Antique China Spode - Tumbledown-Dick Pattern Tea Set

by Rhonda-Joy VanGrafhorst

Antique China Spode - Tumbledown-Dick Pattern Tea Set

Antique China Spode - Tumbledown-Dick Pattern Tea Set

Hi Peter - Not sure if you got my last e-mail but just thought I would let you know -I am almost 100% sure that I have identified the Spode Ware shown above. It is called "Tumbling Dick" {editor's correction - actually 'Tumbledown-dick"} & was made in 1815 ****

Will need to work out how/where to get it appraised, unfortunately the back stamps do not Photograph easily or clearly-so assume I am possibly going to have to take a really long trip to a Capitol City to do this!!!!

I also have found some very old Minton as well-so really thrilled-still haven`t found the Pattern or Age for them as yet.

Just thought I would let you know as you were so helpful to me re- the Ultra Enquiry & that was time consuming for you.
So excited but trying not to get ahead of myself (just in case) but it I will have to sell most pieces as like many, doing it tough**

Thankyou again- hope to hear from you


Rhonda Van Grafhorst

Reply by Peter (admin)

to Antique China Spode - Tumbledown-Dick Pattern Tea Set

Hi Rhonda

What a beautiful genuine antique Spode china tea set. I am so glad you took the trouble to share this story with us. You are quite the china antiquer (what with the Minton too!) - and not at all a nuisance.

Great bit of detective work alright. Where did you manage to find this info? Wow! I am no expert, as I keep saying, but when I did a quick recky using the system I show on my China Replacement page, I saw the set is actually called "Tumbledown-Dick" named after the tumbling position of the birds (a copy of an original Chinese pattern).

The 'Dick' in question might well be a reference to Richard Cromwell, son of Oliver who fell dramatically from power in the 19th Century. He was known as Tumbledown Dick or Queen Dick. Great story!

The pattern number is 3716, and is thought to have emerged around 1823. One plate can fetch in excess of $150 to $175, in good condition. What did you pay?

Please tell me more about where you found it and how you got the info.

Thanks for sharing. That's what it's all about! You are the opposite of a nuisance.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Antique China Spode - Tumbledown-Dick Pattern Tea Set
by: Rhonda

Hi Peter,

Yes, I am excited & quite proud of my Finds*** & I did know the correct name But have a Mental Block & keep shortening its` Pattern title** (brain shut down)LOL

I will definitely give you more info when I can- at this point I really need to get it Authenticated (not that I have doubts really)-

The Spode ware was a wonderful find & although I don`t think I will say too much Locally as yet**

I knew there was also a very strong link to early History within the family who were having the Auction & Clearance Sale* This family are linked by Heritage to a former Governor General of NSW- they have direct lineage etc- so now you are starting to get the picture !! Exciting Hey!!

Perhaps the Museum in Sydney would be interested?? if they don`t have a lot of items pertaining to this famous Personage** (more exciting)
Your the Expert** what are those dishes called that have the two handles? are they asparagus plates??

Did I tell you that in amongst my purchasers there was also some "Minton"? I have not been able to identify it as yet! perhaps you know the pattern? there are several pieces including a platter & square plate, plus bread & butter plates,saucers & demitasse? tiny cups* these are a fine white Porcelain with a green border of IVY Leaves?

or perhaps Grape leaves? anyway it is a continuous Vine leaf so possibly grapes??
There were also a couple of Dark Green Leaf shaped dishes- Majolica??? who knows-I don`t !! these are in good condition also !! so the search for info goes on !!

Now the problems re- my isolation begin- how on earth I proceed forward has me a little stumped? I believe I need to get at least a couple of pieces to an Expert but no idea how to do this* I shudder to think of letting them be handled by a Courier or similiar**

I am going as far as Coffs Harbour in the next couple of weeks -so perhaps I can take to someone in that area initially??

********* I am happy to have this find shown on your site etc but would ask that my area not be mentioned, happy to have the bit re- former N.S.W. Governor General mentioned as that is not disputable, anyway, I am happy to accept any advice you may have for me re- moving things along.

Once again- THANK YOU for your encouragement & assistance, I am really impressed that you would extend yourself to do so-
( others in the business not so friendly or helpful)
hopefully will chat again soon regards
Rhonda Van Grafhorst

Dating Tumbledown Dick Pattern NEW
by: George Bartholomew

There were over a dozens of variations pf this pattern beginning, I believe with pattern 2987. Yours is the marbleized version first introduced in 1823, but the back stamp tells all, If, after all this time, you still have no answer I suggest the Spode Museum Trust. Send a few pictures and a small donation and they provide an extensive bit of authentication, though no appraisals.

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