Cold Porcelain Fria
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Cold Porcelain Recipe Secret - Find out Nicole's 'Microwave Method'

Peter (admin) says:-

This page is follow-on from Nicole's Cold Porcelain Fria contribution page where she was getting asked for her recipe secret over and over.

I thought is only fair that she was able to make a small charge for her innovative work (£4.99 GBP UK).

Secret CP Recipe

Instructions on how to get the recipe download:-

1. After clicking on the Buy Now Button, you will be protected by the secure merchant services of PayPal checkout (you don't need to have a PayPal account - look for the 'continue' button to use your credit card)

2. After completing payment you will be automatically redirected to the recipe download page.

3. This process is easy to do, but if anything at all goes wrong, just email me direct here:-

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