Adderley Ltd - Pottery Mark Query

by Juliet
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

Adderley Ltd - Pottery Mark Query:- The mark on the bottom says ADDERLEYS Ltd (with an s on adderleys). The mark is an ornate brown crown over an ornate brown oval circle that says ADDERLEYS Ltd around the top half, MADE IN in the middle of the oval and ENGLAND in the bottom of the circle. There is a black diamond or arrow on either side of the open circle.

The cups are white with a 3/4" wide gilt trim around the outside top with navy blue waves, gold flowers and dots. The double handles are also gilt with a little gilt spilling into the inside of the top edge of the cups. There are no saucers. There is a number hand written in a taupe colour - 9563 with an x under the 6.

Do you have any idea if this is an Adderley cup? is it a hot chocolate cup? is it old? is it worth anything? I have 6 of them.

Many thanks,



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To:- Adderley Ltd - Pottery Mark Query

Dear Juliet

Thanks for the nice query and very detailed description. Never be afraid to send in photos to accompany your submission!

Although the original firm of 1876 was known as W A Adderley & Co, the name was changed in 1906
to Adderleys Ltd. Mostly the pottery marks retained the singular 'Adderley' name, but there was a specific period which my records show Adderley used the "Adderleys Ltd" pottery mark in several variations with a crown device up top.

This type of mark began in 1926 and probably was phasing out by 1929 when the firm went back to using Adderley or Adderley ware. The firm was actually oficially known as "Adderleys Ltd" from 1906 until its takeover by Pearsons Ridgway in 1947 when the Adderley pottery mark was retained as a backstamp only.

The mark 'Royal Adderley' was also used after the 1947 merger, especially for bone china tea sets. The 'Royal' tag was transferred from the Ridgways warrant. John Ridgway had been appointed potter to Queen Victoria in the 1850's and the marketers of Pearsons thought it about time this kudos was milked somewhat.

All I would say is I think your items might be quite rare and therefore might be sought after by one or two collectors - if two collectors both wanted it at an auction, could be good news as it informs the value they would fetch at the auction - and Adderley, especially early Adderley like yours can be collectible.

Hope this helps Juliet. Good luck!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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is this an adderley platter?
by: rachel

hi i have a large blue and white platter with the colbolt blue ship mark to on the bottom. just visable is WAA under the ship and above the ship visbale is BRUG/C? there is also a number 13 painted in blue seperate from the ship mark. also are 3 indentations one is the number 14, one looks like OPC, and the other one maybe 15/6 maybe 16/6 or 18/6.

on the front is a blue banding round the edge, and a basic floral design. the blue is smudged in places. in the centre there is no pattern.

there is a large crack that doesnt run all the way through it but is visable on the back. is this an adderley platter or something else.

i wish i could attcha photo but my camara is broken.

many thanks for any help.

To identify a line of Royal Adderley - Ridgeway Pottery Ltd
by: Suzie

I have a dinner set of Royal Adderley China with the name of "breath o' spring" and the number H1352. I am interested to add to my collection but have not been able to find any matching items. Please would you be able to advise me on the background to this style and if any items in this range may be available for sale?
Many thanks

Adderley Wonder NEW
by: Caroline Harman

Hi, I have received a beautiful Adderley set, though with my investigating of its history has been to no avail. It has 10 cups, saucers and side plates, sugar bowl, I’ll jug and 2 patters. Pink rose design with gold trim on handles and edges. However on the outside of all the cups and sugar bowl there is no rose design just a fine gold line around the circumference. The milk jug has flowers on the outside ... strange! The hallmark... I wish I could upload pics... there is a crown and it says Adderleys Ltd England and also H Woodcock is handwritten. This set belonged to my great grandmother who was born in the late 1800’s... it’s a beautiful set and I would just love to know which era it was made as I have googled the many hallmarks for Adderleys and it just doesn’t come up 😩... this is a stab in the dark as I can’t put any pics on.... is there a way?
Many thanks!

Adderleys 'Ceylon' pattern platter 1906-26
by: David

hello...I have searched everywhere online for any piece of 'ceylon' pattern Adderleys...nothing!
It is obviously an early 1906-26 as it has the ship and 'trade mark' very large oval platter 18" x 15" and a lovely pattern...
Any information would be welcome..

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