Crown Motif Over Letter P Over Letter M - Pottery Mark Query

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Crown Motif Over Letter P Over Letter M - Pottery Mark Query - 'PM' Made in Bavaria pottery mark

Crown Motif Over Letter P Over Letter M - Pottery Mark Query - 'PM' Made in Bavaria pottery mark

Crown Motif Over Letter P Over Letter M - Pottery Mark Query: Please could you identify maker of my heart shaped bone china jewellery box. Markings are crown motif over letter P over letter M. Made in GDR CIRCA 1942.

I would be eternally grateful to you and your wonderful website if you can answer this vexed question!!

Charlie Winler


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Dear Visitor

Although I am not an expert on German porcelain wares, I do have quite a few reference books at my disposal, so I can tell you the maker of your box with pleasure. The pottery mark sounds like the backstamp of Porcelain Moschendorf Factory, Bavaria, Germany.

They were in business from c.1904-1957, but production had been in serious decline since the 1920's and was finally interrupted in 1937 when the factory closed down and was bought by Otto Reinecke and his brother (source of information: However, it took a while for the company to get up and running again as the Allies presumed Reinecke was a member of the SS as they built a prison camp on his premises. So your circa 1942 sounds a couple of years too late for that 1937 date, although their stock could well have still been hanging around in the shops, of course.

Where did you get the info that this box dates from 1942? Was it a wartime story? If so, I would love to hear it.

Just to give you an idea of value, at the time of writing a hand painted powder box by Moschendorf might be worth in excess of around $70 USD.

How did I find this out? I used my China Replacement page, which can give you a 'feel' for the value of an item.

There you will get instructions on how to price compare your Moschendorf box and how to search thoroughly to find 'hidden' items on ebay.

Hope this information is helpful.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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Need Help
by: Roxanne


I have this figurine that has a capitol letter P with a slightly curved line and 5 crown points on top it but I can't seem to find out any information about it.
The figurine is of a very colorful, 2 horse drawn carriage and has a driver sitting where they would have steered the horses and also a lady with a pinkish dress that looks like she's just coming out of the carriage as the door is open and she's standing in front of it. The horses have some kind of gold color chain like reigns I guess. Any help would be much appreciated.

rm Bavaria mark
by: Anonymous

I likewise have a covered bowl with same markings. It also has a number of 101 on it. This has been in my family for at least 65 years. Can you tell me the age and value of such a piece? It appears to be in perfect condition.

Thank you.
M Bouwman

by: momo

my great aunty passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 102 wow.she had a small blue /gold oval trinket box ,i love, its a crown over a fancy p,over a fancy m, mark 22

GDR Marking
by: Anonymous

If your trinket box is marked "GDR" it is post-war as the German Democratic Republic only came into being after 1945 when Germany was split into East and West.

round china dish with lid with 2 ladies touching
by: shirley

My dish has a crown symbol with PM2 underneath it also has a flower and leaf design on the inside of the dish on the bottom and a number 2833 imprinted into the china could you give me any information and a possible value

similar item
by: Anonymous

I have just found in in late parents belongings a heart shaped trinket box, china?with on the bottom a gold P over gold M with 'made in Germany' also in gold lettering and a number 14 below that. embossed-I assume before glazing is 1942 & no 3. There is a German family connection

Tea Cup With PM & Crown
by: Tarek

Hi All,

I found a tea cup with the PM mark and a crown on top of it and says Made in Germany , blue and Gold plated from the outside..

would anyone be able to point me to which time is it from and what would be its approximate value?

by: Carla

I have a light pink horseshoe shaped trinket box that hasays pm2 below a crown and can not find any history on this treasure. Does any one have any ideas?

Please help!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a pink floral porcelain trinket box or powder box very small round and lidded Underside it has a crown with Five Points directly under that is the letters p.m. then made in Germany it kind of wraps almost around the P&M and stops at the bottom of the crown and then directly under that is the number 11 also it has 2833 stamped in it any help is appreciated

Mystery zu verschenken NEW
by: Tessa

I just found two plates with marks similar to this, but lacking the letter P. The crown is topped by a cross, and both it and the capital letter M are encircled by a wreath that I assume is laurel. I cannot find this mark anywhere, presumably because there is no reason to suspect that it denotes monetary value. I also don't know the origin, but I found the plates not far from Bayern. I am wondering whether my plates have a similar story to this china.

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