Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B

by jerry coleborn
(miami, fla)

BB Mark Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B

BB Mark Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B

BB Mark Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B\\;- Wedding present 50 years ago. roman dressed women & children, 4 different designs. 12 cups & saucers, 12 side plates & 2 servers



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antique china values

BB Mark Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B

Hi Jerry

{edit:- Scroll down the entries and you will see I have come to the conclusion this is likely Beyer and Bock of Rudolstadt-Volkstedt, Thuringia East Germany (GDR) from the 1950's. Look at my entries for all the details - there is a more detailed reply after Helen's photos near the bottom}.

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Have a set with the same mark
by: Andrew


Have you found any information on this mark? I also have a set with the same marking.

Two B's (one reversed) Pottery Mark Answer
by: The Forum Help Elf

This mark is likely Beyer & Bock, founded 1890 in Rudolstadt/Volkstedt, Thuringia East Germany.

I have not seen this exact version before, but click here to see the standard B B Pottery mark. Scroll down the page to the comments section where the answer has been subsequently posted.

by: Andrew

Thanks for the info.

I was under the assumption that it was from the U.K. as the original owner (great, great aunt i think) was from Scotland.

I uploaded a pic of the marking here:



The Forum Help Elf says:-

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the follow up comment.

This is where we run into difficulties if people do not upload photos of the wares as well as the mark because there is only one B & B mark out of of the 4516 marks listed in the all-encompassing tome that is Goddens Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain marks, and that is the mark of a small obscure earthenware lustre firm called Bailey and Batkin of Longton, Staffordshire (1814 - 1827).

The mark is shown as a simple B & B, nothing like the distinctive B reverse B motif of Beyer & Bock.

You can tell at a glance the difference between German porcelain of the 19th century and English lustreware of the early 1800's, so it's a shame about the absence of photos in your case, but Sherri's plate shown above certainly fits the bill of being German porcelain.


Crown B B mark - Is this old worcester?
by: kazz

Crown B B mark - Is this old worcester?

Cant find this mark been looking for a while any one help see pics

Crown B B pottery mark

BB Worcester Mark
by: The Forum Help Elf

I see where you are coming from, as I just looked it up and one of the Barr Porcelain marks had a device which were two cursive B's with the second one reversed. However, the one I just saw in Goddens has no crown and has a scroll motif underneath which says "Barr Porcelain". Goddens describes this mark as being used by the Royal Worcester Company on an experimental body around the late 1800's.

My guess is this mark is not Worcester - although it would take an expert (which I am not) with access to specialist books to say for certain. I think these wares look more Germanic in style, which brings us back to Beyer & Bock - although I have not seen this mark specifically attributed to them either.

We need help on this one badly!


Tea set
by: Hilary Nightingale

I have a tea set with a transfer print and hand coloured/painted pansies which has this mark on every piece. I would love to know its origins. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. How can I upload a photo?



Peter (admin) says:-

Thanks Hilary, please send in your photos to me at and I will add them to this thread.

Please clearly mark your email as being for the 'Hilary comment on the "Blue Crown over a B and mirrored B" pottery marks forum thread'



Hilary's Photos of her B & B Tea Set
by: Peter (admin)

Hilary says:-

Thanks for offering to post these photos. I shall be very interested to see if anyone can identify the tea set.

There are numerous cups, saucers and side plates, a sugar bowl and two of the larger pierced plates.

Please let me know if it would be helpful to see anything further.

You may be able to see that, besides the blue mark, there are indented marks on each item under the white glaze, as well as a gold printed number.



Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Hilary

Here's your photos

BB reverse pottery mark

From the photos, I think not old Barr Worcester but a variation on the B reverse B mark of Beyer & Bock. I have looked everywhere, but I can't find a reference to this exact variation, which makes me think this is a later adaptation, but likely before nationalisation in the 1960's as there was a name change at that point.

They were apparently around in their original form according to the Kovels website and book from 1853 (although some sources say 1890). After the war it was in the GDR (communist East Germany) and was made a factory of the state in the 1960's, renamed as the Rudolstadt Volkstedt Porcelain factory. If I were to have to place a date on this mark, due to the nature of the printed mark and the lack of classification of it in any reference books, I would bet this was made sometime in the 1950's (after the war, but before nationalisation).

Hope this helps

Peter (admin)

Did anyone find out
by: lorraine

Did anybody actuallly find out who this mark was by. I love to know

B B mark
by: Bexx

Hi, my parents have a set with this said 'B & reverse B' also, it includes many cups, saucers, ribbon plates etc. The mark itself is in an orange colour with a gold mark or number too. We have been trying to trace information on this. It is a beautiful set with scenes of women/ children of an ancient/biblical type theme. Would be interested to know any more details should anyone find any.

B and B
by: Dido

I have this mark (the crown over B B reversed on a china service of my grandmother's - it was given her on her wedding day though which I think was about 1920. It's on the jug, sugar bowl and serving plates though the cups and saucers only have the trident on them (see photos if I can work out how to upload them)

Same stamp
by: Anonymous

I have a cup and saucer with this stamp. There is an old staple repair to the handle. No where in Beyer and Bock history can I see this stamp recorded. Sorry but much earlier than 50's..

B B mark Germany
by: Shawna

I have one plate marked with the forward and backward B also marked Germany.

I hope to have a whole set!

Thank you for the help!



Orange crown Mirrored B stamp
by: Nadia

Hi, I have a set from my grandmother ... set with this said 'B & reverse B' also, it includes many cups, saucers, ribbon plates, serving plate and one bowl. The mark itself is in an orange colour with the crown and cursive B’s. I have been trying to trace information on this. It is a beautiful set with scenes of women/ children of an ancient/biblical type theme. Would be interested to know any more! Today’s date November 2020

One of the plates that you showed at the top of this thread is the same what I have as well.


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