I'm delighted that I took a chance and got in touch with you

by Barbara Kaelin

Dear Peter,

I'd given up on my search for information about my friend's vase. When I stumbled upon your web site, I wasn't sure if it might be a scam. In retrospect, I'm delighted that I took a chance and got in touch with you. I'm so impressed with the information I received from the person that did the research. The Certificate of Valuation, for me to print out, is a great bonus. I can't wait to give it to my friend tomorrow. Communicating and doing business with you has been a great pleasure. Happy Holidays to you and your team!

Many Thanks,

Barbara Kaelin

p.s. I did some extra research about you online, and from what I discovered, I felt confident that I would not regret dealing with you. I'm happy to report that I feel very lucky in finding you and your site. I hope that my words will help to reassure and encourage visitors to take advantage of the appraisal service that you offer. Best wishes in all your endeavours, now and in the future.

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