A Brilliant Site by a Brilliant Artist

by Joseph
(Gozo, Malta)

I have this hobby of clay sculpting but I do not take it too seriously. I have done some figurines and bas-reliefs using earth clay which is very common here in Gozo, where I live. Gozo is in Malta by the way, a very small island.

I found your site by accident when I was looking in SBI Forums on how to improve my Adsense earnings. I saw that you do quite well and reasonably so, seeing that you are a professional artist and have an excellent professional site with over a thousand pages. Congratulations.

Seeing your beautiful work has kind of kicked me into finishing a clay sculpture that I started some days ago. I am making a Good Friday statue of Jesus in the Garden of Olives, when He was visited by the Angel of the Lord - depicting Jesus on his knees and an Angel offering the Chalice of suffering. Jesus is about 12 inches high and the Angel standing on a cloud is slightly shorter.

Good Friday falls in April and in many towns and villages in Malta and Gozo processions are held with beautiful statues some of them very antique. A set of these statues is made up of 8 or more. The statues are carried on the shoulders by a team of 4, 6 or 8 men depending on the size and weight the statue. Some statues are made with papier-mache', others are plaster, some are dressed-up maniquins with the heads, hands and feet added while some excellent pieces are carved in wood - priceless antiques.

My website also powered by SBI is really about Gozo, Malta as a holiday destination and a relocation option for senior citizens. I have some Pages about my hobbies and because Gozo is so quiet especially in the Winter months that one needs hobbies to pass the time.

Thank you for the inspiration and Good luck with your fine sculpting.



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Joseph

Always a pleasure to hear from a fellow SBIer. Your page on clay sculpting was fun to read and very encouraging to people as you made it seem very accessible for them to 'do their own thing' for fun and as an artistic pastime.


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