"Baden" Cup Shaped Pottery Mark with w/673 or 6Z3

by Rick
(Lansing, MI USA)

"Baden" Cup Shaped Pottery Mark with w/673 or 6Z3:- Please see pictures attached. Any information regarding this piece would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the mark there is an etched number"2327" that doesn't show up in the photo.



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baden pottery mark
by: Anonymous

I have the same mark as you and the no. on the bottom that does not show up in the photo is 2333 on mine.

Baden and cup mark
by: Anonymous

I have something with a similar mark, Its stoneware from West Germany.
I am not 100 percent sure based on your picture of the mark but does it say "Zell" in the middle of the cup? If so it could be a piece of Zell pottery. Research that and see if the marks match up. The older Zell mark that uses the cup dates early 1900's to 1920's

Thats my best guess, I hope it helps! :)

Baden translated from German to English means swim or be at the beach. so that would explain the scenery on the pot.

Cup or bowl
by: Anonymous

I have one that was my grandmothers. But mine has a little boy walking with a dog. 2327 stamped on the bottom. How much is it worth?

still miffed
by: steven h

have a sugar bowl with G zell S marked 2780 have tried to identify thru websites with no satisfaction as to price nor even finding specifics, good luck

Baden Cup
by: Sara

I have this exact cup...

Something similar NEW
by: Jerry

I have a two handed vase with the similar trademark. Mine says Germany on top. And then underneath us is hand painted. I think mine is stamped 2371 with the number one underneath that.

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