Chinese Vase Shapes eBook:
A Guide for Treasure Seekers

Need to instantly identify what type of vase you are looking at?

Experiencing information overload with all the material online? 

Overwhelmed by the the need to know if you have a hidden treasure?

Looking for support without having to pay constant appraisal fees?

Searching for a guide without all the endless detail and jargon, with just the right amount of detail to inform you but not send you to sleep?

There is a way - it's all in the shape!

Understanding Chinese Vases:  Identify Yours in Minutes:  is a one of a kind e-book that can help answer your questions about whether you have treasure or trash by simply looking at the shape of your vase - a simple process you can use again and again!

The understanding Chinese vases guide is a comprehensive e-book manual with an instant recognition table, quick links resources and information that can be used immediately.

What to expect from this e-book:

Learn instant techniques of identification all experts use

Bypasses the necessity to translate the markings

Visuals of all 20 historic dynasty shapes 

Instant clickable links to relevant details

All-in-one-guide that is easy to understand

Over 150 photos/graphics to accelerate learning

Progressing your expertise to new levels in less than 2 minutes

Answers the questions submitted by site visitors over 15 years

Affordable cost with immediate delivery as a simple pdf download

Exclusive unmissable BONUSES if you purchase today!

Topics Covered

Instant identification of your vase shape

Why some shapes are worth more

The different names experts give to the shapes

What collectors will pay for the right vase

When the shapes were invented

Why there are only 20 shapes

Sample Questions

What makes a vase expensive?

Why don't I need to read the mark?

How can I get an idea of when my vase was made?

How do I tell if a vase has quality?

How do I avoid paying for an appraisal?

What makes an Asian vase sell for millions?

Peter Holland

About the Author

Peter Holland is a professional ceramicist who has worked for over two decades in the UK industry as an artist/designer for Coalport, Royal Worcester and Royal Doulton, becoming artist-in-residence for Compton & Woodhouse.

He has run a specialised website on fine china since 2006 and helped site visitors research many thousands of their queries.

This book is based upon the most common question site visitors have asked since 2006:



The other main questions people ask me over and over again are covered in the bonuses included in this time limited offer.


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