Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill London E.C.

by Ella

Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill

Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill

Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill :- Hi, I bougth this lovely set at a carboot sale. I have tried to find something about it on internet but it was difficult. Can you help me and write me what is it, the history and what do you think about it? It was good bargain? I bought 6 cups and 6 plates and milk jug per 20 pounds.




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Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill

Hi Ella

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful.

Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China of 39 Ludgate Hill were not china makers but London retailers 1866 to 1940. Did they survive the London Blitz? Doesn't look like it, sadly. To me an interesting collection, with a story to tell. Personally, I like it and think it rocks.

Do not under sell its value. Should it be in a museum? In my opinion, there can't be many of these services left around. Certainly, this is the first query on this mark I have ever seen, so be sure to look after it.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Cup & Saucer - Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China 39 Ludgate Hill London E.C.
by: Anonymous

i have cup in saucer exactly the same but cant find any info either


Hi Anonymous

Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China of 39 Ludgate Hill were not china makers but London retailers 1866 to 1940.

You have their name, their address, when they were in business and what they were (a well known china & glass retailer of the period).

What else were you looking for exactly?

Peter (admin)

Alfred B Pearce china plates
by: wendy

Very interested in this as I've got 7 tea plates with a rusty orange reverse trim with white flowers and a dark blue background which I picked up in a charity shop over 40 years ago and this is the first time I've ever been able to find out anything about them. Thanks again.

Alfred B Pearce Ludgate Hill
by: Anonymous

I have Vegetable Dishes marked with the name of Alfred B Pearce and a Afternoon Tea Set both of which i have inherited from my Grandmother, i have been unable to find much out about this company, if anyone can help i would appreciate it. Jeannette

Heathcode China
by: Anonymous

I have part of a tea service - inherited from my grandmother. The mark is "Kingston" Heathcote China and has the date AD1858 as an integral part of the mark, which would indicate that Heathcote were in fact around earlier than has been suggested.


Peter (admin says):-

Very interesting comment, thanks. Often with these markings, the firm takes the very earliest date possible. Many now famous retailer (for example Marks and Spencers) began life as a market stall and were just tiny embryonic businesses at first. Maybe this was the case with Pearce & Co?

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I was given 35 years ago three Alfred B Pearce of 39 ludgate hill london. tea plates. Green floral design with gold edging. Anyone who has same would I like to hear from you. Any info would be helpfull.. Thankyou ... Jas

by: Mike

I have 4 pieces of Alfred B Pearce crockery named regalia. Can anyone give me any info on this as I can't find any on the website I have researched.#


Alfred B Pearce
by: Lynn

I have a cup and saucer with, Alfred B Pearce
23 Ludgate Hill
Any idea what year
this would be from.
Thank you

alfred pearce cups and plates
by: verina

nice to hear some of the history. I also have similar white porcelain teacups, saucers and plates with gold edging on a black band with pink and yellow roses and leaves - and would love to try and make the set a bit more complete. Some of the cups have marking in red on the bottoms "3 Y.Y.H'' ..any ideas what this is ?

China from A.B.Pearce
by: Margie

We have inherited a china tea service. White background, gold, random, splatter pattern edging and very pretty flowers around part of edge in muted yellow/pink/beige.

Mark on base is H & Co, L, France and the stamp below reads Made in France for A.B.Pearce, 39 Ludgate Hill, London.

It is very unusual and it would be interesting to know its provenance.

If anyone has any ideas can easily take pic.


Alfred b Pearce and Cp
by: Anonymous

Hi I have just purchased many pieces of the sunburst pattern by Crown Ducal which is a lovely Art Deco lot. Amongst it are six sandwich plates with Alfred B Pearce and Co and the Crown Ducal stamp. Does anyone know if this makes them more valuable?


alfred b pearce
by: charla

I have one lovely colbalt blue and orange plate with gold trim with the Alfred B Pearce and address stamped on the back. The plate is square with rounded corners and is an asian design. It has some other marks. .5. in colbalt blue and a .9. in orange. also it looks like a B
330 or 9 underneath.
Tis a mystery.

Alfred B Pearce
by: Mark

Hi, can anyone hep. I have a rather large platter from Alfred B Pearce. It measures 540mm x 430mm.
It has the numbers 2/2770 on the back. Bought it a ta boot sale in London about 30 years ago. Brought it to NZ with me and still have it. Not in great condition, has been well used prior to me owning it. I would like to know more about it, age etc. Many thanks Mark

by: Anonymous

I have a 8 inch tall Alfred B Pearce with all the markings on bottom of a long neck vase with a hole in top, has blue Iris flowers on beige and gold vase..Could you help me to identify?

Albert B Pearce & Co
by: Francesca

I have an old catalogue from Albert Pearce & Co which states they were under that name since 1760 and has a photograph of the original shop on the inside cover. the stamp or logo inside does not depict Heathcote so I think that May have been a later amalgamation of the two companies.
The small book with printed illustative plates both in colour and black and white form depict cups and saucers,Water Jugs and Bowls,Dinner service, Dinner Plates, Crystal Glass and Decanters.feel free to email me and I will try and send you any relevant pics.
Regards Fran X


Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Fran

Great information. Yes please, send pics to

Gladys Peto
by: annoumus

I have AlfredBPearce 39 Lydgate Hill cup saucer & small plate, Gladys Peto.Any ideas of manufacture.thx

Alfred B Pearce French China
by: Linda Herbert

I have six plates a nod three oval platters with one cake stand all with shaped edges with white background green towards the edges with varied shades of pink flowers with gold leaf. All in very good condition and very pretty!

cup and saucer and plate
by: Anonymous

heathcote china cup saucer and plate with cockerel design dated 1858

Alfred b Pearce & co vase
by: Cherie

I have the same green and gold edging as jas in a vase

wash basin and pitcher
by: Mark

I have a wash basin and pitcher in which both are marked with Alfred B Pearce and Co on the bottoms. there is a painted number on each of the bottoms. I 'm curious as to what the painted numbers on the bottom meant and if these numbers could help date the pitcher and basin. Thanks.

by: Anonymous

look for ae mark Limoges painted sevres ???

Alfred B Pearce (3986)
by: LMW

I have a set of coffee cups and saucers, with the mark in gold paint 3986. If anybody has any info that could help identify who the potter was i would be grateful.

AB Pearce commssioned Aynsley
by: Denis

I have seen a trio with the mark for Alfred B Pearce & Co. But it also has a stamp for Aynsley china that dates it to between 1926 and 1934. The Pattern No is B229.

AB Pearce commssioned Aynsley
by: Denis

Found the picture!

Alfred B Pearce Dresser set
by: Anonymous

I have a "dresser set" that has stamped on the back Alfred B Pearce 39 Ludgate Hill London. Around that it says Manufactured in France For. It is a yellow tray with brighter yellow swirls around the edge. The dresser set has a candle stick holder and two small round containers with lids and a large container with a lid. The lids have a gold flower on the top. Really unusual set. Just wondering how old it is or if it is very rare.

Alfred B Pearce/Crown Tea set
by: Michael

Just bought a tea set with the Alfred B Pearce logo and another logo with 'CROWN', a crown above and an inverted triangle divided into 3 sections below with W and L in the top sections and L in the lower section. Some pieces have both logos, some one or the other and one cup has the number '4831'in gold. Any ideas as to its provenance? Can supply a picture if I have an email address.

Makers' Marks
by: Anonymous

My understanding is that retailers like Alfred B Pearce did not allow the manufacturers of their china ware to have their own stamps on the pieces but, clearly Aynsley got away with it in that case! I have a Pair of Blue & Gold Iris Vases by Royal Doulton with only the Alfred B Pearce mark.

by: Telboy

A E Anonomous, i have two small coffee cans and saucer with tiny A I or it could be a bloby B,why do you mention Limogues?

by: Telboy

I just googled Alfred Pearce,There is a piece with a back stamp which reads around AB& co's mark Made In Austria for Alfred B & co,so i would think that like decorators he probably sourced items from many different factories to get a large array of differing patterns..

Albert B Pearce
by: Anonymous

I have inherited an Albert B Pearce complete tea set with cake stand its blue and yellow with roses on it and gold edging has cc on the bottom it won't let me add a picture. Do you know what it's worth

Alfred B Pearce
by: Bridget P

Just to answer one of the comments..from Jas possibly?
I bought two saucers from an antiques fair about 25 years ago. They are white with pink roses and small blue and purple etc with lime green and gold edging. A red hand painted number of T2315x on back.

2 Oblong sandwich plates NEW
by: Anonymous

My uncle gave me two beautiful pink sandwich plates by Haviland France for A B Pearce of Ludgate Hill. I dont know whether to use them, or to just admire them on display to keep them safe in case they have some value. Is there any way of knowing what year they would be from?

Pearce and co
by: Micki

I have inherited a full coffee set , in green and yellow. Really delicate and undamaged.

vintage plates NEW
by: Anonymous

I have 3 sandwich plates and two oval deeper plates pink and pale yellow roses and gold edge, marked additionally Frank Haviland Limoges. I think they must be 1910-1914.
They are on display on a glass shelf in the living room but I wondered about the value. Any comments welcome

vintage plates
by: Anonymous

I have 3 sandwich plates and two oval deeper plates pink and pale yellow roses and gold edge, marked additionally Frank Haviland Limoges. I think they must be 1910-1914.
They are on display on a glass shelf in the living room but I wondered about the value. Any comments welcome

Alfred B Pearce Deco Teapot NEW
by: Sue

I have a nice condition teapot by the above, not sure where to upload photos.

Are these of any value as I have been given it to sell by a local animal charity.

Thank you

Vase by Alfred H Pearce 1996
by: Tina

I have a vase cream darkening up to a navy blue with frill edge gold rim with what look like chrysampathongs painted on it on the base it has Alfred H Pearce 39 Ludgate H ill London 1996 with a crown castle and 5 lions s with the letters S B @ S underneath can any one help with any information about it please.

custom alfred b pearce plate NEW
by: john l

I found a small plate from my late grandma's collection of possession.
Its a plate by Alfred B Pearce & Co stamped at the bottom. It also has a logo stating Loke Hall which i believe came from the household of a famous Asian family during the 1900s.
It also has an asterisk indentation on the back.
Anyone has any information regarding this plate?

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