Anchor Mark Query - Boys Playing Marbles Figurine

by Karen
(Flagstaff, Arizona)

Anchor Mark Query - Boys Playing Marbles Figurine

Anchor Mark Query - Boys Playing Marbles Figurine

Anchor Mark Query - Boys Playing Marbles Figurine:- I worked at an antique store about 2004 for two days. In payment for my work, I agreed on the pottery piece pictured.

The piece is 6 7/8 inches X 4 1/8 inches.
It has a dark green anchor mark on the bottom that is in a glaze finish. Also on the bottom is a 3/4 inch scribe mark in an unglazed spot that appears to be the number 74. There are no other marks on the piece.

The owner, who has now passed away, apparently thought this was a valuable piece and had it in her store for several years. I just loved the look of the little boys at play - the value did not really matter to me.



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The forum Help Elf says:-


Interesting story. I like bit of the old bartering going on - it reminds me of the old days. Very nice figural group of cute kids concentrating on their game.


Stewart has very kindly written in to supply the answer to this query which is Vion & Baury. Please scroll down and read Stewart's explanation in the comments
section, and my reply which gives links to further information about this maker....


original answer continued below unedited.....

With regard to your anchor mark it doesn't look like any of the usual suspects shown in my books. Unless someone very knowledgeable pitches up on this thread, I don't believe this mark will be identified in a hurry. I think even an expert in ceramics would likely not be able identify the maker from that particular mark.

The style of blue and white figurine depicting children was perfected in Europe by the exquisite work of Bing & Grondahl (B&G) of Copenhagen. Your figure is clearly done in this style, but is not quite in the same class, and so I don't think would be in the same price bracket. There is 'homage' and there is 'the real thing'. Your item is 'homage', in my view.

B&G figurines are exceptionally classy, stunningly sculpted by geniuses and made by equally talented technical artisans. To me these Bing & Grondahl are priceless treasures. Your figure is nice and very cute, but not B&G quality.

If you want to see what I mean, read this page and make sure you scroll down to Peter's photographs and contribution:-

Bing & Grondahl (B&G) Children Figurines

For general free advice on how to research china/porcelain collections, Peter wrote this page:

value of antiques.


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Thank you
by: Karen

Thank you very much to H.E. for the information on this figurine.

Maker of yor boys
by: Stewart

Dear Karen, I had come cross a few of these figures & have helped many to id them. The mark on your is for the VION & BAURY on there GILLE-type biscuit porcelain. This anchor mark was used by VION for a short time before he took over the GILLE business in 1868 when GILLE died. One of Gille's best modellers, Charles Baury, togther, with another manufacturer August (or Desire) Vion, took over the Gille firm & continued to keep up the Gille-sytle Bisque or Biscuit porcelain to the late 19th;c. The mark on your figure is from 1870-1890. Hope this is of help. Regards, Stewart.

Much thanks
by: Karen

This is very helpful to me. I was so excited to see that someone really knew about this piece. I am going to put a note with it now that shows the history.

Thank you again and again, Karen

Many thanks for ther answer to this green anchor mark
by: Peter (admin)

To Stewart.....

What a star you are!

Many thanks for this amazing insight.

I tried to research this maker, but could find nothing in any of my books. Maybe they were too small.

I then found a long standing query on another thread elsewhere on this website asking about these anchor marked figurines (i.e. V & B wares) so I posted an update there.

I researched as much as I could from sellers of these pieces, but I am always a bit wary when only sellers of merchandise are the ones giving the history as I can't verify the information from an encyclopaedia, and for all I know they might just be making it all up.

Here's the link:-

anchor mark on bisque porcelain figurines

Figurine info
by: Craig Snider

Karen, are you still active here? I have this figurine also, but it is all white, unpainted. It also has an anchor on the bottom. The bucket looks to be missing on mine. Really nice!

Boys Playing Marbles
by: Karen

I continue to enjoy my figurine of the small boys playing marbles. So interesting to see a new lising of the same figurine that is all white. Thank you to the host of this site to allow me to remain on here. And thank you to others who have commented. Karen--now in Prescott Valley, AZ

by: Anonymous

Karen, send me your email if you get a chance and I will send you some pictures of my figurine. I have over 50 figurines of kids shooting marbles from the 1850's to current. Love yours!

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