Cold Porcealin Recipe Tried For the First Time and I Love It!

by Mel

White Rose - Cold Porcealin Recipe Tried For the First Time and I Love It!

White Rose - Cold Porcealin Recipe Tried For the First Time and I Love It!

Cold Porcealin Recipe Tried For the First Time and I Love It!:- I've just found this wonderful site (thank you Peter) whilst searching for more information on Cold Porcelain after watching Sangeeta's Youtube video showing how to make the paste using the microwave (thank you Sangeeta).

After reading reports of some people's disappointment with their numerous attempts at perfecting the clay, I was a little apprehensive, thinking that I would either end up with a gooey mess, or something that was dry, difficult to work with and cracked whilst drying.

But I'm delighted to say that my fears were unfounded! I followed Sangeeta's instructions, although I only made half the quantity, and my oven is only 750 watts as opposed to the 1000 recommended, so I reduced the cooking time accordingly, and checked and thoroughly stirred the mixture every 30 seconds.

The clay appears to have turned out beautifully. I must say after previously working with Polymer Clay, the texture and light perfume from the Nivea cream in the Cold Porcelain is quite pleasant. Added to that, the low cost, natural appearance, low toxicity and no need to fire, and I can definitely say I am now a convert!

Yesterday I made my very first attempt at making a white rose and was amazed how easy it was. It isn't perfect and I will need more practice but I'm enjoying the learning process.

I had a little piece of clay left over from that, so I added a tiny dab of acrylic paint to make a pink rose. I'm not sure if the acrylic paint made the texture a little drier, or if it was drying out through use, or possibly a combination of the two, but it didn't seem quite as supple. It has formed tiny cracks along the edge of the thinnest petals... which is no bad thing and looks quite realistic.

Primarily I'd like to use my flowers in my jewellery designs, so I'm a little disappointed that I will probably have to varnish them to protect from moisture. I love the natural matte porcelain look as it is, so will have to try a varnish with a very matte look to try to retain the appearance of porcelain.

So my conclusion is that it is a wonderful clay and one that I will enjoy experimenting with.


go to Sangeeta's free cold porcelain recipe page.

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