Antique Bone China Query - Royal Stafford

by Joyce
(central fla)

Antique Bone China Query - Royal Stafford

Antique Bone China Query - Royal Stafford

Antique Bone China Query - Royal Stafford:- I acquired this set in the 1970's. It came from the estate of a woman who had died. She probably bought it some time in the 1950's.

It is heavily gilded and is in perfect condition. There is also a gold handwritten number that is either 4629 or 4619 on the bottom. Also made in England Est. 1845. I attached the two pics you requested.

I appreciate anything you can tell me about it and if it is valuable. Thank you.




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To:- Antique Bone China query - Royal Stafford

Hi Joyce

Nice pic, thanks. Beautiful set!

Royal Stafford is a 'brand name' backstamp of an English company from Staffordshire called Thomas Poole.

Not to be confused with "Royal Staffordshire China" (E. Hughes & Co), Royal Staffordshire Pottery (Arthur J. Wilkinson (Ltd) AKA Clarice Cliff) OR Crown Staffordshire (T.A. Green).

Thomas Poole were founded in 1880 and were formerly known as Johnson & Poole. The 1845 date on many of their pottery marks, presumably comes form the inception of that company, although this is not corroborated by my books

In 1952 the company was re-formed to become known as "Royal
Stafford China". This company was an amalgamation of the the two firms of Thomas Poole and Gladstone China Ltd.

The mark of your set shown above comes from the era after 1952.

Regarding your question as to its value, the first thing to say is I don't ever do valuations myself. Valuations for vintage and fine china are specialist niches requiring vast amounts of knowledge and research material. I'm just an enthusiast who's lucky enough to work in the industry.

So whenever visitors ask me for a valuation, I send them straight to a page I've written especially to help you research what your porcelain wares or china collection might be worth.

(You could also wait answers from knowledgeable others who may come across your submission in this thread, but if you would like an expedited answer, go to my page here in a hurry!....)

This unique identification & valuation resource will allow you to see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. My service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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info needed
by: Anonymous

Can any one tell me about a bowl with the word cliff and a crown and Montreal and a small letter v mark?

information on pottery
by: paula coleman

I have a whole set of dishes that were left to me by my mother. I have been researching them for at least 8 years with absolutely no luck. Today I found a very similar set but with a different name so now I'm totally confused. I have royal staffordshire pottery, royal ascot-empress but I found hampton to be very similar. Any information on the set would be helpful, my mom bought them from an old lady 50 years ago and we have NO information on them.



Hi Paula

Don't be confused - 'open stock' transfer print patterns were bought by many different Staffordshire companies and then given various pattern names.

Royal Ascot was a brand of Soho Pottery (Ltd) later known as Smith & Binnall and later still Simpson Pottery.

Hampton was a backstamp trade name of Swinnertons of Hanley.

Also there are many different, but similar sounding Staffordshire firms. Royal Staffordshire was owned by A J Wilkinson (who made for Claris Cliff).

Then there was......

Crown Staffordshire (Thomas Green of Fenton)

Royal Stafford (a merger of Thomas Poole and Gladstone China Ltd)

Staffordshire Potteries (Keele Street Pottery - later bought out by Grimwades Royal Wintin).

Hope this helps your confusion.

Peter (admin)



Cildren Playing Music Plate
by: Marilyn

I have a small plated signed N. Sand by Heritage Regency English Fine bone Chine. I cannot fine anything on this under that company, but did find Children Playing Music under Poole Pottery signed N. Sand. The only difference in the plates is the one under Poole has a stool with shhet music on it. How can I find out more information on N. Sand and his work.

Royal Stafford Iris Pattern
by: Anonymous

I have a tea set that I inherited with a Backstamp of Royal Stafford - Guaranteed English Bone China. The word "IRIS" in capital letters is noted which I assume is the pattern. Could you give me some idea as to when this was produced and by whom?

Finding the values
by: Anonymous

I have a bunch of my great grandma and grandma's China. Mainly cups and saucers. Most matching but some loners. Can anyone recommend a website for me to place a $ value? Please and thank you.

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