Antique and Fine China - AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU

by Sue Anderton
(Cornwall U.K.)

Antique and Fine China - AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU

Antique and Fine China - AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU

Antique and Fine China - AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU:- I have 2 items from a car boot sale. Same pattern same make. not english - that I do know. They both have under the emblem -DEKOR "FRIESIS BLAU". I dont know the language but I imagine Scandinavian or North European. THe emblem has AW - A above the W in white on a blue 2 handled urn - there is also 2 crossed 'olive' branches under the urn.

I have searched google and am now cross eyed - Anyone out there recognise them and any idea of value as I want to ebay them!

Are they porcelain - china or what?



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Antique and Fine China - AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU

Peter (admin) says:-


Your are suffering from something known as GBO (Google burn out). The solution is to have a lie down and possibly a sip of wine, put your feet up and read a good book.

I did my own Google search as well as looking in my books for the mark. The only thing I found was a webpage full of this stuff on
a foreign (European website in a funny language). There was a whole collection of exactly the same pattern showing......

Using Google translation I found out The AW DEKOR FRIESIS BLAU pottery mark translates as "Frisian OR Friesian blue porcelain".

However, this got me nowhere because nothing is showing in further Google searches for the English translation at all.

SO I checked and 'Frisian' relates to a person or item connected with the areas known as Friesland or the Frisian Islands. They were an ancient Germanic tribe of North Holland who spoke a language called Frisian closely related to both Dutch and Old English.

The word 'frisi', as in hair style, is said to come from this tribe, as does the cattle breed.

What does all this mean? This is perhaps a particular style of Dutch Delft. How old it is and how much its worth is a job for a specialist, so if no one comes forward on this thread, please feel free to let me pass your pictures onto an expert by going here:-

My vintage and antique china values page

Meantime, knowledgeable contributors please try to help

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Blue Fluted Pattern By Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl
by: Peter (admin)

Blue Fluted Pattern By Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl.

Hi Sue

I did some more research on this pattern and found it to be a standard blue and white of both Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl.

Maybe it is a Dutch/Scandinavian classic blue & white pattern as the willow pattern would be in the US and UK?

According to , the name of the pattern is "Blue Fluted" (which seems to come in different styles - plain, Half Lace, and traditional etc etc) see.

As for the mark - this is the thing which put me off the scent most because it is not a mark I have come across, or is any of my reference books (pots are one of the easiest to look up as there are relatively few of these compared with say, crown marks which have hundreds of entries to plough through).

So unless this is a little recorded mark of B&G or Royal Copenhagen, it could be a modern maker from anywhere, or maybe a smaller Danish or Dutch company.

Hopefully, someone will know.

Peter (admin)

aw friesisch blau
-------Here is the Answer!!--------

by: Titia Gerritzen

A W means August Warnecke. The dekor is from Germany.
Friesisch blau means frisian blue. It's a bit more refined than saksich blau.
It is handmade porcelain by Warnecke. He started his company in 1920. The headbuilding of the company was in Hamburg.
The company Warnecke did stop producing in 1999.
FYI: frisisch or frisian can be in the Netherlands (West-Friesland, Friesland) but also in Germany (Ost-friesland).
I hope this answers your questions.



Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Titia

This is a beautiful answer and just the one we were looking for!

Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to post. Now when someone searches for this mark they will find this page with the answer right here.

Peter (admin)

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