANTED. Are these plates worth anything?

Blue plates F.&V.I., England copyright applied for
by: Leigh

I have 2 of these Whimsey plates in blue. I really think they ate special. Both are seaside scenes and say "Will stop here for some time".....the other, "The nights are getting cooler but manage "to keep warm"".
Know the value anyone??

Different F. & V. I. 8" plate
by: Melvin Campbell

Plate shows backs of man in striped suit sitting between two smartly dressed women in pastural scene. Bottom reads: Am "Embracing every Opportunity" to Keep Occupied.
Back has boxed F. & V. I. plus ENGLAND
Also has printed F 2
Any info is appreciated.
Campbellrmelvin@gmail.com or text to 662-432-3638.

Whimsy plates fonderville and van iderstine NEW
by: Anonymous

Not one comment on what these whimsy plates are worth?

Fishing is fine NEW
by: Wes

I too have a plate with the same makings. On the front is a picture of a man and woman "spooning" in a row boat and the caption The Fishing is Fine

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