Chelson China query - Photo 2 - Backstamp

by CB

Chelson China antique bone china query - photo of backstamp

Chelson China antique bone china query - photo of backstamp

I purchased this fabulous but incomplete tea set at an antiques auction recently. The China is called Chelson China, England, with a pattern number of 4337 (i think!) but cannot seem to find much about this china.

I am also looking to find the milk, sugar bowl and tea pot to match but am having trouble even finding any Chelson items at all! I do know Chelson made for Harrods but i can't find my style, although the Harrods one does look very similar.

I bought this and another part tea set (will send seperate e mail) for £45, i thought quite a bargain as i love teacups & saucers.

I have attached two pics, please can you let me know a bit more about Chelson and its past, and where i could possibly try and find the other missing parts! And also could you date it?!

Some of the tea plates and saucers are a little bit damaged. I also have two square cake plates (i think) aswell. Someone has damaged some of the pieces in the past but they have been 'stapled' together & someone has done a good job of fixing them.

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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Chelson China antique bone china query


Jamie, kind contributor has solved this mystery mark (see comments section). Jamie says this:-

"Regarding Chelson China:-

Have a look at

Chelson was a name used by them in the 1920's.
The pottery was started in about 1900 by RH and SL
Plant and became NEW CHELSEA PORCELAIN CO. in about 1912. It operated under various owners until 1951.

end update
read my original answer below (unedited).....

Hello CB

Please enjoy all the free resources of this site and welcome!

Thanks for your nice post, I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to provide so much information about your tea set.

I'm afraid this one is going to have to be a 'work-in-progress" and we may need some help from our resident super sleuths like Melissa.

Here's what I know:-

* There is no mention of Chelson in either Goddens or Kovels. Odd. Why?

* There is a bit of it around, but not that much.

* A visitor on another website says "I have a Chelson china tea service, with a black ridge.(made by Stoke Potteries) given to my grandmother by her employer whist in service, as a wedding present in 1925" (see

* 'Stoke Pottery' was a brand of famous Longton maker Grimwades (Royal Winton).

* Another brand of Winton was 'Atlas', formerly a brand associated with Delphine China based in Chelson Street, Longton. Goddens do not show a Chelson backstamp mark associated with Grimwades or Delphine (H & M)

Can anyone else fill in the gaps?

I hope this information is useful. If anyone else can help with this query then please leave a comment below.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Chelson China
by: Jamie

Regarding Chelson China.
Have a look at
Chelson was a name used by them in the 1920's.
The pottery was started in about 1900 by RH and SL Plant and became NEW CHELSEA PORCELAIN CO. in about 1912. It operated under various owners until 1951.

Additonal posts about Chelson China
by: Further Comments

Chelson China
by: Anonymous

I also have some Cheson china quite a few odd bits
also mine has the anchor on the bottom
the no on the bottom is 1167 or it could be 4911 not to sure the patern is on the out side it looks like a chinese bird on a branch gold rim round wavey top very delicate you can see the picture through the cup from inside and the other no is Rd No599403

by: Anonymous

I have a small chelson china jug approximately 2 and 1/2 inches high. On the underside it states "manufactured for harrods ltd. london england, then the anchor sign and underneath that "chelson china" There is no pattern number but there is a Rg.No. which appears to be 618690. I am having difficulty in finding anything about this lesser known manufacturer. Cam anyone help with more information or possible search sites?

Thank you.

by: kenny knight

i have over 50 peices of chelson china with anchor on bottom and reg number but can not find anything about it can anyone help


kenny knight

Chelson English China
by: Golden


I have about 30 pieces of the exact pattern you posted - mine says (it is hard to read because it is so old) I think 4337. I looked it up and found Harrods: site:

My Nana bought my set at an estate sale in Liverpool in the 1930's and gave it to my Mum who in turn gave it to me. I think this pattern may be turn of the century and obsolete. Good luck and keep me posted maybe when complete the set.


Chelson China
by: Anonymous

Teapot , bowl and cup are for sale on ebay (made for Harrods) if that helps.

Chelson Chine Sugar & Cream c1920.
by: Reiss Antiques

I have a sugar and cream by Chelson China manufactured for Harrods of London.

Chelson china
by: Anonymous

I have a number of. The same items Peter. They are amazing to look at

Chelson breakfast set
by: Annie

I have a yellow and floral breakfast set which my grandmother had for a wedding present in 1910. It seems complete in that is was 'tea for two' with teapot cream jug, sugar basin two cups and saucers and a plate. My Mum (92) would love to find out more about it too.

Chelson 1711
by: Anonymous

I am also the proud owner of a lovely Chelson tea service. Unfortunately ,when we bought it, a teacup was broken by the stallholder when they wrapped it for us. I have had no luck whatsoever tracing the pattern - it is 1711 with what looks like lv slightly to the right side of the numbers. There seems to be so little information online, I am beginning to think I will never find a replacement cup. I scour antique shops/charity shops all the time. If I see anything of the pattern you have I will let you know.

Chelson tea set
by: Liz

I also have a Chelson tea set with the anchor on the bottom and the Chinese style bird picture with the black rim. I would love to find more cups as only have 3 although have 5 saucers and side plates.
I bought it from my neighbour 45 years ago who said it was not valuable but I just loved it and still do!

Chelson China NEW
by: Wilk

I have a jug and bowl set of Chelson China bought from local antique n collectables place,it has white glaze with poppy,primrose,snowdrop,daisy etc flowers.The stamp says Chelson Chhina in red and a blue coronet/crown mark

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