Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query About Burslem Manufacturer

by Jef Urquhart

Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query About Burslem Manufacturer:- My Mother is 76 and was looking at her fine bone china collection which she got as a wedding gift from a bridesmaid 53 years ago. I was trying to find out more info and have been trawling your excellent website but seem to have come to a bit of a dead end.

The Pottery used to be at Leonard Street, Leith Edinburgh and the mark (of which you have said there are thousands) is a crown. The actual pottery mark on the back writing is Leonard St Pottery Fine Bone China BURSLEM.

Any info would be highly appreciated, and the value, as I think my Mother thinks she maybe a millionairess (but it is not even an antique)

Thanks a lot

Jef Urquhart

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antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query About Burslem Manufacturer

Hi Jef

Many thanks for your interesting query about your mother's bone china set.

First thing to say is I never do valuations. Often people ask me for valuations and really, I am not qualified - you need expert training and much antiquarian experience to do that job.

However, what I have done is written a page especially to help my visitors get an idea of the worth of their wares. On it, you have the option of getting in touch with a reliable and bona fide professional appraiser - checked out by me personally.

By using this link you can find out if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

That said, I can at least give you some general info on your mother's tea set.

Although the set is not an antique they can still be worth a fair amount of money in an online auction. At the time of writing, a top end tea set about the same age as your mother's set (for example by prestigious maker Royal Albert), would be worth worth around £70-£100 GBS for a 21 tea piece set consisting
of cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, six side plates, six tea saucers and six tea cups (note, no tea pot included which can fetch £30-£50 GBS alone).

A full dinner service by Royal Doulton would fetch around £200 GBS consisting of medium meat plate - 13" x 11", small serving plate - 9" x 11" plate, six dinner plates, 5 salad plates, 6 fruit plates, 1 lidded tureens, 1 lidded sauce tureen, 1 sauce boat and underplate.

A less expensive bone china manufacturer such as Colclough or Royal Vale would generally fetch less - for example the same 21 piece tea set would have a value of around £40-£50 GBS (about half the price of the Royal Albert). A single Colclough tea pot can sell for £20 GBS.

Value generally depends upon age and quality of the maker, or whether collectors regard it as rare or collectible, like Shelly or Midwinter for example.

Onto the subject of the maker of your mother's set. You have got me really confused now because although you said the set was made by a 'Crown' pottery manufacturer in Edinburgh, you say the pottery mark is marked as 'Burslem'. Burslem, of course, is one of the famous Stoke-on-Trent 'five towns' in Staffordshire.

I know of no 'Crown' marked maker based in Burslem in the period of time you say these tea set pieces are from. All of the many different Staffordshire 'Crown' makers, as far as I know were based in various other of the five towns, but not Burslem at that time. The most famous of the 'Crown' manufacturers - "Crown Staffordshire" (T. A. Green) were based in the renowned 'Minerva' works in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent.

The vague labeling of a 'crown' without any mention of a specific maker always suggests a lesser known manufacturer, so presume the lower price rather than the top end prices apply to your mother's set.

Hope this helps. Please leave a comment below if you can shed any more light on the Edinburgh/Burslem confusion.

By the way I should also mention it's always a good idea to upload a photo with any submission.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Parrott & Company - Coronet Ware - Burslem
by: Paula

Wonderful, informative site! I've enjoyed your site immensely. However, no luck finding my particular mark - also from Burslem. It is a crest(green) with a parrot in the center, words "Parrott & Company" written in the crest above the parrot(bird) and "Burslem" written also in crest below bird. Above the crest is written Coronet Ware and below crest Made in England. I've googled "Parrott & Company" and "Coronet Ware", as well as searched your site but I've come up empty. Any assistance you can give would be so appreciated. Oh, it's a cup and saucer. Actually, I have 4 cups, 2 with matching saucers. They came with a number of cups and saucers of various manufacturers - many of which I found here on your site - handed down in our family to me. Thank you so much for a great site, your obvious love of bone china & sculpting, and your assistance!!


Peter (admin) says:-

Parrott & Company, Burslem, England
Hi Paula

Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your kind words about the site.

Yours is one of the more simple mysteries to solve.....

Arthur William Parrott and his brother Charles Henry founded pottery in Albert Street, Burslem in the early 1920's. Both Coronet Ware and Parrott and Company (Parrott and Co. pottery mark) were both registered trademarks of theirs.

After long and fruitful lives as potters, Charles Parrot died in 1959 and Arthur shortly after in 1965. The two brothers were the mainstay of the business and they seemed to have no one to pass the business onto as it seemed to fade away and never be heard of again after their deaths.

We have no photos of Parrot & Co Wares on the site yet as they were a small and quite obscure maker, so it would be a great contribution to the site if you were to tell the story of who gave you the wares and where they were kept etc, and also upload some pics using the online form on the 'Pottery Marks' page (use a separate form per picture as we can't do multiple photo submissions on one form just yet).

If you have time to do this it would be a great help. What will happen, is Google will immediately pick up this page and it will become a little Parrot & Co (& Coronet Ware) hub page which Googlers like yourself will find with ease.

Problem solved for all those Parrot & Co owners who need an identification!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Parrott and Company -Sweets bowls
by: Christine

I have a set of sweet bowls with the Parrott crest as mentioned above. They were passed down from my Grandmother, who I am guessing may have received them as a wedding present (either in the late 1920's or in 1948). The pattern is a variation on the willow theme. Sorry, I don't know how to do photos yet.
If anyone knows more about these, I'd be interested!

Parrott and Company -Sweets bowls
by: Christine

I have a set of sweet bowls with the Parrott crest as mentioned above. They were passed down from my Grandmother, who I am guessing may have received them as a wedding present (either in the late 1920's or in 1948). The pattern is a variation on the willow theme. Sorry, I don't know how to do photos yet.
If anyone knows more about these, I'd be interested!

Sorry Christine
by: Paula

I have the teacups and saucers but I, too, know very little about them - only what I've put on this site myself. I wish you luck in getting any info about them and I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance to you. Do your "sweet bowls" look anything like my cup and saucers??

Parrott & Co
by: Anonymous

I have a Coronet Ware Parrott & Co plate (had 2 broke 1) but it does have two parrots on the front, sitting on a branch, and the branch has exotic flowers, quite like passion flowers on it and also some odd gumnut type things on it.

Anyone know anything about it?

Parrot & Co
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

Can I make a suggestion?

Why don't you all upload photos of your stuff and I'll add them to this thread, so we can all compare.

Go here to do this submission form for this public pottery marks forum

Peter (admin)

Leonard St pottery fine bone china Burslem Princess
by: Rebecca

I have a Leonard St pottery fine bone china Burslem princess tea set am looking to replace 4 tea cups and possible add to it. I have done various searches on the internet and cant find anything apart from the link here. Can anyone help me?

Regards, Rebecca

Burslem Tea Set
by: Paula

Rebecca, did you look at the pictures I posted of my cups and saucers? Do they match your set? Did you upload pics of your set as Peter suggested because I haven't found them (as yet) to compare.

Parrot & Co
by: Aussie

I am not certain if this will help, but I came across these two sites when I was searching for info myself.


by: Eve

I do not know how long ago these queries were made, but I am about to sell a set of Leonard St Pottery fine bone china Burselm.

leonard st pottery burslem
by: annie

Hi Eve,
I am looking for Leonard st pottery. Can you tell me where you are selling it or advise how I can look at photos etc of it please?
kind regards

parrot & company dinner set

I have an old parrot and company dinner service left to me by an aunt it comprises of 6 soup bowls 6 dessert bowls 6 side plates 6 dinner plates 2 oval serving dishes 2 serving bowls with lids and a gravy boat. It is cream in colour with a brown border with yellow and orange flowers. The gravy boat has number 1598. I would like to know how to get this valued and where is the best place to sell. It is very old.

Wedgwood amhurst bone china
by: liam

Hi i have a wedgwood amhurst bone china 57 piece set including dinner service tea pots, vegetable dishes, egg cups and more i really wanna sell this i bought it to make money from i would love someone to write here if they know more about this set. thanks

Leonard St Potter Burslem Princess
by: Gilian

Hi, Not sure if anyone is looking for pieces of the Burslem Princess tea set. I have the complete 21 piece tea set availabe, excellent condition. If anyone interested, please let me know. (Posted Nov 2012)

Leonard street burslem princess mint green
by: Becky

Hi I am
Looking for pieces for the leonard street burslem princess mint green china so would be interested if these match, becky

Trying to match/buy Leonard St Pottery, Burslem Princess
by: Rebecca R

My father bought the Leonard St Pottery, Burslem Princess set for my Grandmother. I have inherited it but unfortunately some of the set is missing. I am finding it hard to match and would like help to source this set to purchase. I live in Cambridgeshire, England. I have tried to upload some pictures of the teaset to this site but I am unable to. Many thanks

Looking to buy Burslem Leonard st princess
by: Anonymous

Gillian, do you have the set available still and is it the mint green tea set? My cups I want to match don't have the rise inside just filigree gold leaf . Many thanks

Nell Gwyn
by: christine t

I have a Parrot & company burslem nell gwyn tea set comprising of tea pot cups & saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug and side plates.Left to me by my great grandmother. I am thinking of selling them

Parrott Coronet Ware
by: Sue

My mother went to the Junior Art School of
Loughborough College in the early war years and the story was that she and friends there painted plates for sale when only plain Utility ware was available in the shops.
I have found what I believe is one of her plates, just as she described it, likewise some by a friend of hers. They are all on octagonal Parrott plates, who I have seen 'on the net' sold out to Burgess and Leigh in 1939. I can only guess that the old style plates were passed on to the college. I would love to know more about this if anyone else has information.

Coronetware Southern Belle plate
by: Patricia

I recently bought (in a charity shop in New Zealand) a Parrott & Co bread and butter or cake plate of a 'Southern Belle' with the lady and her crinoline skirt set out in raised relief and then handpainted. I love it and have enjoyed finding out about it on this page, thank you. I'm on a mission to find more of these in different colours now - so lovely for when little girls come to tea. There is an identical one for sale (in a lurid green and orange as opposed to my lady's delicate pink and blue attire) on an online auction site here in NZ but it's $43 so I will keep looking. I would upload an image but I can only see an option for uploading makers'marks.

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