Antique China and Fine China is Great, But What About My Fosters Pottery?

by Debbie
(Wick, UK)

Forsters of Redruth

Forsters of Redruth

Antique China and Fine China is Great, But What About My Fosters Pottery?. I collect FOSTERS STUDIO POTTERY, OF REDRUTH, CORNWALL, ENGLAND and I think you should list it as it is very popular online in the auctions and fetches very good prices. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but I couldn't find it anywhere on your lovely site.

The pattern they specialise in is a Homeycomb type of glaze. I collect the brown, they also do a dark brown and a mint green.

I collect this lovely ware, but I don't know too much about the company, so could you possibly give me a little background please?

Best regards



Answer to Debbie by Peter (admin)

Thanks for your contribution to this Antique China and Fine China page.

I could not find an entry about Fosters in any of my encyclopedias, because I found out by following the system shown on my China Replacement page that it is a very small local Redruth West Country pottery - selling the distinctive Honeycombe tea service wares.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Antique China and Fine China - Fosters
by: Gracie

Antique China and Fine China - Fosters Query. Thanks to Debbie for flagging up her Fosters Pottery collection. I started my collection when I bought a boxed lot at auction. To my surprise, at the bottom there was a complete collection of Fosters Pottery which since then I have been steadily building up over the past few years.

My step daughter recently gave me a toast rack for my birthday which really touched me. I don't know where she found it or even that they did toast racks. It's now my favorite piece in the whole collection.

Thanks for your site - it is very interesting.


I love Fosters too
by: Michelle


I collect Fosters pottery too. I can give maybe a little bit more background. Fosters pottery used to be based in Redruth in Cornwall and was set up by the Foster brothers I think in the 1960's. Reg Foster then went his own way and set up Kernewek pottery, based in Goonhavern (just outside Perranporth). Kernewek pottery closed a few years ago and I'm pretty sure Fosters went about 10 years ago now. It was big in Cornwall when I was growing up (70's/80's) and I've started collecting it as it reminds me of long lost Christmases with the family. It might not be Royal Doulton but I love it!

Fosters Pottery
by: Debbie

Thanks for this extra bit of information on Fosters. I agree with you when you say "It might not be Royal Doulton, but I love it". A couple of years ago, my hubby and I went to visit the address to see if we could find the pottery (there were still the brown tourist signs giving directions to the factory). We asked around and finally found a tiny pottery unit which was shut because it was the weekend, but there was signs of activity and shapes stacked up which looked like Fosters shapes. We wrote down a number on the outside and took photos of me outside. We later phoned the number and someone said that Fosters was indeed still making stuff and open for business. We didn't really follow up any more than that, but if you go to Stoke-on -Trent, you will find still lots of little fine china makers tucked away still beavering away and mainly making for other people. Maybe this is what Fosters do now.


Fosters Gurgle jugs
by: Amy

Do you know if Fosters ever made a Seal shaped gurgle jug similar to their fish shaped jugs? I came across one at an antique shop in cobalt blue glaze that looks very similar to the seal figurines and honeycomb pattern, but it was a jug. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gurgle Jug - Fosters Pottery?
by: Paula

Hi there, I belive that the jug you are mentioning is possibly Poole rather than Fosters - do a search and I think you might find your answer. Poole pottery didn't always mark the underside.

What About My Fosters Pottery
by: Erika Foster

Hi All,

Just to let you know I'm the grand daughter of Michael Foster, one of the original founders of this pottery. I find it quite sad that there's not more information about the pottery.

Unfortunately the business went bust quite a long time ago. My grandfather still makes hand made pottery and now owns a much smaller business. I'm setting up a website for all his work and was wondering if any of you could send me photos of your collections so I can piece it all together!

My email is



Seal gurgle jugs
by: Caz

Amy, I don't know if this is too late to be helpful, but there are certainly seal gurgle jugs by Kernewek pottery, and you'll see from the info provided by someone else here that this is like an offshoot of Fosters. The style looks similar.

fosters pottery
by: phil harvey

I was wondering how much a fosters coffee set is worth(coffee pot with lid,milk and sugar bowl,six mugs and six saucers)brown honeycombe pattern,absolutely in mint condition,never been used(been in a box since the eighties)Thought I'd check before taking it to a boot fair.

Fosters pottery
by: Caz

Phil, there's a lot of it on eBay so you could check there to see the kinds of prices that various separate pieces or complete sets are fetching.

Blue Glazed Seal
by: Geoff

Message for Amy. The blue drip glazed Seal shaped gurgle jug you refer to was made by Kernewek in Goonhavern, Cornwall. As far as I know every other pottery mentioned produced gurgle fish not Seals. If you go to link there is a picture showing both the smaller seal in blue and brown drip ware.

by: Wendy

I collect Fosters and too. Charity shops and boot sales are good for picking up bits. I even find it at antiques fairs, often in the cheap mixed boxes. It never will have much value, too much of it made but its nice!

kernewek pottery
by: trish

help I have a lovely brown type pig,money box lifelike not gimicky with kernewek england printed underneath,which I bought in 1980 from a little shop,I cant find picture of it anywhere is it really kernewek and is it rare,I would never part with it whatever.e-mail me at if you can throw any light on this, thanks

Kernewek Piggy Banks
by: Geoff

Message for Trish. The only Kernewek Piggy Banks I am aware of can be seen at Regards, Geoff

Kernewick pig on ebay
by: Caz

Someone has one for sale on ebay - they might be able to tell you more about it.

kernewek piggy banks
by: trish

Thanks everyone for your help, I will try these options,regards trish

Fosters studio pottery
by: lillian

I have a figureine in brown and cream called Bal Maiden. How common are these and what is it worth please.

Foster pottery
by: Gary

Hi everyone, my nan has just had a 100 peace pottery set given to her after her auntie passed away and she wants to get rid of it and asked me to sort it out as she is not well. Please post here. Thanks

lovely man
by: Jayne

I have collected Fosters.for 32 years.I know the potter very well.He still makes the honeycomb and you can order it by phone if he still has the moulds.He now also makes small amounts of 'a celebration of Troika" which is a relaunch of Troika .This can be purchased in St Ives,very beautiful too. The potter now works on his own after the sad passing of his assistant,but i am sure he would be pleased to help.
Happy collecting .l

Seal gurgle jugs
by: Lee

I have some nice items of this Cornish pottery,have a pair of brown seal gurgle jugs.
I'm looking to sell all my collection if any body is interested,can supply list and pics.

All good quality,need to sell to get my motor bike repaird,more expensive than I thought.

Coffee pot set,six cups and saucers,sugar bowl,milk jug.

Other style coffee pot,tea pot,owl spoon rest,small vase,four seals various sizes.....lot more to see.

Email if interested,and I can send pictures.
Thanks ,Lee

Foster Rustic Brown Coffee set
by: Jim Rotheram

My wife and I purchased a Foster coffee set some 50 year's ago from Mevagissey we have never used it so it is in pristine condition, If there is anyone interested in it please get in tough at
Jamesharry.rotheram@ntlworld .com

Bread Crock Lid
by: Deb

Has anyone got a lid for the honeycombe (light brown/cream) bread crock please. Looking for one for my mum

Thank you

Interested in all comments on here
by: Janet Crookes, Sheffield, Yorkshire

I have just bought, via Etsy, a large brown seal (with honeycomb glaze on its back) from a company selling bygones in Washington State USA. It is made by Fosters Pottery, Cornwall. I am sending it on to my Grandson in Australia for his "museum of interesting things". I will take a photo before I send it. :-)

That Fosters!
by: Wendy

Glad to see there are other crazy Fosters collectors out there. I now have a collection of over 500 honeycomb pieces,in brown, light brown,green and the lovely blue made by kernowek.
I do not know why I collect it, it has no value, but am unable to resist if I see a piece I have not got at a boot sale or charity shop.
We use things like the storage jars, and I would use the plates etc, but do not think they are dishwasher/microwave proof.
I feel quite sad to think it will probably end up at the dump someday when the children clear out their parent junk when we are gone!

Fosters Pottery
by: Ernest

Fosters Pottery started up in the late 50s - early 60s. The original pottery factory was at West Tolgus next to Redruth School Technology college near the old A30 between Sara's Foundary and Barncoose Roundabout.

The new Tesco superstore filling station is now slap bang on the orignal site. I think it was in 1994 it closed and the pottery moved to Wilson Way Ind Est,Illogan Highway off Trevenson Rd.

Ian Moore a Hampshire business man with an already established company in Cornwall rescued Fosters Pottery in 1994.

Fosters at its height employed fifty workers and was synonymous with reactiveglaze effects for fourty years, was now for the first time to trade outside the family infuence.

To begin with Fosters supplied Mr Moores impressive retail shop " Tescan Ltd " With ornimental and domestic ware, however in 2004 it was decided to close the shop and rent out the site.

Ernest R Sampson

by: Wendy

Hi I have got a brown honeycombe bowl with handles from Fosters but when I looked on ebay someone was selling one with Fosters on it and a lot of details to say it could be used in the microwave etc. The one I have is on the base and you can just make out that it says fosters pottery so is it a genuine one that I have does anyone know please

Dark Green Fosters Pottery
by: Sue

My Family move to Redruth/Camborne Area in the 60s, we visited on regular basis and collected most of the Dark Green Pottery and had extra which was bought for us as wedding presents 30 years ago, it is used every day and Wendy it all goes in the dish washer. So hard wearing and the colour has stayed. we have lost a few bits over the years, imagine my joy of holidaying in Scotland and finding a treasured milk jug (which got broken)in Fort William charity shop with 2 soup dishes and plates. When I went to pay I thought it was for each item only to be told it was for all 5 items, so I gave them extra it was such a find. FOSTERS POTTERY Long may it last. Erika look forward to reading your history.

Loving this thread
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

Just a note from me to say I am loving this thread, and all your individual stories, and your love of Fosters (it may have been the first one posted, but I can't remember that far back).

This is one of the oldest threads on this site, and it is just like a good wine, it is maturing beautifully.

Okay, and it's time for me to fess up. The Debbie who posted the original contribution is my wife, and she still loves her treasured Foster's pottery collection.

Keep the Fosters stories coming folks!

Peter (admin)

Fosters pottery

Looking for tea storage jar please

Fosters pottery for sale
by: Webb

Hi, I have about approximately 50 Pieces of Fosters pottery for sale. brown honeycomb, coffee pot, biscuit barrel, a couple of seals, plates, cereal bowls, salt & pepper pots, cups & saucers etc.


by: Wendy

Anyone got any Fosters or Kernewek side plates or cereal bowls for sale?. Any of the Honeycomb colours
please We have decided to use my vast collection but need a few more of the above!

milk jugs and teapot
by: barry12254

I have for sale as agroup or separately, 2 x brown dripglaze milk jugs and a nice teapot
I 'm not looking for a lot freight is a few bob of course
email me if interested and i can send pics too

Mrs peacock
by: Ann

Hi I have been collecting fosters pottery for about 30 years got quite a collection been to Cornwall pottery many times

What do the Fosters numbers mean?
by: Jan

My gluggle fish has Fosters Pottery Cornwall England 1 on the bottom.

What does the 1 stand for?

I seem to remember reading somewhere about different Studios maybe 1 and 2??

Anyone got any ideas please.



p.s. pics on the way

Fosters pottery
by: michele

Hi my names Michele I have a large amount of foster pottery crockery I have mainly six pieces to each crockery piece but I really don't know anything about the fosters pottery collection I have and would like some one if possible to help out as its really a lot of it that I have inherited

Fosters/Kernewek for sale
by: Anonymous

I have a large collection of Fosters and Kernewek which I am intending to put on ebay over the bank holiday weekend. If anyone would like to make me an offer, please email me at for further details, photos etc. I live in the midlands. Collect only, I'm afraid.

Vintage Foster & Kenerwek brown pottery
by: Pauline

I have over 200 beautiful pieces of the above, teapots, coffee jug, mugs, cups & saucers, turine, soup bowls, animals, twin egg cups, vases etc. Email Open to offers.

by: Niy

Hope someone can help I have a few pieces, a piggy bank, goblet & unknown
The unknown item looks like a vase tall straight sided but has what would be a plate/saucer attached
Then a small hole which was put there when fired at bottom where plate and vase meet. It is about 12 inches tall
Any ideas?


Full set of brown fosters
by: Julie

I have a full dinner set of the brown Fosters in the garage. It still has the stickers on. Never used.
Any takers??

Random oval pottery
by: Ryan

Has anyone got an email I can send them a couple pictures of a peice of oval pottery with an alien scetched glazed creature on front and weird writing on back like hyroglyfics

Gorgeous Fosters Coffee Set for sale
by: Colin

I'm selling on behalf of my mother a very nice complete 15 piece Fosters pottery coffee set in dark green. Tall coffee pot with lid, 6 cups and saucers, sugar bowl and milk jug. Very good condition, I suspect never used.
I thought I'd try this site before eBay .
Can send pics if required.


That Fosters
by: Wendy

Went to Peterborough Antiques fair at Easter and for the first time there were 10 seperate stalls with the odd bit of Fosters for sale (at silly prices of course)
So maybe when us collectors are long gone it might one day be worth a bit.
Meanwhile we now use ours and its seems fine in the dishwasher and oven. And since I now have over 500 bits we are not short of spares!

I love Fosters
by: Sharon, South West UK

I am so happy to have found this thread! :)

I bought a Honeycomb Kitchen utensil pot in a Charity shop about a month ago (August 2017). It was very greasy and mucky, but i could see the pottery was beautiful - it just needed a good old soak in Fairy and a drop of bleach. It is every bit as lovely as i thought it would be.

I then realised it was similar to a few dishes that i had bought over the years - i had never checked the bases on any of these items to check for a makers name.

Hence my new found love of Fosters Pottery - what a joy to find items on eBay too.

I have just bought a 6 cup coffee set with saucers - i am so happy with it. Next on my list shall be the sugar bowl and jug/coffee pot.

Has been so interesting to read peoples stories and to find out the history of Fosters.

Best wishes to all. Sharon :)

fosters pottery forsale
by: Roger

Hi I have a number of Fosters pottery Items for sale brown honeycombe teapot cakestand plates dishes oval dinner plates toast rack butter dish and a wine carafe and goblets plus more mugs cups etc Please email to make me an offer North Cornwall.

by: Anonymous

Fosters pottery has been part of our life for about 30 years now and my husband and I are still finding odd items we have not seen before to add to the collection. It may surprise some that besides the vast amount of kitchen ware they also produced many ornaments as well. In our collection at least 3 different size teapots and 3 different coffee pots and 4 different types of mug. There are many animals cats dogs horses ducks frogs etc, also table lamps and at least 4 vases of different shapes and sizes and flower pots. When I have more time I'll try compiling a list.
Happy collecting from Joy.


Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Joy

Be sure to send me your pics when you have time, and I'll add them to your post.

Peter (admin)

Fosters Honeycomb
by: Elaine

I have a standard lamp, a vase and a small stand/bowl ( I think for incense sticks) that my parents-in-law would have purchased in the mid 1960's. I want to sell them, but not sure what prices to ask or best place to sell them. Have photographs if anyone wants to see them. Any help would be appreciated -

That Fosters
by: Wendy

Eat your hearts out Fostwes collectors. I have a minature Fosters Toilet!!!!

Fosters stamp to the base NEW
by: John

Today at the Kent county antiques show I purchased two large pieces of troika by fosters pottery ltd. " A celebration of Troika Cornwall "& GJ on the base.. Are these pieces genuine troika !!??..

Mike Foster Gypsy Pottery NEW
by: Doug Williams


Is this the same Gypsy Pottery & Mike Foster ?

I have a mortar and pestle .....for sale a blue glaze ...lovely piece.

It’s on e bay......

by: Anonymous

LOOK for Kernewek pottery thats who made the Fosters pottery , it was sold as party plan , along the lines of Ann Summers and Tupperware parties in the late 60's and early 70's. So is possibly as of yet too young to be found on buying sites.

Geoff James, Fosters Pottery NEW
by: JayneAnonymous

Hi Fosters Pottery collectors ,
I recently paid a visit to Fosters Pottery just before the lockdown.
Geoff James is a very good , long lived friend of mine and my husband.
He is currently creating beautiful pots etc under A celebration of Trioka
You can purchase these in St Ives in the Pottery shop which also sells traditional hand crafted Cornish Piskies.
Unfortunately Fosters Honeycomb is no longer made and all moulds were broken so treasure what there is left in the world !! The original pottery has now moved opposite to where it was (now on the left ) as you enter the small industrial estate in Pool, Redruth.
It is smaller but still has a good shop stocking clay ,paints, tools etc of which I purchase myself.

Geoff runs the shop which is in the pottery itself from 9am til 12 noon,Wed-Friday.

To purchase Fosters Honeycomb, EBay have a brilliant site and lots of charity shops sell pieces,so well worth a look..Always check for the Fosters stamp on he base, not just the sticker( which takes on different looks as the years pass) .There are fakes and both Kernwick
and Pressingle pottery look similar.
I adore my Fosters pottery and have collected in 30 years two complete sets plus ,one set for everyday older design and the newest (the more modern ,last design made ) for best lol.
Happy collecting.

by: Ann

Are fosters bowls oven proof please

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