C & S Ltd or G & S Ltd on Pottery Mark

by William Cameron
(Heidelberg, Germany)

C & S Ltd or G & S Ltd on Pottery Mark:- It is a black glazed pottery tea service, with a border.

Inside are light brown twirls, with alternating turquoise or white or coral dots around a circular pattern.
Under that looks to be a light gold line circling the cups and saucers and cake plates, under the border and on the rim.

My German wife's aunt was a seamstress and took the tea set...as part of payment for making a dress some time between the two World Wars.

What ever word is above C & S Ltd, is too cut off to read.
(Much still lost in cartons in the cellar.)

I have
C & S Ltd
Greek Border
Rd No. 236511 ( after 1883)
Made in England (after 1900)

I would like to know what company made C & S Ltd or anything else pertaining to it.

Thank you.

Update from William

Murphy is my god! Five minutes after I sent in the question, at the bottom of the box was two cups with the full name of the company I had tried to find.

It Was Not C & S Ltd, but G & S Ltd.

Gibson & Son Ltd

How ever any help on info on this company would be nice.


reply by Peter (admin) below - just scroll down...


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- C & S Ltd or G & S Ltd on Pottery Mark

Hi Bill

Gibson & Sons (Ltd), were notably manufacturers of earthenware Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Founded around 1885
and traded until the mid 1970's. They were previously Gibson, Sudlow & Co.


They became a limited company in 1905, so G & S LTD was typical of marks after 1905+

HP Co, BURSLEM, ENGLAND was another mark with H being for Harvey Pottery Co.

Albany was another of the pottery factories operated by Gibson.

Other trade names inc:-

'Silvoe Art Ware'
'Windsor Art Ware'
'Royal Harvey'

In 1913 the company won a Diploma of Honour at the Ghent International Exhibition and dsigned a special edition pottery mark to go with it.

Other special editions included ones for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco c.1930

On the earlier marks there was the use of 'BURSLEM' 'ENGLAND' and the marks after 1950 say 'STAFFORDSHIRE' 'ENGLAND'

As for values, people need to take into account the changing market in the current economy. Items fetching premium prices a couple of years ago are no longer, and other things becoming 'fashionable'. This is the realm of the experts and I have a special page where you get tips on researching china values and liase with experts.

I know you might have been in a hurry, but photos are a great help to this website. Please upload two photos - one of the item and one of the pottery mark.

What this good habit does is keep a public record on this site for everyone to benefit from.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

Comments for C & S Ltd or G & S Ltd on Pottery Mark

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Albany & Harvey Potteries (Burslem)
by: Angela Moran

I have one large teapot in light blue with dark blue flowers lined with gold! also a large milk jug and teaplate! All 3 have E G &S Ltd and have
hand witten numbers -
Teapot 4453R
Milk jug 4453C
teaplate 4453C

Albany & Harvey Potteries (Burslem)
by: Angela Moran

I have one large teapot in light blue with dark blue flowers lined with gold! also a large milk jug and teaplate! All 3 have E G &S Ltd and have
hand witten numbers -
Teapot 4453R

Milk jug 4453C

Teaplate 4453C
Would be interested in selling!

by: Rheal

I have a piece of Pottery
Made by: G & S Ltd

It is in mint condition, date between c. 19909 - 1911. Hand written in the bottom of the teapot A534 and 4'40
It look like it was dip in a soft golden color acid wash of some sort.
What would be the value in dollars?

Valuations of Vintage and Antique China
by: Peter (admin)

For valuation advice go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

G&S Mark Grove & Stark Longton
by: Kevin

Hi,your G&S marking could also be Grove & Stark, Longton, England (1871-1884). Maybe this will also be of some help.



Gibson's Staffordshire Teapot
by: Michael Derossett

I have a Gibson's Staffordshire teapot and sugar bowl that reads "Gibsons" on the banner with a crown over it and Staffordshire England below the banner. There is also some impressed words on the bottom that are very faint and hard to read. It looks like

The Teapot is cream with a gold rim, spout and handle and a gold floral pattern on the sides. I'm trying to pinpoint a date of these pieces, if anyone can help.

G & S milk jug?
by: M. Boult

I was wondering if anyone could help me find out more about a jug i have sitting in my cupboard.
It has G & S written on the bottom with Kingfisher written above also the numbers 4442
Its almost a rectangular jug with a kingfisher on each side and about 16cm tall. I would love any help

anyone know who made this ?
by: Matt

i have a earthware vase with a handle, maybe a small pitcher..... not sure. it has the initials HP spamped under the handle. can someone please help me figure out who made it !! you can email me at [email protected] thanks in advance, Matt .

1909 Pitcher and Bowl
by: Tina

I have a large Pitcher and basin, with mark..G&S..LTD... Albany and Harvey Potteries, Burslem...
Cream with flowers and light to medium tones of tan at the top of Pitcher, on handle and rim of bowl. Also slight gold trim..
I bought it in 1968...
someone told me recently it was worth about $20,000...
Could that be possible?


Value of Albany and Harvey Toilet Set
by: The Forum Help Elf

Peter has a rule that we don't discuss values in this pottery mark identification forum and leave the discussion of money to Peter's Antiques Roadshow style service (see right treasure chest logo). This post by Tina is a classic example of why this area is such a can of worms, best left to experts.

However, Tina's comment is the exception that proves the rule - and some. Tina, do you have a sense of humour? Because I think someone is pulling your leg. The last auction result I could find of a Albany and Harvey toilet set was sold for $125 dollars. So not quite $20,000 then!

Here's and extract from the auctioneer's sales records, Mar 20th, 2010, New Orleans Auction, St. Charles Gallery, Inc.

    Late 19th century two-piece Albany and Harvey, Staffordshire, pottery toilette service, comprising of a ewer and matching basin. Sold for $125 USD

    Estimate $75 - $125
    Starting Bid $60

Hope this helps


plato de C&S ref 236511
by: ANA

I was given me a small very old coffee set. I would like to know something about the history and where this coffee set comes from. The reference is GREEK BORDER 236511 MADE IN ENGLAND


by: Anonymous

I have a pretty vase pot it's beige orangey colour with three pink and white flowers and green leaf patternit has a small damage on the neck other than that it is pretty the mark is clarion gs. England then a stamp mark g &s tow Albany &hari pottery burslem no 5952

Creek Border rno 236511
by: Paula

I have a teabot a big one and a little one. Do anybody knows the price on it? Iam going to sell them.


There's a mark of. Arrow dot on both side
by: Allenlotter Anonymous

There's a mark arrow dot on each side

Greek border 236511 G&S LTD
by: Cláudio from Brazil

I bought this tea and coffee's set in zurich

Large g&s pot
by: Bridget

Hi I have a large blue willow Patten pot with the G &S Albany and Harvey burslem logo on the bottom the photos about 12 inches high with an inset lid it looks like an old chamber pot pottie anyone know anything about it or value I would appreciate it

Horseshoe with G & S
by: Debra

I have a little milk jug which has a horseshoe on the bottom, complete with nail heads along the side, with a G & S in the middle. Across the top of the shoe it says "Etruria". I have looked and looked and been unable to find anything. Help please!!! Is driving me mad.

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