ADAMS "CAPSCO 1959" conflicting mark / story

by Crystal



ADAMS "CAPSCO 1959" conflicting mark / story:- Hi, I have a tea cup and saucer set which I bought from a lady who's sons, who served in Germany during the war, sent to her as a gift. However the backstamp has confused me.

The Underside reads ADAMS and beneath that is a crown you would typically see on an ADAMS 1914-1940 piece.

Beneath the crown it reads EST 1657, ENGLAND, A.818, (C) CAPSCO 1959.

On the underside of the saucer it reads OLD ENGLISH STAFFORDSHIRE WARE which arches above a JONROTH mark (Circular mark with a crown on top, reads JONROTH ENGLAND with what looks like a JHR&C (?) in the centre).

Beneath the JONROTH mark, it reads MADE BY ADAMS ENGLAND EST 1657 A. 818. (C) CAPSCO.1959.

Can anyone assist in dating this piece?

I want to assume it is from 1959? However, the story is the sons bought the set during WWII.

If it helps the patterns and stamps are red. The pattern on the tea cup is of Alexandria Masonic National Memorial and the Carlyle House.

The saucer has Gadsby's tavern, CD Presbyterian meeting house, Vernon VA, Christ Church and Woodlawn Plantation on it.



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Adams/Jonroth/Capsco mark
by: Sonora Red

Adams pottery was established in 1657. According to there have been potters named Adams in Tunstall since medieval times.

The site also states that Jonroth imported china to the United States from different potters from the Stoke-on-Trent area and specialized in historical and souvenir china and ironstone. Adams pottery was a manufacturer they used for more than 60 years.

As to the Capsco mark, an eBay guide submitted by therockymountainstradingpost relates an interesting history of a German man named Herman Goozh who had a company named Capsco that operated as a middleman for souvenir pottery with designs from the Washington DC area.

If allowed to guess I would say that the backmark on the cup is a piece made by the Adams company, via Jonroth and sold by the Capsco company. I cannot speak as to the discrepancy in dates. 1959 is probably the correct date. I would rather see a photo of the saucer and the backmark before commenting on it.

Capsco, Johnroth, Adams
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Crystal

... And many thanks to Sonora Red for her truly knowledgeable reply.

I just couldn't make head nor tail of all those different labels (obviously, I knew Adams as a great English maker of ironstone, but had forgotten they went back so far).

So a thousand thanks to SR and her great reply

Peter (admin)

My response
by: Sonora Red


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