Antique & Fine China Collectibles - Limoges Dinner Set - Green Fleur de Lis Mark

by Drew
(Ontario canada)

Antique & Fine China Collectibles - Limoges Dinner Set - Green Fleur de Lis Mark

Antique & Fine China Collectibles - Limoges Dinner Set - Green Fleur de Lis Mark

Antique & Fine China Collectibles - Limoges Dinner Set - Green Fleur de Lis Mark:- Inherited 12 place Limoges dinner set from my grandmother, likely given to her as a wedding gift in early 1920s. - would like to know maker and pattern



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Antique & Fine China Collectibles - Limoges Dinner Set - Green Fleur de Lis Mark

Hi Drew

I don't know this particular green fleur de lis 3 feathers Limoges mark, so if anyone else has any information please try to help with this one (check out the comments section below for replies).

I looked in my books but found nothing under 'shield' marks or Limoges that fitted this description. Maybe it's obvious and I missed it.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Limoge Fleur de lys
by: Anonymous

I bought a cup and its saucer today at the Glebe yard sale. It bears the same mark and I would like to know more about it to

Green Fleurs de Lis/ 3 feathers inside shield mark
by: Jack

Hi. I'm also interested in the mark. I have two sets with the backstamp. Are those three feathers or are they smaller fleur de lis? Would be grateful for any info. Thanks.

Green Fleurs de Lis Mark
by: Jack

Hi. Forgot to mention that the shield mark is very similar to the Elite mark -- having the three small fleur de lis at the top and rather the face of a man, a larger fleur de lis.

green fluer de lis mark
by: susan

Have several pieces with this mark and have spent hours trying to track it down has anybody found out about it yet.My pieces were also of the 1930's.Have looked specifcally for manufactures of thr time but can find nothing.

fleurs de lis shield/ limoges, france mark
by: Jack (jaapies-- ebay store)

From my humble and limited research and experience, I believe there are two back stamps involved. If anyone out there can correct me, please do!

The under glaze "LIMOGES FRANCE" appears to be part of the Wm Guerin Mark, and the over glaze fleurs de lis shield mark, is so similar to the Saint Martial mark used by Bawo and Dotter (Elite), that I believe it to be one of their's.

I have one set where most pieces have both these marks; and then, there are several other pieces in the same set that have the full Guerin mark under glaze, then, stamped over glaze with the shield mark. view... as explained in my eBay listings, is that these are porcelain blanks made by Wm Guerin and decorated by Bawo and Dotter (start 1890's).

Guerin was around a long time before then, producing and decorating their own. Guerin merged with Jean Pouyat around 1911, who had it's own history-- both probably supplied B&D with blanks for decorating.

Bawo and Dotter took over Guerin around 1920-21 ... becoming Guerin/Pouyat/Elite. The Depression arrived; closing the company in 1932.

AGAIN... this is my understanding as humble as it is. Any addition, correction, or comment is welcome and encouraged.

Any the Wiser?
by: Janet

Has anyone discovered the origin of the green shield with the fleur-de-lys stamp? I, too, have a set of 10-12, given to me by my grandmother. It has a scattered pink rose pattern with gold trim.

Green shield fleurs de lys mark
by: Grammar60

I have the same mark on what looks like a briar rose pattern. When she was getting married in the 1920s, my father's cousin was taken by her father to Toronto "to buy her dishes." I have not been able to find out anything else so far and this is the first time I have seen the mark on another pattern.

Westlake, Ohio.

rose pattern
by: Grammar60

Janet, your set sounds just like mine!


by: Mady

I too have been trying to find out more about this pattern..mine originates from 1930's or abouts as well..looking at the quality..(looks brand new...does not crack like others)..i'd say it's very valuable..

Fleur de Lys Mark
by: Suzanne

I too have a set of dishes with the same marking -can find nothing on it - haviland has a similar pattern but not the same - my pattern is scattered flowers with what I think a pink peony with blue flowers and another pink rose - my grandmother got her set as a wedding gift in the 20's

Fleur de Lys Mark
by: Suzanne

Here is some information I found:

This paragraph from that webpage caught my eye:

When it comes to being a collector you need to understand the different marks that you will find on pieces of Limoges. The earliest pieces of Limoges were done by royal commission and these will have a Fleur de Lys on them, these would be very rare pieces and not ones that you will find at every antique mall across the US.

Green Fluer de Lis mark, dinnerware
by: Mary

I have spent hours looking to identify the dishes I inherited from my mom. They are identical except mine are trimmed in gold. The same flowers and mark on the back. I would give anything to be able to identify and value these dishes. Help someone!

The answer to this mark is above
by: Forum Help Elf

I am not sure why the last few posters are still asking for help on this one as Jack (jaapies-- ebay store) has kindly given the most comprehensive answer you are ever likely to get on this on (just scroll up to find it).


Could they be Haviland?
by: Joanne

I'm looking at a cup and saucer in this pattern of small blue/pink/white flowers and a gilded edge with the same back mark of the green shield with a large fleur de lis topped with three small ones and the words Limoges France.

However I just found this listing on Etsy which has the exact same pattern as the one in front of me and a backstamp of Haviland.


Same set
by: Glenda

I have a six piece tea set identical to this and cannot find it either..I broke one small dessert plate and would like to replace it

Fleur de lis demitasse cup Limoges
by: Lana Irwin

I have a demitasse cup with this stamp. Visit my page to view ....I thought you'd like this Pin on Pinterest... you prob have to cooy and paste this link.

I have also heard these pieces are by royal commission.

Any info I'd love to hear it also.



green fleur de lis and 3 crowns Limoges
by: Doug

I too have a setting for 12 with serving pieces which belonged to my wife's mother. I believe it dates from 1920's and is rimmed in gold. Any info would be appreciated.

1920's Limoges china
by: Doug

I too have a set of Limoges with this hallmark. It belonged to my wife's mother, pattern is red and yellow roses, and is rimmed in gold. Any info would be appreciated. I have 12 place setting with serving pieces.

Also have set. The questions is what are they worth
by: Laura

I have a large set including gravy tray, serving dishes, platers and an extensive dinner set. Who does one talk to I order to evaluate value?

Limoges Green Mark Fleur de Lis mark
by: John

I think I might be able to confirm what many people think on this mark, I have a set for six plus serving pieces and on the cups and saucers it has two marks including the normal Elite mark.
Also other items have green Fleur de Lis mark with the word ELITE printed on as well and yet another also - the pattern name is printed in red
"Picardy Rose "

Hope that helps close this mystery, John

Fleur de Lys Limogres Backstamp
by: MZM

Glad that I am not the only one who had limited success with dating the backstamp.
Quick Question: my 11" x 9" platter is so delicate that I can see through the outer parts.
However, the bottom of the platter is rough (like a light cement!) ... almost unfinished.

Does anyone else have a piece(s) with transparent qualities and VERY light in weight?

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