Thank you :) - i soooo much appreciate your generosity

by sheila massey
(anderson south carolina, united states)

Hi Peter, well, i've been doing clay sculpting since oct 2011 and didn't have a clue about any of this. my stuff comes out pretty good, but horrible about breaking. I've basically just been sculpting whatever, letting it air dry and painting it or carving more detail out of it. your website is just amazing and i soooo much appreciate your generosity for doing it. (and your work is absolutely fantastic!)



Reply from Peter (admin):-

Thanks Sheila

I appreciate you seeking out this page to add your feedback. I hope your work goes from strength to strength (literally) once you follow the tips on how to prepare it for firing.

Are you thinking of using the kiln of a friend, or are you going to pay a local potter or pottery supplies store? Ask them about glazing and decorating options for your type of clay. Do some maquettes (experiments you don't mind messing up) and play like crazy developing your look.

Best regards


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