Antique China - Mysterious 'X' Mark On Large Oriental Vase

by Daphne

Antique China - Mysterious 'X' Mark On Large Oriental Vase

Antique China - Mysterious 'X' Mark On Large Oriental Vase

Antique China - Mysterious 'X' Mark On Large Oriental Vase:- As a 17 year old unlike most people my age, I'm rather fascinated by antiques. I picked up this vase from a charity shop today, it's in a very good condition, it has a stamp on the bottom saying

'MANUFACTURE OF VASES. ARTISTIC CERAMICS.' as well as what looks like a deliberate colour transfer from part of the pattern that looks like a red 'X' with two dots above and below it.
Any information on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks! :)



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Antique China - Mysterious 'X' Mark On Large Oriental Vase

Hi Daphne

Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful. Good for you. This is a fascinating area and my guess is one day you will be on the Antiques Roadshow TV show as a resident expert. Remember me when you are!

To do that, join a big international Auction House like Christies or Sothebies and learn your stuff.

A photo of the mark is a must. You must have forgotten! I'll forgive you because of your tender age.

What I know about your vase is that it is very much in the Japanese Kutani style. Kutani ware is variously described (I have an article on this site which gives some background - just use the search box on the homepage to locate it),
but for me, the characteristic is always an orange coloured accent and very intricate and beautiful stylized Japanese looking decoration.

During the Meiji period of Japan (1868-1912) this Kutani style was revived and around 70 percent of production of this Kutani (Shoza) style was exported.

Experts can tell by the style of decoration when the item was made - these items have continued to be made until modern times, so be aware of that. Also there are also always tell-tale signs of ware on the base if the item has a certain age - another reason to always show a photo of the base.

To an expert, this area is complicated, to a non-expert like me this is a minefield. For example, Kutani can be found in many different colors and styles and there are sub-groups which experts talk about.

It is the Shoza style Kutani which some commentators associate with the "Satsuma style" and dates from the end of the Edo period in the 19th C. (before the Great Paris Exhibition of 1867).

Your first project should be to really Google-up your knowledge on this area of Japanese ceramics. The history is fascinating and the more OCD you are about it the better!

If I had have had Google in my day, maybe I would now be an Antique Roadshow expert myself.

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Manufacture of vases artistic ceramics
by: Daphne

The base

The base of the vase says:-
of vases
artistic ceramics"

Sorry about not making my last post too clear, I've done allot of Google searching but can't seem to find any information about it, the mark is hard to notice but if looked at carefully can be seen in the first photo of my last post, I'm including a clearer photo in this one and a photo of the base.
I'm pretty hard up on money at the moment so unfortunately I'm unable to get it looked at by an expert.
I found your reply to my last post really helpful, I had no idea it was a Japanese style ceramic! Any more information would be highly appreciated, thanks allot.


Peter (admin) says:-


The 'X' looks like its mistake on the placement of the transfer print. So this vase would have likely left the factory as a second of this was spotted by quality control.

The title "Manufacture of vases artistic ceramics" is a strange one.

I have found a couple of references online. One is a fairly modern firm from Taiwan.

They used the of 中華藝術陶瓷公司 which loosely translates as "Artistic Ceramics Company".

They produced fine ceramics from about the 1950s for about 30 years. This company were trying to re-create wares of the past and may well have produced Kutani style items (don't know this for sure). Some of their wares are of a high quality.

Another reference I found was from Again, this is a Chinese reference, not a Japanese (this is where Oriental ceramics can become confusing and needs extra study).

Gotheborg took took some of his own photos of contemporary manufacture (around 1990) and put the photos alongside an ancient manuscript from the 18th century. The document covers 20 pages on his website. - "manufacture of vases (Cho chi)"

Keep researching and let us know.

Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

I have the same vase

same one with lid
by: Anonymous

It was my mom's and have no idea where she got it. It has a chinese patterns in burnt orange, blue, yellow. No X on bottom. Large and has set around the house on the floor for a while now. My mom died in 2002. So have no idea how long she had it. I thought it was just a fake piece of pottery. I think the grand kids played with it. The lid is chipped. The rest in not.

Same Chinese vase
by: Brian

Hi Peter , I saw the vase that Daphnie put on , well I have the same vase given to me 44 years ago , any information would be useful kind regards Brian

Hi guys NEW
by: Angel

Need help my vase don't show any mark and looks really antique.?confused bc ppl tell me can be unknown thank you for your time bless.

Vintage soup dish hand painted vintage suitcase with an x on the bottom of it with nothing that no other markings except for that and then X is cleared it's just like scratch scratches in the bot NEW
by: Kohn

I believe it's a soup dish it's about a foot long it's blue floral design hand-painted I believe it's vintage I believe and it has a X on the bottom of it that is not painted or anything it's just and in the porcelain and that's all there is it has Handles in a lid and it's white is there any help on this chat identify it

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