Coalport Royal Wedding - Value of Figurines

by Teraze

Coalport Royal Wedding - Value of Figurines:- Back in 1981, my mother and father purchased the coalport figurine of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer on their wedding day. It is by John Bromley and is number 2 of 500. We have been unable to find any information or reference to this piece anywhere. Would love to know the value of this figurine today. THANKS



Reply By Peter Holland (Sculptor)

To:- Coalport Royal Wedding - Value of Figurines

Dear Teraze

Value of figurines depends upon rarity and the price a particular collector is prepared to pay. The low edition number also has a bearing.

Recently on ebay a collector paid nearly £1000 (GBP UK Sterling) for a rare figure of mine from the 1990's

You have a couple of choices to further your research in this matter.

  1. Go to my page here to see how to 'save a search' on ebay.

  2. Once on the page, follow the link to ebay and then put in the following keywords into a search:-

    "Charles Diana wedding figurine Coalport".

    Tell ebay you want only those searches from the Pottery section.

    Click 'search title and description' to gain more search results.

  3. Tell ebay to 'save this search'. You have to click a link on the search page.

  4. What will happen is that ebay will email you when a listing comes on to match your keywords. Quite a few will be erroneous, but eventually, sooner or later, your same figurine will appear for sale.

I suggest doing this on your local ebay (Canada) which will be where you are sent automatically once you leave my site. Also go to ebay UK and ebay USA and do the same thing.

Once you get the right figurine, follow the progress of the auction by selecting the 'Watch' facility. You will get an idea of what your item will fetch in an online auction (where the market is quite active despite the recession)

The second choice you have is to shortcut the waiting and hard work by appointing a professional appraiser. I have designed a special service to help in this regard which protects my site visitors from bogus online companies. Go here to access this china valuation service.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter Holland (These pages show our new English made bone china figurine collection) (This is my bigger site covering all aspects of fine china making)

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