Cold Porcelain Recipe

by Sangeeta

The Humming Bird By Sangeeta Shah

The Humming Bird By Sangeeta Shah

(editor's note:- This is a very helpful article followed by a freely available recipe by cold porcelain expert, teacher, exhibitor and artist Sangeeta Shah. You can see more of Sangeeta's work and get her contact details on her main submission here:- Sangeeta's cold porcelain main page.

Compare and contrast this freely available recipe with artist Nicole's own 'secret' cold porcelain recipe here. If you have a chance to review both cold porcelain recipes, please be sure to leave your comments on this site to help everyone out).

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Sangeeta's Article & Recipe

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Cold porcelain in India was made by mixing corn starch and white glue in a proportion of 1:1/2 and just mixed to make a dough. In Dubai and the middle east we used to get a powder specially marketed for making cold porcelain flowers which is called "ceramic powder" and the cold porcelain flowers are called ceramic flowers. I intended to get a lab testing to find out what the ceramic powder was but never managed to do it. I guess it should be some kind of starch.

In Latin America and other places when you research over the net you find tons of recipes and they almost all work well unless if you haven't got the right paste. It is made with cornstarch, glue oil and preservatives and is cooked on the stove or either the microwave and kneaded well to get a good paste.

I will put up a few recipes and tips and hints in a few days for all who would like to try it out. You do get commercial pastes but I don't find them any different than what I have been making except that the commercial brands are far more harder than the home made one.

You can color the paste with almost any kind of coloring medium and can be painted with oils or acrylics. The cold porcelain work needs to be covered with a layer or two of varnish to seal the colors and the make them more protective against moisture and water. Since the paste is water based it looses its shape in contact with moisture.


Cold Porcelain Paste Recipe by Sangeeta Shah

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- 2 cups of Corn Starch

- 2 cups of Elmer's Glue or wood glue (should be white)

- 1 Tbs of lemon juice (it acts as conservative) or 1 tsp of citric acid

- 2 Tbs baby oil (you could use any oil be it mineral, cooking, baby or even Vaseline petroleum jelly will work)

- 1 Tbs of white liquid tempera paint

- 1 Tbs of cold cream (non greasy, without lanolin and silicone, I use Nivea or Ponds)

- Glass bowl (microwave compatible)

- Wooden spoon

The glue

The glue, one of the main ingredients of the recipe, must necessarily be high tack, white wood glue, Elmer's school glue or PVA glue.

The lemon

Some recipes for Cold Porcelain recommend the use of Formalin as conservative. This product, beyond being of difficult acquisition, causes damages to the skin and the health. This recipe substitutes lemon juice (or you could use citric acid if you are out of lemon). Both are easily found and safe to the health. Both are helpful to conserve the work after it is dry.

The cream

Used only at the moment of kneading the paste and only 1 Tablespoon. It must not be greasy. The commonly used brands are Nivea & Ponds, which are found easily in stores selling cosmetics such as pharmacies or supermarkets.


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl, excluding the cold cream, which is used for kneading the paste. I use a hand mixer to mix as it removes all the lumps and is a very uniform mixture.

Place the bowl in the microwave and cook it during 3 minutes on maximum power. Open the oven on each minute and mix the paste with the wood spoon, so that it cooks all around equally. Variations in the electric supply, differences in the size of cups used as measured and the different models of microwaves can modify the cooking time of the paste. Therefore it is essential that you observe it minute by minute. If necessary, monitor it every 30 seconds for the last minute, always moving to each last minute.

As soon as the paste will be cooked, spread only 1 Tablespoon, as it indicates the recipe, on a marble or kitchen counter top surface and place the paste, still hot. The
hotter the paste when kneaded, better the results.

Knead the paste for some minutes; say about 5-7 minutes. The trick, the more you to knead, better it will be to work.

When the paste is well kneaded, make a coil, thus preventing the formation of air bubbles.

Place the paste in a well closed plastic bag or in plastic film of kitchen Saran Wrap or cling film to prevent it from drying up. (I use a plastic bag lightly greased with the hand cream)

Essential tips

see how to avoid the biggest mistake a cp artist can make Go to my cold porcelain secrets DVD

- The secret of a good texture is in kneading the paste while it is still hot, using only the amount of cream indicated in the recipe: 1 Tablespoon.

- The paste can be used as soon as it is completely cold. (with my experience I like it’s best results after I have kept the paste for 24 hours)

- While working, keep all the paste that is not needed covered in a plastic bag or cling film, so that it does not dry up.

- Color only the amount of paste needed. Colour paste does not keep for long

- Very important: If you work with children, do not let them place the paste in the mouth or swallow it. The glue used has a low degree of toxicity but it should not be ingested.

FAQ on the CP paste

1. Any white glue can be used in the recipe?

Elmer's (U.S.A.), Aleene's high tack or white PVA glue

2. Why is my paste hard (or soft) and excessively difficult to work with?

The CP paste, when passes the point beyond hardening, is rubberized. When it has not reached the point, it is soft and sticky.

So that this does not happen, one should observe every minute to estimate the time it will have to be in the microwave.

The point clearly to start to knead is when, if you raise the paste within the bowl, still a little glue in the bottom exists, with the appearance of a cream. Remove everything from the bowl (also this cream), place on the greased smooth surface with a little non-greasy cream for hands and add the remaining (until completing a tablespoon) as you knead. When you are done kneading, the paste will be soft. Pack it in a plastic bag immediately.

3. When I place the hot CP paste in the plastic bag it water condensation is formed in the closed bag. What must I do?

We must dry the Cold porcelain paste with clean cloth as many times this happens.

4. Can I keep the CP paste in the refrigerator or freeze it?

The paste, if well stored in a closed plastic bag, will stay for a long time. In some regions where the climate or the temperature will be very hot, it is advised to place it in the refrigerator. This paste can be frozen indefinitely. Just thaw it for 24 hours before use.

5. What should I do when the ready paste creates a layer of mould?

The paste is with mould when an extreme amount of cream is used and clean hands are not used. To avoid this, always use the indicated amount of cream and make sure you have very clean hands when you start working with cp. If the climate of the region you are in is very hot, the paste can be stored in the refrigerator.

6. How long will the paste stay for?

The well packed paste in air-tight closed plastic bag lasts for 30 to 45 days.

7. When my paste is hard, can I improve it?

You can improve it by mixing the hard paste with the new softest one that you make.
It can be wrapped up it in a plate with a cloth and steam it with water and it will come back to the normal state. Knead it again, and wrap it up in the plastic bag.

8. What colours can be used to dye the paste?

Gel food colours, oil paints, acrylics, poster paints, fabric paints, tempera paints, chalk pastels, any kind of colour medium would work. But only colour the paste when you need it. Use very little amounts at first, till you achieve the colour you want as the colour darkens once your work is dried.

9. How long does it take for a finished project to dry?

The drying depends on the size of the work, for example, the flowers would dry in 5- 6 hours & bigger volume projects would take 24 hours to 3, 4 days to dry completely.
Enjoy your work!


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Comments for Cold Porcelain Recipe

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Great contribution!
by: Peter - Admin


Thanks for sharing your experiences and your recipe with us. This is a fabulous insight for newbies like me!

Peter - Admin

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Excellent Review and Cold Porcelain Recipe
by: Andrea "Cre8"

Thanks so much for having such an informative review on Cold Porcelain paste clay.

The recipe is the best I have ever tried. I love the results I am able to achieve. The details you can achieve and the money you can save is just the best.

Andrea "Cre8"

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the cold porcelain information. I have been playing around with and like to make figures with it. The problem I am facing is that when it dries, the facial expressions get distorted (disappearing ... sort of) because outside is drying faster than inside. I have to keep forming the mouth and nose again. Do you have any advice regarding this aspect of modeling figures with cold porcelain?



Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Florence

Thanks for your query to Sangeeta, who was very generous with her contributions to us. We are forwarding on your question to her and hope for an answer in the not too distant future - keep watching this space!

Your question about distortion when sculpting faces with cold porcelain is a very important one and I hope other people might chip in with their experiences too!

Peter (admin)


The reply to this query by Sangeeta has now been posted on the main cold porcelain page under the title "Cold Porcelain - How To Sculpt Faces"


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No Cold Porcelain Products in Bahrain
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is Fiona, I live in Bahrain. I also learnt to make cold porcelain flowers in Dubai. There they called them ceremic flowers, i also know to make sugar paste flowers. i have done a few wedding cakes in my native place of Goa, India. I think the flowers are good. Many people appreciate the flowers.But here in Bahrain we do not get any supplies for the flowers or I do not know anybody who teaches flowers. I am waiting to go to Dubai to buy products.

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good info but need help!!!
by: fiona

where can i purchase the sugar flour moulds in uae pls help......thanks ... reply to

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Ceramic Flower making classes
by: QD

Hi Fiona, my name is QD and I am in Dubai, I have the materials for making ceramic flowers but would appreciate if you could help me. I would like to know where in Dubai did you learn to make ceramic flowers.


Cold Porcelain Recipe - Mine cracks after drying
by: Anonymous

Thanks you Sangeeta for sharing the procedure to make cold porcelain. My problem is I work according to your instruction, the cp come out nice,but when I made roses out of it it cracks,especially if I made something like bud or ball shape object. Hoping for your guidance in this regard.

Cold Porcelain Recipe - Fantastic work
by: Rubina

I really appreciate your work and hopeful that you will get good health.

thanks for the great cold porcelain recipe post
by: newbie

Thanks for the great post! I really love the trouble shooting part because I always had these little bits that kept me wondering why my clay wouldn't turn out right. I would give this post 6 stars out of 5 if I could.

Best of luck and your work is absolutely beautiful!


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i have cracks in my Cold Porcelain work after it's dry
by: dina

i have a very good work when it is soft but when it start to dry it start to have minie cracks spacialy when i mack fegers any help pleeeeeees

by: ADA


I recently published a link to your cold porcelain recipe
by: Seattle Mixed Media Examiner

Hi Sangeeta,

I found your cold porcelain recipe and directions for cold porcelain very informative and helpful. I am a writer for and recently published an article on cold porcelain in which a link to your recipe appears. You can view that article here:

Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. Here's wishing you a very joyful and bright new year.

Kind Regards,

Kellie Reynolds
Seattle Mixed Media Examiner


Quick reply to Kellie from Peter (admin) .... Kellie, many thanks for this link from your highly ranked site. This is a nice boost for our rankings!

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Reply - cold porcelain ceramic flowers
by: fiona

This is Fiona, sorry just saw today that you asked me where I learnt ceramic flowers in Dubai her name was Espy (dont remember her tel no), even Nasreen Jeddy teaches flowers and she has all the cutters, moulds, colours you name it she has it. Her tel no. you can check with 180

Nasreen Jeddy in Dubai
by: fiona

I just found out the tel no. for Nasreen Jeddy in Dubai it is 00971 4 3683079 she lives in the Emirates Villas.


thank u
by: Anonymous

hi thanx for sharing cold procelain recipe thank u

Ceramic Flowers
by: QD

Thanks Fiona, I will contact Nasreen on the number you provided me with.

Reply to: cracks in my Cold Porcelain work after it's dry
by: Sangeeta

Hi Dina,

For avoiding cracks in your cp after drying the only way is to need your paste very smooth and start with pressure between your palms and then gradually releasing pressure to get a smooth ball of paste without cracks. It is practice makes perfect. Once your figures are dry and want to remove them the only thing you can do is wet your finger with water apply it on the figure and fill the cracks with fresh paste. you need to again move your wet finger over the filled cracks to smooth it and this will help you remove the cracks.

Hope this helps you. Happy claying

Sangeeta from Canada

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Reply to Mine cracks after drying.
by: Sangeeta


The reason why cp cracks after drying is, not enough kneading of the paste is done. You HAVE to knead the ball of paste with very good pressure between your palm of your hands and gradually releasing the pressure making a smooth ball. Only once you have not cracks at all you should make your buds. The slightest crack will turn into larger cracks in the drying process.

Hope this helps. Happy claying.

Sangeeta from Canada

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Thanks for the marvellous Cold Porcelain recipe
by: Jeni

Dear Sangeeta,
Firstly would like to thank u for being so generous and sharing ur CP recipe with us. It is the perfect recipe I have ever come across and gives fool-proof results each time. I just have one problem though and need ur coments. When I color the CP white, I get tiny particles of dirt/color even before i begin to sculpt the piece no matter how careful i am. This prevents the pieces from being spotless white and it really bothers me. Please help. Thank u.

Spots of dirt in cold porcelain clay?
by: Sangeeta

Reply by Sangeeta

To Query:- Spots of dirt in cold porcelain clay?

Hi Jen,

I am happy that my cold porcelain recipe is helping you in your projects.

The problem you are having could be possible due to not kneading your paste well enough to the extent of not having any colour left out in the paste. Depending on the kind of colour you are using could possibly be the reason. That is, if you are using powdered colour then the fine particles of colour are not fine enough to blend in your paste.

In that case use gel or water based colours like poster paint, liquid tempra paint or even acrylic paint. If using acrylic paint add it in th epaste only while using the paste. If using liquid tempera or poster paint you can add it in the paste when you cook it.

If you are using powder paint you need to dissolve it in water and make sure it has no lumps or particles in the paste. If you still are having white colour spots then you should check the colour is in goo condition.

I hope this helps.

You even have mentioned about dirt particles. I am sure you are very careful before you start your work but since you had this problem which we all do, these are the measures I use and advice my students. You always have to have a very spotlessly clean work space and clean hands while working with cold porcelain.

How much ever we clean our hands before working and while working with cold porcelain our hands pick up tiny dust particles which show on our work. To avoid that, make sure:

    clean work space
    clean hands
    no pets around (tiny fur/hair get picked up by clay from them)
    No clothing which has lint

Always use Hand sanitizer before and in between your work to keep your hands free from dirt all times.

I hope this helps you.

Happy claying!!!


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Spots of dirt on white CP
by: Jeni

Dear Sangeeta,

Thank you for your kind reply and useful tips. I will surely follow them carefully. Once again thank you for taking the time to write back.

by: Carolina Sanchez

Dear Sangeeta, thank you very much for your video teaching how to make the cold porcelain; I just made it, and I think it came out very well.I made this two small roses just to try.
I'm an interior designer by profession, and a gourmet chef. Because I moved to a relatively far away part of the country, I'm thinking to work from home giving some art craft lessons to children and youngsters, so I got across the cold porcelain; an voila! here I'm learning to work with it!!!
I used to to do ceramic pottering and ceramic sculptures,I do paint, so now want to create with this new media.
Thank you again for your valuable video; by the way very cute the introduction of your son!!!

Whishing you and your family lots of health and blessings


Carolina Sanchez. Israel

Sangeeta's DVD is the fastest way to learn all her methods

by: cocoon

Thank you very much for this highly informative article!

I have a question. Somewhere I read that CP shrinks about 30% - is that the experience ?

Thank you and best wishes, cocoon

forms crack
by: Anonymous

my flowers or any thing i make with dough forms cracks when dry

Shrinkage on cold porcelain
by: Sangeeta

Hi Cocoon,

Yes, Cold Porcelain shrinks to an average of 15 - 30%. The amount of shrinkage depends on the type of recipe you use which varies the amount of water in it. The less amount of water in the recipe the less it will shrink.

Even if you use a recipe without water it does shrink.

Hope this answers your query.
Happy Claying

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Cold Porcelain Forms Crack
by: Sangeeeta


This is very common problem if you are a newbee. You need to knead the clay and squeeze the clay with good pressure between your palm of your hands and form a ball with no cracks at all. This way there is no chance of getting cracks at all. In some cases if the cracks are still coming you need to reduce the amount of water in the recipe you are using.

Happy Claying.

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Question about tempera
by: Anonymous

Hello Sangeeta,

I have 2 questions:

1. Could you please tell me if "tempera" can be replaced by "gouache"? That's the product I can find at Omer des Serres.

2. Can this receipt be done over the stove? (sorry, but no microwave here!) If so, how long should I cook it?

Many thanks for your feedback,


Congrats to Our Award Winning Cold Porcelain and Sugar Art Expert - Sangeeta
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Cold Porcelain Enthusiasts

Just to let you know our resident expert Sangeeta has just won another prestigious award!

In a recent competition within the The Canadian Society of Sugar Artistry Inc. which is a group of people who share the love of sugar art with meetings and demonstrations held monthly (quarterly newsletters keep members informed of club activities and provide tips, recipes and other helpful information. Workshops are also held regularly).

Sangeeta won the highest prized award - "People's Choice Award" based on maximum number of votes received.

Here is her winning entry

china replacement tutorial

Congratulations for winning - such neat, detailed and painstaking work.

Sangeeta says:

"The entire decorations was totally edible using different forms of icing. It took me more than 75 hours to design & create this piece."

Well done indeed, and glad to have you on board.

Peter (admin)

Remember Sangeeta's DVD acts as a great supplement to all the advice on this website and is the fastest way to learn all her methods.

Tempra Paint
by: Sangeeeta

Hi Marcela,

Yes, you can replace "gouache" in place of "tempera" for sure.

You can either use a stove top or microwave cooking method to make this recipe. It takes about 15 - 20 mins on the stove.

Good Luck!

Alternative Receipe
by: Anonymous

I've found this variation as alternative receipe:

I prefer cooking on fire and using vegetable oil.

Give it a try! :)

my cold porcelain clay got fungus
by: dipti

i love ur recipe..

but i found my clay had fungus on it after 4 days..

now am scared whether my finished products too would rot. please help me what do i do???


should i add zinc oxide to my clay??

it would be a huge wastage since i made a big amount.

please help

Solution To Mold Formation on Cold Porcelain
by: Sangeeta

Hi Dipti,

Getting mold on the clay is something unusual as there is lemon juice/citric acid in the recipe which acts as preservative. I haven't experienced this problem & the only reason I could think of is due to climatic conditions where the moisture/humidity levels are high.

Using Vinegar as an alternate preservative may possibly be the answer to make a non - toxic paste.

Formalin can also be used to prevent mold but is a very toxic chemical and needs to be handled carefully while it also makes the paste toxic.

Addition of zinc oxide will only give white colour to the paste and may not help in reducing the mold formation.

Hope this helps.

Happy Claying


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Need Cold Porcelain Help
by: Vishnu

Hi Sangeeta,

Its really nice of your work. Do you have any contacts in Bangalore(India) who can teach the way to prepare cold porcelain flowers. It would be great if you can send the contact details to my mail id

Thanks in advance.


R.Vishnu Varadhan.

improving cold porcelain
by: eva

hi i have discoverd a glue that is close to polymer clay it is wallpaper repair and is acrylic polymer it works great does not crack upon drying

cracks in cold porcelain - a solution
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I noticed lots of people mention about cracks in cold porcelain. Try this solution:-

    1 cup very sticky white rice the kind for sushi

    1 cup water

    1/2 cup vinegar

    The trick is dump the dry ingredients in the boiling pot on the burner and mix vigorously until it is smooth. Cook very slow covered until completely mushy do not drain. Cool, then put through food processor until completely smooth.

    The rice has lots of starch so when you mix part of the above mixture in with your cold porcelain recipe it prevents cracking.

It works for me, how about you?

Cold porcelain clases in bangalore
by: Anonymous

Hi interested in learning cold porcelain technique , would u by any chance happen to know anyone who cold teach me this technique here in Bangalore
mail me at

Buy Sangeeta's cold porcelain secrets DVD here

by: Lady AVO


Cold Porcelain Paste not cooked enough
by: Sangeeta

Hi Lady Avo,

If your paste is not cooked well enough it will be soft. and when you knead it with a little bit of cream after the cooking it will tend to stick on your hands.

Using the paste which is not cooked enough will take longer to dry than usual, will shrink more than usual and may crack while in the drying process.

Hope this answers your query.

Sangeeta from Canada

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Very very beautiful
by: Priyanka

Hi Sageetha

so, i saw your DVD, it is marvelous, i learn well, i wish you best of luck in future.

Lovely fllower and enlightening knowledge
by: Pallavi

The flowers are lovely and I would like to be in touch if I need any help. I am in India and teach
CP flower and I am Ikebana Teacher.
Your descriptions and directionsare very good

by: Sangeeta

Hi Pallavi,

I do come to India and give workshops. Le me know if you are interested in taking them when I offer them & I will let you know. Let me know your email address & will keep you on the list.

wanted to know abt this
by: zarka

hi dear,am from bangladeh.i have intrested abt cold porcelain.....i understand all ingradents but dont no abt tempra pent.i think here it not avable so which i use insted of tempra pent.plz tell me...plzzzzz

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Tempra paint
by: Sangeeeta

You can substitute any water based white paint to add in the paste it just makes the paste opaque by adding the paint in it. If you leave it it will dry translucent.

modification according to india
by: baladhanalakshmi

good art. i love it.eager to learn,but most of the things needed is not available in india-especially tamilnadu ,so give me a modified version.thankyou.looking forward soon.

Niava Cream
by: Anonymous

what would happen if I add the Niava or ponds cream when I cook cp in the microwave. And why is it that other recipe say to add glynacin. Thank you for your recipe.

love the art of of cold porcelain
by: Bhavana

HI sangeetha,

saw your website. and fell in love with the art of cold porcelain. i am in london by any chance do you know anyone teaching here in london. plzzzzzzzzz let me know.

my email id is


thank you

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Making millefiori or canes with cp clay
by: Anonymous


I've made the cp using your recipe, it was great thanks!!
I've also made orange canes using it but when i cut it he image bacame distorted' how do i cut the cp without damaging the images?

CP Canes
by: Sangeeta

I don't make too many canes but have tried them. You need to let them dry for a day so it hardens a bit and then cut them later with a sharp blade.

Hope it works out for you.

Happy Claying,


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need help on cp
by: sim

hello sangeeta i want to ask tat my dough recipe is gud i want tat when my flowers r completely dry they shouldnt get dry i want them to b soft.even if u touch it after drying .is it possible can u help me in tat .

improving cold porcelain
by: eva

hi i have been experimenting with the CP and had an idea i added 1 teaspoon of gelatin to the basic recipe and what a wast improvement try it and see how it works

by: Anonymous(Ukraine)

How many grams contains a cup, given in the recipe?Or how many ml of glue in it fit? thanks

Cup Measurements
by: Sangeeta

Hi, I have not measured or weighed my starch nor the glue. I just use the measuring cups as my measure. Sorry!

confused about something
by: Summer

It says

"7. When my paste is hard, can I improve it?

You can improve it by mixing the hard paste with the new softest one that you make.
It can be wrapped up it in a plate with a cloth and steam it with water and it will come back to the normal state. Knead it again, and wrap it up in the plastic bag."

what does it mean by "it can be wrapped up it in a plate with a cloth and steam it with water?" because mine keeps coming out slightly too dry and I don't want to waste it all :( If you could clarify this for me I'd much appreciate it!

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Rolling board
by: VF

Hi Sangeeta,

Thanks for the cp recipe, its wonderful. I have made 3 lots now and all have come out well ... can you please tell me how do you roll your CP? do you use a pasta machine or a rolling board ... if rolling board, then what type of board, because mine sticks on the board and i have to keep adding corn flours on every roll ... even when i cut with a cutter the cut portion sticks on the board. I have tried using various boards like, acrylic, wooden and now using plastic ...


Ceramic flowers
by: Anonymous

Hi Sangeeta,
Thanks for the lovely receipe ... and your work is also very beautiful .... can you please tell me from where you bought your ceramic powder in Dubai and which glue you used with it? can you pls give me the receipe to mix that dough ... also please advise where you did your ceramic flower course in Dubai ... do you have her contact no. ... pls help ...


Paste Did not Work
by: Margaret

i made the paste with the exact ingredients
baged as stated

i made my project and it never hardened even after
3 days
what did i do wrong?
i did it by the microwave method




Hi Margaret

You need to kneed it more.

flexy dough
by: khan

hi Sangeeta did u ever worked with flexy dough.
and ur recipie is grattt.I have a problem that is i have made many batches of clay some time it works fine some time i get cracks y is it the cooking or kneading problem.
Also the tacky glue u use does it have any manjor effect on the clay texture as i use normal PVA glue used for school kids .


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query about cold porcelain recipe
by: Anonymous

Dear sangeeta I have two questions
1 Can one use fevicol instead of elmers glue .
2 What would be the substitute for white tempra paint available in India.
Would be grateful if you could help .

by: sona

ceramic dough is affected with water how can i resolve this proplem

Can I make a slip with porcelain clay?
by: Court of Gypsies

Thank you for the recipe and tips. I was wondering if it is possible to make a 'slip' for casting in molds with cold porcelain? Is there a way to thin it down - making it 'pourable'?
I am going to experiment some but was hoping maybe someone already knew how to do this ;)

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by: Priyanka

So, am Priyanka, one of your client,so I learned lot of things from you, thanks very much, it is very very beautiful flowers and other things. i wish you all best.

tried your recipy
by: Anton

My first try the wedged clay was smooth but a bit soft causing me to remoddel comstantly untill the work set , next time im going to include some granite powder or fine grog with a bit of gum arabic

Can we post our results for everyone to see?how

hi..ceramic powder
by: Anonymous

hi sangeeta .is there any company or brand name of ceramic powder ..?

Add Your Own Cold Porcelain Results, Experiments and Artwork
by: Peter (admin)


Yes please, post your results on a new thread, you can post up to 4 photos on this thread and people can talk to you and comment like on this thread.

go here:-

Cold Porcelain New Submissions form

Peter (admin)

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Problems coloring cold porcelain
by: Eli

Hi! First of all, thanks so much for all your help, your recipe and everything!
I've a prblem though, I made my own cold porcelain, and added some paint into the batter, turned out very well. But when I add other colors [oil paints and acrylics] the color looks very pastel-like and not vibrant at all. What could be wrong?
Thanks for your help! :)

by: Anonymous

My clay was extremly sticky when I made it, I tried adding more cornstarch to it but it didnt work, any help?

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Transparent Cold Porcelain??
by: Wendy

I am looking for a recipe to make cold porcelain clay that will dry transparent. Do you have any ideas on what I might use? I'm looking to make some jem-like pieces. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

DVD query
by: Prabha

Hi Sangeetha,

I wish to buy your DVD please can you let me know if it contains cold porcelain (CP)and gum paste(GP)recipes/making techniques or is it only about CP. Also is this DVD available only online or is it available at any store in Dubai?

Have to say what awesome work. Im amazed. Awaiting your response.




Hi Prahba

The DVD covers gum paste and cold porcelain tips

Buy Sangeeta's cold porcelain secrets DVD here

Best regards

Peter (admin)

i failed
by: sonia

When I made it the fevicol I used didn't cmpletely mixed with corn starch sill I tried so much and when I kneaded it it becaame rubberised after five minutes.could u solve my problem

by: namrata

hi just slightly confused here, whats the difference between cornstarch and cornflour, your recipe uses cornstarch but if i wanna use ceramic powder what chnages so i make in the recipe can u pls let me know my email id is thks

by: sonia

Can I use fevicol instead of glue.bcoz I'm not able to find glue anywhere

Humidity in India
by: kay

Hi there,

Heard so much about this clay (cold Porcelain) and it looks beautiful too.

my question is ....have you ever made this clay in india? does it withstand the humidity in India? I live and nothing seems to work!
do you have any suggestions?

by: coldporcelainman

could i use olive oil or canola?

by: Sangeeta

You can try it and see the results. I have not tried it myself.

Happy claying

sticky after adding acryl gouache paint
by: loy

Hi I was able to make a wonderful snippy paste. Just like the one you showed on the video, when you snip a a bit, its just right. Just like the regular clay i buy here in japan. However after 24 hours and adding acryl gouache paint. by the way I just scooped a tablespoon like lump of the paste and then added a few drops of the paint. Istarted blending it, kneaded it for quite some time but it was so sticky and the only way i cud manage to get them out of my hands was by rolling it to a barrel. Once I try to snip some out of got hard on my finger (not all) and like glue sticks and hardens. What should i do? TY i wish u had an email we can write to.

Clay with granular texture
by: Thanasis

Thank you so much for your helpful information. Congratulations on your beautiful creations. I have a problem with my clay. I knead it more than 10 min,
but still has a granular texture. When I make clay flowers they are very soft, with nice texture. It is difficult to insert a wire (rips clay) but does not crack when it dries. Your advice will be very useful.

quicker use time..
by: Rachel

I made this recipe to make roses with a Boys n Girls Club group of 3ed graders. They loved it, but it was too sticky for them. I asked children to rub cornstarch on their hands, like flour making keep from sticking to fingers. This was ver effective, and their roses turned out great! Also, to paint them we used diluted food coloring, like watercolor..this turned out nicely too! One last thing..I needed all my clay in the bowl with a wooden spoon after the final microwave heat until it became cool enough to empty into plastic container. I also rubbed cornstarch in my hands when working with it, to keep it from sticking, that worked best for me.

ceramic products
by: muni

Hi sangeeta.
Can u tell me where I can learn ceramic techniques in abudhabi. Where I can get products also.could u give me ur contact no. U can email me on awaiting for ur reply.thanks

CP turned hard.

Hi Sangeetha, i tried CP with out water which works nice and there are no CRACKS at all but the only problem is my CP is becoming hard and its difficult to shape or knee te dough, i even used hand lotion thinking it might help but it wouldn't.

Is there a way to make it little soft and smooth again?

And 1 more question,

While making CP adding more of glue is any help ?

knock knock
by: Thanasis

Is it possible to have an answer please?
It would be highly appreciated
And another question. Since I read comments from people all over the world I noticed that some use water and others not. In my country the specific glue I use for wood, paper etc. is as thick as a paste. So it is impossible to avoid the use of water. I use 3/4 cup glue 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp glycerin and no cracks. I suppose that we are talking for different kind of glue or I make something wrong.

Cold Porcelain Answers Coming Soon (hopefully!)
by: Peter (admin)

Hi All

Sangeeta has been very busy on her art an business projects lately - and is out of office at the moment. I have asked her to please drop by asap to give you all some pointers asap.

In the meantime, please be patient, answers coming shortly.

Peter (admin)

p.s. Meantime, if other experienced CP specialists and chip in too, that would be great. And, of course, I am sure it is all gone over in detail in Sangeeta's DVD. Does any who has the DVD still have the same queries, or is it all made clear there?

by: Thanasis

Very kind of you to inform us waiting......

Update on Sangeeta
by: Peter (admin)

Date:- 28th June 2012

I just had an email update from Sangeeta's husband Kiran.

It is not good news, I'm afraid. The reason I have not been able to get hold of Sangeeta lately is not because she was busy on art and business projects, but because she has been taken unwell and has been in and out of hospital over the past month or so.

She has been feeling unwell and unable to work for some time. Although Kiran was not specific about her illness, I do hope you join with me in sending our best wishes to Sangeeta who has given us a marvellous recipe for free and helped lots of us go forward in our cold porcelain projects.

Although I only know Sangeeta from our comminications via this website and email, I know she is a lovely giving person who would help anyone, loves her art and is a blessing to all who come in contact with her.

Sangeeta, get well soon! Our thoughts are with you.

Peter Holland
Sculptor and Web Publisher

p.s. Please fee free to leave any get well messages you can for Sangeeta to read - they make a difference.

Get well
by: Thanasis KASTRITIS

I am sure there is a lot of good time awaiting for you and I wish you, with the help of God, to get well soon. I do have a lot of (CP) flowers to send you but I think the best thing to send is my warm-warm pray. So GET WELL

by: Marykhg

Dear Sangeeta
I hope you are well. I was wandering if your DVD is available for download upon purchase. Thank you

Sangeeta's DVD
by: Peter (admin) Date: August 2012

Hi Marykhg

Sangeeta's DVD's are not a download, but a physical DVD, despatched from Canada. I am assured by Sangeeta's husband, Kiran, that he has a good stock of DVD's and he will send out Sangeeta's orders on her behalf.

So go to this page:- Sangeeta's cold porcelain secrets DVD and order from there.

In this way you have the secure money back guarantee protection of this website.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

tempera paint
by: almi

hi i would like to tryto make cp howevr i cant find a tempera paint..any alternayive for this.can i use whiteactylic or poster paint?

thank you

by: Thanasis K

I use white titanium oxide it works OK. I noticed that I can not have dark colors when I add oil paint
in CP. Next time I' ll try not to add it.I use to paint the finished work with oil paint (dry brush)it gives exelent results.

by: almi

thanks sir peter for directing me to my first query. however i noticed as i am watching Ms Sangeeta's video in you tube,she used 1cup of cornstarch,1cup of glue,2TBs of oil and vinegar then 1tsp of tempra paint. but the recipe posted in the page 2cups of corn starch and glue,1tbs of lemon or equivalent to vinegar ryt? ; 2tbs of oil and 1tbs of tempre paint.. what mixture should k follow..thank you once again. God bless

mixture proportion
by: Anonymous

this isjust to clarify the video in you tube of sangeeta has different mixture proportion with the one posted in the page.which one tofollow? thank you

Recipe and Tempra Paint
by: Sangeeta

Recipe and Tempra Paint

Dear readers,

My sincere apologies for not keeping up with your queries due to health reasons. Thank you every one for your patience and good wishes for speedy recovery.

The tempera paint is just white poster water based paint. Using oil based paint will dry your paste and will not last as long. Adding the paint is totally optional. If you like the translucent effect then you omit adding paint. If you want an opaque effect then you add the paint. It could be in powder, paste or liquid for but make sure you use water based paints. Hope this answers the query on paint.

As far as the recipe goes the 2 recipes are different. The you tube one is different than the one posted here. You just have to try out and see for yourself which one works for you. I have been working with cold porcelain since a very long time with my experiments always ongoing. There are tons of recipes which are used and made for various applications. Each one works differently in its own way.

Hope this helps. Thank you once again to all the viewers and Peter Holland.

I humbly share some news. I was honored to get the 2nd price for my cake competition (made a Faberge egg theme silver anniversary wedding cake) in October 201 in Toronto where the cakes were judged on international criteria. There was no one placed at 1st award. So I am honored to get this award though my cake topper broke while transporting the entry (I would have made it 1st if the commute was not 2 hours) I greatly thank all my followers, friends, family & my dear husband to keep me going.

Thank you & happy claying!




Additional note by Peter (admin)

Dear Sangeeta

I am delighted to hear you are well and feeling much better. May I take this opportunity to say 'welcome back' and many thanks for your continuing help in this forum.

Many thanks for sending the latest pictures of your amazing cake and I am taking the opportunity to publish them below. Congratulations on such exquisite work:-

sangeeeta cake prize cold porcelain

sangeeeta cake award CP recipe forum

cold porcelain
by: almi (Ph)

hi Ms Sangeeta, i have tried your recipe at first i made a quite hard one.bp but i was able to manage it by adding glue oil and cream :-) then next time cook again, its sticky and as a management i had let it dryfirst for few minutes before using. your right u really need to look what will work for you to have one. as a beginner i am happy with my output.

thanks to you sn to Mr Peter for this page.

almi-philippines :-)

Can i use all purpose flour instead of cornstarch. also is white paint is compulsory
by: Hema poona

Hi Sangeeta ben,
I AM Hema .I SAW YOUR LOVELY WORK AND WOULD LIKE TO TRY OUT .Only thing is that what else can i use instead of corn starch Will maida do. Also will white asian paint do? Can i also have your e mail id
Reguards ,
my id is - hema-t@hotmailcom

Can you replace the cold cream with anything?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering if you could replace the cold cream with anything or just leave it out, Thanks!

Best. Recipe I've found
by: Connie

I made this yesterday and followed the directions exactly, I used the microwave however, and it worked perfectly! I covered my table with a garbage bag, smeared some Nivea cream on it and started kneading. I also used rubber gloves as the clay is pretty hot in the beginning. In stead of using white acrylic paint tho I used acrylic ultra fine glitter paint, nice touch on the roses! Thanks for the recipe it's Awesome! :)

pva substitute
by: Aarti shah

Hi sangeeta ma'm
I am aarti shah from india.i love ur creativity.i wanna try ur recepie of cp clay.can i use fevicol instead of pva glue?does the fevicol need to be water soluble? Plz suggest..

Aarti shah

Thanks so much for the recipe and tips. Had some ideas
by: Crystal

I just wanted to say thank you very much for this recipe. Its been amazing. I used baby oil for the oil and regular hand cream when I kneaded it. Found that if it starts to get too dry or rubbery as I store it, I just pour a little more baby oil on it into the bag and in a few hours it is nice and soft again. I painted my roses with nail polish its so pretty and waterproofs the piece a bit. I have also used eyeshadows. I left the white paint out because I like the frosty translucent look. I get cracks when I tried to make solid shapes though and was thinking I might need to use a foil and or wire armature. Thoughts anyone?

Can Fevicol be used instead of PVC glue...
by: Anonymous

Hey i m a newbee n staying in Germany and asking my relative to get the ingredients of the recipe from India.
I have been looking for this recipe all over the web and after searching a lot i feel confident about ur recipe though i have not tried it....
i have two Major question:

Can we use fevicol or else from what Name the similar glue would be no one understand PVA /Wood glue.

where can i find Tempra paintor is their any other subtitution of it.

PLease Please n Please answer me at earliest.
Thanks n Best Regards

which type of colours are used to paint finished flowers.
by: kavita patil

I've made the cp using your recipe, it was great thanks!!

I want to ask that which colour i have to use for painting my finished flowers?i used students oil colors but it doesn't dry & how to give glaze to flowers?

A 'No-Cook' CP Recipe Idea
by: Eva Stosik, Hamilton Canada

Here is a 'no-cook' cold porcelain mix for you to try:-

Mix cornstarch with taylose powder

Add a thick white glue

Mix well and add mint extract as a preservative



Cracks in my roses
by: Anonymous

I made the porcelain dough and lovely rose flowers, after drying and becoming hard there are so many cracks in my roses, why could that be?

by: Nasagalook

This is a wonderful recipe for the first timer. My arm almost cramp up enough to fall off. I didn't have lemon nor white vinegar, so I used apple cider vinegar. The clay is white as the driven snow and looks like the examples shown. I am going to try my inexperienced hand at making something with it now. Will keep you updated. Thank you so much for your knowledge and sharing with us.

The best cold porcelain ever
by: Miranda 195

Hi I have been researching and developing air dry clay for last 8yrs What I have come up with is simply amazing cornstarch and glue alone does not have enuf elasticity that is why it cracks upon drying what I did is mixed xanthan gum and guar gum with the cornstarch and it got much better result also try melted rice paper it dries rock hard and does not crack ever

Air dry clay
by: Anonymous

Hi I have created a clay that does not crack and is hard as rock when dry the trick is to add xathan. gum guar. gum also try melted rice paper

Cold porcelain
by: Anonymous

Hi lots of people have problems with cracking I add rice paper and xanthan gum it solves the cracking

by: Anonymousveena

iam from oman what glue should i use


Reply by Admin:-

Sangeeta describes the glue in her recipe as "Elmer's Glue or wood glue -it should be white"

Sangeeta is based in Canada. In the UK, white Elmer's glue is available, but described in the sales blurb as "America’s favorite multi-purpose glue".

In the UK, this type of glue is more commonly described as PVA glue (which is not a brand it means 'Polyvinyl Acetate'). PVA is also known as 'wood glue' in the UK and most children's and craft glues are PVA based if they are white.

PVA is water soluble - in other words it can be watered down. Therefore the important thing for getting the mixture of ingredients right for the cold porcelain recipe is the consistency of the glue you use.

Sangeeta bases all of her fine measurements of her recipe on the consistency of Elmer's glue. So ideally you should source Elmer's from ebay and have it sent. Otherwise it will be a case of getting hold of your local brand of PVA glue and experimenting with adjusting the recipe until you can achieve consistent results.

Glue brand
by: Anonymous

Hi I tried many different glues on the market but the winner is lLapages wood glue just do not overcook it never craks

How to Attach a Hanger for a Wall Plaque?
by: kerry anneAnonymous

Hi, Sangeeta,

I came across your site this morning and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your advice on cold porcelain, and also the Q and A section. I wondered if you would help me with a couple of newbie queries?

I used to model with salt dough, but would love to have a try at cold porcelain. I am planning, as my first project, to make a wall plaque, and although I have researched all the information I need, I can't seem to find instructions that will advise me on how to attach a hanger to a wall plaque.

Could you tell me what to use and whether I can position a hanger at the back of the object as well as at the top.

Secondly, can I use polyurathene wood varnish to coat the object (which is what I used for salt dough - brushing it on with a paint brush) instead of spray varnish?

And thirdly, if I want to stick bits of cp together, do I have to use water, or will the cold porcelain stick together easily without falling off?

Sorry about all the questions.

Many thanks.

Making it dry flexible?
by: Steven


Fantastic tips here!

I'm trying to create the perfect Cold Porcelain. Last summer, I went to Venezuela and when I was using the stuff there, it dried flexible.

Do you have any idea what do add so it does this?

Steven :)

Cracking When Using Armatures
by: Anonymous

Hi, Sangeeta,
Thank you for all your help and tips. My problem is not with the dough itself, but when I try to place it over an armature. I decided to cover some hardboard cones which were originally used to hold wool. The cones were about 6" high. Once the projects dried they began to crack terribly. I tried to fill the cracks, but without success - and they were deep. I finally rescued the project by covering up the cracks with decorations. Do you have any advice as I would like to practice more with armatures.

Many thanks.

measurements in grams n ml plss
by: Anonymous

Hie mem I have seen ur recep vdo but m just too confused in quantity .. measurements. . Bcz cup size n spoon size r totly different .. .. can u please suggest me how to get proper measurements ... like ml n grams .... Please. .. m just crazy for ur work mem......n want to makee dis cold porcelain. .plsss do reply... ...

Using CP for Repairs
by: CG

Can Cold Porcelain be used to make repairs on porcelain items ?
Will it adhere to existing porcelain ?

Thank you

by: Bobbi J

I was curious as to what you use to seal your finished project with? I have worked with other types of clays and haven't really found a good varnish that will not turn yellow with age. Thank you in advance for your advice!

Just like magic!
by: MaggieC

I have just used a block of Cold Porcelain that I made around Easter last year from your recipe.

It was a little firm so I wrapped it in a damp paper towel.(NOT WET) After a week I changed the towel and left for another week.

Low and behold it was ready to go as I kneaded it with a little cold cream on my hands.

There was no sign of mold and it was just like using a new block.

Thank you so much for the recipe.

Cp Recipe review after a year
by: Sangeeta

You are most welcome Maggie,

I am glad that you wrote a commen of the cp clay after a year. I am happy to see that my recipe is helping so many around the world.

Happy crafting!

cooking method
by: Anonymous

I don't own a microwave oven. Have you tried cooking it on the stove top?

cold porcelain newbie
by: Artemis

I hade this recipe and I am having a horrible time trying to make anything out of it.
It's really soft and doesn't hold it's shape, when I let it dry it leaves flat contact points anywhere I have put stuff to make it hold the shape I want. But I fell if I pit more cornstarch in it it will be to dry.

I like to make small dragons, about 2-4 inches tall, I put tin foil in side to help them stand.

What I used


- 2 cups of Corn Starch

- 2 cups of Nature (wood glue)

- 1 Tbs of lemon juice

- 2 Tbs Vaseline

A tiny bit of olive oil for my hands

The best cold porcelai yet
by: Eva

Hi I made cold porcelain almost as good as in South America Sangeeta got it wrong first of all I do not use corn starch but combination of tapioca aroroot potatoe and rice flour equal amounts well mixed add icing sugar. White glue liquid hand soap ( that's the secret ) baby oil and mint extract . Mix it all until smooth and start cooking on low temp . When the mass clumps around the spoon it is ready to take it out start kneeding and wrap in plastic to cooled it pulls like warm chuing gum even when cold

can cp be used in a mold?
by: Lee

is it possible to use cp in a 2 part mold? Can it be made in a flowing type of viscosity? or can it only be used in push molds - thanks in advance

cornstarch alternative
by: Anonymous

dear sangeeta. please could u tell me an alternative to corn starch? here in uk we only find corn flour. is this usable instead?

Corn Starch
by: Sangeeta

Hi corn starch is the same as corn flour.

Happy crafting!

Great recipe, but is it waterproof?
by: Butterfly CB

I've tried this recipe before, and it worked great. Now I have another project I'm working on, a snowglobe. I want to sculpt the letter H for the object inside, but I need a waterproof clay. Would this recipe work?

Great recipe, but is it waterproof?
by: Anonymous

Not at all. Do not try it, it will be disolved in the water.

Finding cold creams
by: Elizabeth ES

I personally cannot find a cold cream in Nivea or in Pond's brands that do not have silicon or lanolin. Is there a specific name for these types you use? I have searched the internet and searched several stores locally and cannot find this specific type you suggest as one of your important ingredients. The actually full name and type of cream, if it is facial or body would be very good. Perhaps this is why so many people have a problem with their results.

Recipe Difference
by: Anonymous

Hello and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I saw your video tutorial on making cold porcelain and I've noticed that the recipe is different. In your video, you list 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup glue, 2 tbsp baby oil, 2 tbsp white vinegar, 1 tsp tempera paint. However, on this site your cornstarch and glue are doubled and you keep the same measure of baby oil, but only 1 tbsp of lemon juice. I'd like to know which of your recipes is the best to use.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sealing the porcelian clay item to use it for serving food
by: Anonymous

Dear sangitaji.I made clay dough with ur came out marvellously.I just want to know what sealant should I use to make the items waterproof and dror wet food can be served in it.n can b washed.

by: Catherine

HI, When I use my cookie cutters they look fine for the first day then I notice that they are not flat anymore and have warped:( Help Catherine

Reply to warping
by: Doridara

Warping solved I had the same problem until now try to cook several starches in vinegar not water no glue that comes later when the starch gets very sticky then add the glue and start mixing and adding more starch cooking glue causes warping

Cold porcelain
by: Anonymous

My doubt is whether we can use the same oven for this clay that we use for reheating and cooking foods. Thanks for yr wonderful recipe..have not tried yet..but waiting to..
Once again thanks a to see yr wonderful creations....

with petal dusts
by: Peggy

If I'm coloring my cp at the time of making and then want to highlight with petal dusts, how do i set the dusts?

integration of colors
by: THAN

Steam them over boiling water.

paint NEW
by: Evone

Instead of putting in the color, can you paint it once hardened? Is this an air dry?

Plates NEW
by: Diala

Hi can use CP to make plates and cups? Or its only used for small items like flowers?

Different cold porcelain NEW
by: Kigigigimous

Hi I have created cold porcelain that does not shrinks or warps or cracks it is not cooked.It took me a long time to experiment but in the end I got what I wanted.It cannot be purchased anywhere.

Please share the recipe NEW
by: Sangeeta

That is very nice. It would be nice if you share the recipe with everyone. Thanks

Very soft clay NEW
by: Jeff

My clay is very soft to the point that it settles out on it's own. I used an unbrand glue which is runny. Can this be corrected or should I buy a better brand and start over?

Fixing Consistency NEW
by: Sangeeta

Hi Jeff,

You can cook it on a very low temperature on the stove in a nonstick pan to get it to the right consistency.
You can go to my site:

Hope that helps.

cold porcelain in fridge NEW
by: marg

does cold porcelain weep after it is removed from the fridge ie if i was making a figure cake and the cake needed to be refrigerated before serving?
please if you can message me back at

cold porcelain from fridge
by: marg

Can i make figures and place on a cake and put into fridge. the cake is a fruit filling. will the figures weep and get moist when coming out of the fridge, and will the colours run. Thanks mj

Figurines in fridge NEW
by: Sangeeta Shah

Hi Marg, I have not put Cold porcelain projects in fridge as it is non edible, so I wouldn’t know. I don’t Mix the 2 together as my country food laws are different.

Cold porcelain objects
by: Heenal Jakharia

Even I m using cold porcelain recipe with cornstarch.
I m from India.
Some of my projects get fungus on it.
Does it happens if I varnish until d product is not completely dry?
Or because of cornstarch ingredient.
Is ceramic powder much better than cornstarch for making clay?

Drying issue NEW
by: Anonymous

What can be causing my cold porcelain to puff up during the drying process? I lose all the details in my piece when this happens. Can this be prevented?

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