China Mark Query - Wells with a peacock

by Joanne Meshew
(Lancaster County, PA)

China Mark Query - Wells with a peacock

China Mark Query - Wells with a peacock

China Mark Query - Wells with a peacock:- About 20 years ago I bought a set of china at an estate auction (not sure what material) for about $600. There are well over 100 pieces. They have a lovely English country/garden pattern on them. I have tried internet research, including this site to no avail.

Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(Sorry the markings on back aren't more clear - my photography skills are not great.)



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China Mark Query - Wells with a peacock

The forum Help Elf says:-

The Peacock Wells label is, I believe, a brand of famous American maker Homer Laughlin, so it's interesting for you to suggest it is an 'English country garden' look. I make you right - let's hope someone else can add to this by telling us more about this set.

As for values, traditional crockery has not been doing well lately as it is somewhat passée and out of fashion, as well as the market being generally depressed. So not a good time to sell or have it valued.

However, on the plus side, Homer Laughlin is a very high quality and collectible maker, especially with its Fiesta collection, so this might redress the balance in your favor slightly - as collectible wares are the ones that retain their values.

Actual valuations aren't done in this public section as this is the realm of experts. For general free advice on how to research the value of your collection, Peter wrote this page:

value of antiques.


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Homer Laughlin
by: Robert R

The design is called English Garden. Homer Laughlin is the company. The mark designates it was made domestically (modern ones are made in China). It dates to about the 1930's and was a pattern sold commonly in the US at Sears. The pattern is hard to find as the sets were everyday china in most households - thus many did not survive or are in bad shape. I am looking for the large dinner plates if you have any available.

robert4jc AT sbcglobal DOT net



oh my God! I have wondered so long!!
by: Maggir

I only have 2 small plates😞. If anyone is selling these precious garden scene dinnerware can you PLEASE contact me?? I just love them!!
Thanks a lot

For sale
by: Anonymous

We have 6 place settings, platter, sugar/creamer, bowl available. Please contact us if interested as we are moving and will not have room for these beautiful dishes handed down to my husband from his mother.

Wells English garden china NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a bunch of it, teapot, several trays etc

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