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Testimonials are what some folk call them, you can (add your own comments at the bottom of the page here):-

Below you can see the context of when and how these nice comments were made. They are real comments from very real people who have been genuinely helped by this website.

This is something I am very proud of and it gives me great pleasure to be 'paying it forward' to so many different people.

Remember, this website reaches up to 4000 different people everyday all over the world.

I am proud of my sculpting career for some of the top ceramic companies in the world, but I also take just as much pride from my website.

Here are some snippets (click on them for more information about where they came from).

"Your site is utterly brilliant, thanks for having it"

"I am thrilled to have found your incredible site"

"....your website really really useful"

"I was trying to find out more info and have been trawling your excellent website"

"Hi Peter, Had a look at your website which is very informative"

"Thanks for your very informative site :) ...."

"mystery solved here too! Thank you thank you thank you!!!...."

Below, simply by filling in the form, you can leave your mark and say hello. Don't just say 'Hi' and leave it at that, the best contributions are when you tell the story and context of where you were, what you were doing and exactly how this website helped you.

I particularly love the story of where Justin had found the site, got some great information, bookmarked the site, then lost the bookmark. He said he nearly cried when he lost the bookmark and jumped for joy when the site came up again on a Google search sometime later.

These are real human stories which I love to read - makes it all worthwhile for me!

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Wonderful Site, Very Informative! 
I began with this site a few years ago and tried hard to keep up an informational flow to users interested in identifying their marks on figurines, specifically …

Thank you :) - i soooo much appreciate your generosity 
Hi Peter, well, i've been doing clay sculpting since oct 2011 and didn't have a clue about any of this. my stuff comes out pretty good, but horrible about …

A Brilliant Site by a Brilliant Artist 
I have this hobby of clay sculpting but I do not take it too seriously. I have done some figurines and bas-reliefs using earth clay which is very common …

I'm delighted that I took a chance and got in touch with you 
Dear Peter, I'd given up on my search for information about my friend's vase. When I stumbled upon your web site, I wasn't sure if it might be a scam. …

Your website is excellent! 
Your website is excellent! Viewing your beautiful figurines sculpture work is a great inspiration in itself, but the pages offering tutorial information …

A Few Comments From This Site's Visitors 
Each of the comments link to an actual page on the website so you can see the context of where the comments were made. It is important for you to see …

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