Crown Over "K" Pottery Mark Query

by Autumn
(Cape Coral, Fl)

Crown Over

Crown Over

Crown Over "K" Pottery Mark Query:- Crown Over "K" Pottery Mark Query:- We just purchased our first home, the homeowners left a wonderful, unique chandelier with matching candlestick holders. She was an older German lady. I have not found a mark on the chandelier but the detail is similar to the candlestick holders. Any clue what this mark is-and maybe if the chandelier is related? I am curious to know. Thank you, Autumn

I could only attach 1 photo, but I have some of the chandelier if interested?


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To Crown Over "K" Pottery Mark Query

Hi Autumn

Thanks for your interesting story about your wonderful 'find'. It would be great to see the style of sculpting work on this piece as this tells all about the era it was made and the standard of the artwork. Visitors will get more from me the more photos they send in - one new online submission form for each photo.

The photo of the wares is even more important in this case because the mark is not an obvious one i.e. it is not a well documented German Crown mark from a famous or notable maker as shown in my reference books.


    I subsequently found the entry for an obscure East German Company called Rudolf Kämmer of Volkstedt, Thuringia. They used this pottery mark between 1961 and 1972. Rudolf Kämmer were founded in 1953 and continue into modern times.

I also checked using the searching resources as outlined in my China Replacement page with no luck so far.

Any visitors with the answer, please post below by clicking on the comments link.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Found the "Mark"
by: Autumn

I found on an auction web site that had a porcelain figurine for sale with the same mark. It said it came from Kammer Rudolph Circa 1961-1972. Other than that, I have searched around trying to find some infomation about Kammer Rudolph and that Circa but had no luck.

Well done tfor Kammer id
by: Michael1847

The only correct answer on the internet.

K over crown mark on porcelain
by: Ken Main

I bought a couple of figurines when I was stationed in West Berlin. I was involved in Flag Tours which maintained our right of access into East Berlin. During the tours we bought the figurines from glassware shops. We had to go into a private room in the shop in order to purchase them. They were incredibly cheap and the seller told us they were Meissen!
They all have the K over crown mark so it would make sense they were made in east Gesny

Rudolf Kammer
by: John Buxton

The company is now known known as `Kammer` ( although the name `Rudolf Kammer` is on the front of their premises ) and the crown over K mark is the porcelain mark the company currently uses. Their website - clearly showing the mark - is :

RUDOLF KÄMMER and venetian mask
by: crespotech


i bought these at a estate sale. i can't seem to find more info besides the manufacturer website.

and the info i placing below.

venetian masks


No M04aM

Genuine thuringian porcelain

made in saxony germany

frame dimensions

height 10.5 cm
length 9.5 cm

height 4 1/8 inches
length 3.75 inches

This may be early Kamnner NEW
by: Anonymous

My book on marks says the mark above with out additional things like germany etc is approx 1913

Correct Identification of the Blue mark K under a crown. NEW
by: Anonymous

The mark is the makers mark for for the Rudolf Kammer Porcelain Factory. Google that and you should find your answers.

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