Bone China "James Shaw" Mystery

by Barbara Hayes

Bone China

Bone China

Bone China "James Shaw" Mystery:- Hi, I have some lovely figurines which were made by my great grandfather's brother's family some time in the early 1900's. The mark on the bottom is "James Shaw Longton England". Apparently this was a family business but I can't find any information anywhere on this so would be ever so grateful if you know anything.

A collection was bought out to Australia by my grandfather's brother when he migrated sometimes in the 1930's (I think). I assume this is when he left the family business.

Many thanks.

Barbara Hayes



(I hope the photos are attached, if not I can send a standard email).



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Reply by Peter (admin)

Thanks for your interesting query. Totally fascinating!

This is the type of query I do the site for. I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to upload the photo and share the story of your family.

Goddens make mention of several Shaws, but nothing on James Shaw.

There is:

Anthony Shaw ( A Shaw & Co; & Son) formally of Tunstall founded 1851, then taken over by Staffordshire Potteries in 1900 (A J Wilkinson - later to produce Carice Cliff wares)

Shaw & Copestake (Sylvac) of Longton 1901 - 1982

George Shaw of Rotherham, Yorks, (G S & S) 1887 - 1948

John Shaw & Sons of Longton (Burlington Ware and Art Pottery) 1931 - 1963

Ralph Shaw of Cobridge (Early to mic 1700's)

Shaws & Sons of Tunstall (S & S) 1892 - 1910

Goddens also have a special appendix on the name 'Shaw' in Staffordshire (apx. 4495). Essentially what he says is that he has found references to a potter J. Shaw, but cannot find any info on them. May I suggest you contact Godden's Encyclopedias asap and tell them all you know - it may become an entry in their book!

I understand the publishing is now handled by Random House:-

Phone (Melbourne and international):
+61 (03) 9730 4280
Phone (rest of Australia): 1800 222 444
Fax: +61 (03) 9753 4151

Hope that helps

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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More on the James Shaw Pottery Mark Mystery - Verdun Art Pottery
by: Barbara

I have found out a little more about the pieces. The pieces were made by a firm called Verdun Art Pottery, James Shaw, (also Shaw & Son) New Street, Longton, Stoke on Trent. I have a copy (my Dad has the original) price list complete with pictures of each piece, dated 1922, plus an invoice/receipt from them for the collection dated 1923. The entire collection seems to total 7 pounds. The address seems to have changed in this year to Albion Street, Longton.


Peter (admin) says:-

Goddens have no record (in my edition) of Shaw & Sons (James Shaw) based at New Street, Longton, only the one mention above listed as Shaw & Sons, Sandyford Pottery, Tunstall 1892 - 1910. Maybe this firm closed but was re-structured as the firm you mention above, with the backstamp of Verdun Art Pottery?? Perhaps you could do some more digging as you have the inside family knowledge? I have not seen the latest revised edition of Goddens, so maybe the info is there?

There is also no mention of Verdun Art Pottery in Goddens - or anywhere online (apart from here). As far as I know Verdun is a town in France (and also Canada). Any further info would be great.

Another piece of James Shaw China
by: Tracey Andersen


My name is Tracey and I too have a piece of Bone China stamped with James Shaw, Longton England.

I live in B.C. Canada and my mother-in-law recently down-sizing into an assisted living complex gave me a piece of Bone China by James Shaw. It was given to her by her late sister and it was to be passed to me when it didn't have a home anymore.

It is a rather interesting piece and I'm still not quite sure what it's use is. It definitely looks to be of the same workmanship as the other ladies piece that lives in Australia. It is two seperate pieces, one piece fits into the other. I guess it could be used as a candy dish or a short flower stemmed vase (an all-in-one floral frog?). It has a pedestal base (champagne glass shaped), it is off-white with a small amount of gold guilding on it and it has a few,three dimensional rose buds on it. The top part that inserts has thin open lattis work on the top, when you lift it out by a 3-D rose bud the one piece insert also has has the same open lattis work on the bottom of the insert.

Have you found out anything further about James Shaw Bone China and what these pieces might be worth? Please let me know. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Tracey Andersen
B.C. Canada


Peter (admin) says:-

For valuation advice go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

James Shaw
by: Angela, England

We too have a James Shaw stamped in dark red
Circular mark with writing in the middle which is blurred.
It has three cherubs playing instruments at the bottom in white and edged gold, with the bowl decorated in chrysanthemums I think.
Even though we live near Stoke-on-Trent there does not seem to be much literature about him.

by: terry alexander

at a bury and hilton auction tomorrow is a sale lot of verdun china ware looks rather old no made in england or anything just verdun and a crest very much old worcester in style

RE-James Shaw Longton (pottery man.)
by: eric webster

Hi I think that Tracy Andersen of BC Canada and I have the same China Item IE; an ornate Pomander by James Shaw of Longton England.It is appr. 7" Dia x 7" high, if I had your e-mail address I could send photos to check.Tracy would you allow me to do that, if so please forward address to me at}

Regards Eric

James Shae &Co.
by: Nita

James Shaw was a distributor of hotel and restaurant China primarily made by Cauldon Limited England. Wares included blue and white, chamber sticks and dinnerware and ornaments. If you research Cauldon you may find more information. I have an 1890s chamber stick made for the Bellmont Hotel in Allegany New York. Some pieces are marked made by Cauldon for...others just say James Shaw &Co.

Mystery relative NEW
by: Vanessa

Just wondering your grandfather's brothers name?
I have a missing mystery relative; a man who left Longton in 1927, supposedly headed to Australia. I have no other info on him, other than the name he used at the time was Arthur Roberts.


I also have a piece with the impressed mark J SHAW .It is in the similar moore brothers style and is a pommander with cherub holding a harp. I WOULD BE INTERESTED TO HEAR HOW THE REPORTED SALE OF VERDUN ART POTTERY AT BURY AND HILTON WENT.

Amazing NEW
by: Barbara Hayes

Thank you all for your posts as I am so pleased there are others out there who have pieces made by my ancestors. Its still a mystery though so if anyone has any more information please post. I will bookmark the post this tkme instead of ignoring it for so long.
Barbara Hayes

Tracey Anderson NEW
by: Barbara Hayes

I think I also have your exact same piece and I'm excited. I cant work out how to post another photo but would be happy for you to email me

Tracey Anderson NEW
by: Barbara Hayes

Tracey I think I have the same piece and am very excited to find a true link. Am happt for you to email me to exchange notes and photos

Another piece with James Shaw mark
by: Martin

I am sorting out my father's estate. He used to work for a china and glass wholesaler based in the North of England. One piece he always had on display was a 30cm high piece by James Shaw. It is highly decorated with gilding and hand painted roses. It consists of an open fluted bowl held aloft by 3 cherubs all standing on a gilded base.

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