Child's tea set - ELO pottery mark

by Marni
(USA) ELO pottery mark ELO pottery mark

When I purchased this child's tea set I was told it was American. I would have thought German, but ELO pottery mark:- I can't seem to ID the mark. The set consists of a covered tea pot, covered sugar, creamer, six plates, six saucers, five cups with handles, and one handleless cup.

All the pieces are covered with scenes from the Cinderella fairytale.

Thanks in advance.


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The forum Help Elf says:-


Interesting one this. A couple of places online list this mark, but it is only associated with miniature tea sets for children. And nobody has the faintest idea of who this company is.

Myself I would bet good money this set is American, not German because the ELO part surely must stand for East Liverpool Ohio. It would make sense for a domestic maker to make for the domestic toy market. I believe these set are made by one of the older established makers in ELO and the is possibly more to do with the toy distributor or retail label than the East Liverpool contract manufacturer who made the sets.

To get an idea of which of the ELO firms which might have made these sets, have a browse through this page:-

For general free advice on how to research your collection, Peter wrote this page:

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Child's Tea Set - W.K.C. Co ELO mark
by: Nancy H.

W.K.C. Co. ELO stands for Warner-Keffer China Company of East Liverpool. Ohio. This set is referred to in a Shiffer Book for Collectors "Playtime Pottery & Porcelain".
I have my mother's set which she received in 1913 as a three year old. They are not toy sets but are referred to as children's china. Mine set also contains sauce dishes, butter pats,three graduated platters and two oval covered casserole dishes. Some of her dishes were marked "W.K.C. Co. E.L.O" and others "Colonial Co." (with its hallmark) another pottery maker also located in East Liverpool, OH. One may have bought out the other; I am not certain.

W-K C Co
by: Linda Kuna

I have a small oval scalloped edge platter that is definitely not part of a tea set.

Child's Tea Set - W.K.C. Co ELO mark
by: Nancy H.

As you can see from my earlier comments, I have a lerge set of these "Cinderella" dishes. I have a total of 28 pieces (tea set plus plates plus items previously listed).

I am interested in disposing of this set - sale or donation to a museum or other similar institution.


Dinner Plate
by: Dallas Z

I have a full size dinner plate with picture of what looks to be Sitka deer, one buck and two does with a forest back ground. Plate is green and white. The W-K.C. CO. ELO clearly marked on the back of the plate. Looks very old. Any ideas about this plate ???

Cinderella Saucer
by: Kate Ginter

I've bee llooking for companion pieces, I didn't realize how large the set might be. Have you found a buyer?

Sale of Cinderella Dishes
by: Nancy H.

To Kate Ginter:
I have not disposed of my set of Cinderella dishes and am still interested in doing so. I am not certain how to contact you. Please advise.
Nancy H.

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