Wonderful Site, Very Informative!

by Mary Evans
(Lakeland, Fl USA)

I began with this site a few years ago and tried hard to keep up an informational flow to users interested in identifying their marks on figurines, specifically with the CN mark. I truly wished at the time I could help all the questions coming in for identification.
Unfortunately, I had my business running full time with myself as the only person working! I still get notices someone is replying to this thread. I noticed at the time and still! This continues to be Googles no 1 search return for that topic! Wow, the importance I think relates to the confusion, and so many makers in the 50s using the same mark. Along with the imports it is very hard to tell trash from treasure.
When I read so many inquiries, first I’m reminded of my early searches. Then I know the frustration of not knowing your piece completely.
I enjoy coming to your site from time to time to browse. I originally came due to your sculpture and learn more about the process. I hope to do more digging and get more insight.
Right now I am in my winter home and away from my research material but I promise to be back whenever I can again give more insight into these pottery marks. Congratulations on such a fine , informative web site!
Mary Evans
Tiasluv AT live DOT com

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