Circular Pottery Mark with initials R.H. and an S (R H & S), also ALASKA

by marcel

Circular Pottery Mark with initials R.H. and an S (R H & S), also ALASKA

Circular Pottery Mark with initials R.H. and an S (R H & S), also ALASKA

Circular Pottery Mark with initials R.H. and an S (R H & S), also ALASKA:- Hi all, I recently found a dish with a mark I have never seen before. It's a round laurel and inside the laurel is a ring with a crown on top. In the ring itself is written ALASKA and in the central space are the initials R. H. and ans S a little further.

The image in the plate is a strange melange of styles:

flower stems with leaves and a little flower here and there and inbetween are 3 circles with typical egyptian or renaissance style decoration.
Maybe they are supposed to represent ice cristals??

It's a white plate and the image on the plate is blue.

The plate looks old and the glaze is finely crackled.

If anyone has comments or suggestions I'd be very happy.


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The forum Help Elf says:-

My thoughts went to R H Plant, but this mark is not like any mark from R H Plant I have seen.

Does anyone know this mark?


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Similar plate
by: Mike

I have a similar plate - 11.5 inch oval. This is also white and has the same type of design in black. The mark is identical to yours but in black. This plate ha been in the family to my certain knowledge for at least 50 years.
It would be interesting to hear the expert comment on that.

Alaska pottery
by: Jackie

I have dug up in the garden some pottery with the identical mark ----- on a blue and white plate. I live in an old cottage and the border where I found the plate had not been dug over for many years. I would love to know more about this plate.

Pottery Mark R H & S
by: Northumberland99


The mark is from earthenware maker Ralph Hammersley & Sons. 1860 - 1905.

The garter mark was used by them from 1868 but 1884 to 1905 they used the initials R H & S. The word England was added from 1891. LTD was also added as well.

The pattern name in this case "Alaska" was often included.

Thank you Mr Godden :)

Sydney, Australia
by: Charles

Hi, I also have one of these plates as depicted in the picture at the top, except mine is green. The glaze is perfect. I inherited it from my mother and it was covered in postage stamps that I soaked off.

The words England and Ltd do not appear on the back, but there is an indentation that I cannot make out, something like a hallmark! I am downsizing my home to move into a retirement village and was wondering if it is of any value and worth keeping?

by: Martin

RH&S Pottery was made by Ralph Hammersley a-between 1870-1905
The S stands for staffordshire.
Thats all I know except the name of the country or town above the logo was for where it was being shipped to.
Im trying to find out more myself as I have a 140 piece dinner service.

Robert Heron and Son
by: Anonymous

might be Robert Heron and Son 1850-1929

RH & S - Robert Heron OR Ralph Hammersley?
by: Peter (admin)

Both of these companies had an R H & S initials mark. Both had a round mark.

This mark appears from my various books to be that of Ralph Hammersley, rather than Robert Heron.

Godden describes it rather than has an image of it.

The real difference is the Hammersley mark described is a classic Victorian garter type mark with a crown on the top - like the one above. The Heron mark, being a Scottish firm, has a thistle, not a crown and it isn't the classic garter mark Godden describes.

See photos below


Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

Hello, I have 2 pieces what looks like vase a pot with lid with R.H.&S. And NILE. I have been searching but can't find out about Nile. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Both pieces are blue and white. Thank you

Poppy Platter
by: GDA - NZ

We have a large platter with a different graphic bt the same initials but I can't see how to upload an image here

by: Anonymous

i have a flax hetchel made from wood with metal spikes bearing the makers name RH&S patented English made. Wondering if they also made wodden farm tools?

RH&S Salop
by: Jeremy

I have just bought (from a charity shop) a vase in the shape of a jug, with the RH&S stamp with the word SALOP in capital letters (where 'ALASKA' appears above).

The stamp on the bottom of the jug (as in the Alaska one) has 'No' (meaning number), but there is no number. The stamp appears to be beneath the glazing. I suspect that the number was added by hand after glazing and that it has worn off (any comments?).
The vase and glazing is in perfect condition, though the gilding has worn on the lip and the handle. (I can't see how to add a pic to my message.)

R H &S pottery
by: Anonymous

I have r h & s pitcher, bowl and s soup pot or maybe a chamber pot. No cracks or chips. Brown with bird design. Any comments on value

by: Anonymous

I have a round dinner plate with the same markings but it is green and white and has"Pandora" marked at the top instead of" Alaska"

R.H. & S Pandora cup NEW
by: Joann

I found an interesting cup at an estate sale no other pieces . Cream color brown design little flowers , and butterfly’s birds very interesting handle rectangular not circular.would love to know it’s origin .

R H &s NEW
by: Debbie Edgar

I have found a brown and cream small dish and plate which has Pandora then the R H &s Then 28356 I think
What age do you think this would be?

R.H. & S. Alaska
by: Nancy

I too have a plate with this mark and am happy to find information at this site. Mine is brown on cream background. It also says Alaska and No. (blank). Since it didn't have a number I took it to be some sort of reject. I'd post images but I can't figure out how. Cut and paste doesn't work here.

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