Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query

by Tina

Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query

Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query

Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query: I have a complete set of bed tray china. It includes plate, cup and saucer, two sided egg holder, sugar bowl w/cover, cream pitcher, coffee/tea pitcher w/cover.

The marking on each piece reads "fine bone china - crown -est (picture of a crown) 1801 - (two backward E's, overlapping at top and touching at bottom), Staffordshire, Made in England.

Please do you have any idea if this set has any value?




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antique china values

Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query

Hi Tina

Thanks for the valuation request. Without submitting a photo of the set and especially the Pottery Mark it is very hard to give you any information {Editor's note:- photos subsequently sent in, thank you}. It would also be useful to know if the mark was printed or hand painted, incised or embossed etc.

Nonetheless wherever possible, I try to do my best for my valued visitors! I have uploaded three photos of the three marks of Crown Staffordshire (Thomas Green of Fenton, Staffs) which fit your description. Although the marks are not "two backward E's", I suspect this is the mark you are referring to.

The first denotes The Crown Staffordshire mark from c.1889 to 1912. The second is a mark which they started to use around 1906. The third - most likely yours - uses the words "fine bone china" and began in the 1930's.

You can get a neat and succinct description of Crown Staffs history and repute in my Antique Bone China A-Z section on this website. In my view, even though
they may not be as household a name as, say, Doulton or Worcester, they are one of the best and very collectible.

This good reputation was due to a large part to Jack Jones who as well as being a leading master sculptor (my profession), has also been described as one of the best ever designers of tableware. One of my heroes, he was a driving force within the company for 47 years and Crown Staffordshire were lucky to have him.

The above photos show an approximate time line of the mark you describe. Note the "MADE IN ENGLAND" pottery mark (rather than just "ENGLAND") may suggest a date earlier than the 1930's.

In terms of value for your bed tray set, first of all I must say I don't do valuations myself. Valuations for vintage and fine china are specialist niches requiring vast amounts of knowledge and expertise.

I suggest you go to the special page I have written to help people learn how to get a good idea of what their china wares might be worth:

This will allow you to see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. My service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

That said, I would guess your old (possibly genuine antique rather than mere 'vintage') and unusual set would have some value to a keen Crown Staffordshire collector. If the set were to have been designed by Jack Jones, it will have them dancing!

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Comment
by: tim

Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Comment:- Dear Peter, Very good site. Out of the three marks that you showed Tina, my tea set was the middle mark. I have a full set.



Other Crown Staffordshire Pottery Mark
by: Afner

Hope you are doing well.

I got a Crown Staffordshire plate from a sale, and it has a different mark than the ones showed in this thread. I was wondering what did it mean, and what was the date of production. Also noticed that it has a code in red, handwritten on the side. I am a newbie and need your help, thanks.

crown staffordshire pottery mark

Thanks & Regards


Crown Staffs Marks
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

Afner, thanks for the photo. Your mark is from 1906 onwards and was put on the copies Crown Staffs did of antique porcelains.

Tim, your mark is from the 1930's onwards and, although they are not antique as such, a full set is quite valuable so you need to go to this page:-

value of antiques.

Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

Minton 1881
by: Jody

Hello...I am really hoping you can help me, so far I have had no luck, and its frustrating....OK, we came across a large bowl, cream backround, with a pattern of birds, and what I beleive are cherry blossom branches (possibly apple blossom) and the pattern is in a redish brown color. On the bottom of the bowl it is imprinted into the "pottery" MINTON (towards the N, it is hard to read, so if there was once an S at the end, it is no longer showing) and then it also has a mark (which I have found online) looks like a square divided into 4, which from what I have read, means dated 1881. It also has an O, or maybe a U, stamped also. I have done a lot of searching nd still have not seen this particular pattern anywhere. I read that you are not an appraiser, and I respect that, but in you opinion, is this a great find, or good find? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!!!



Peter (admin) comment:-

Anything marked 'Minton' with no 's' on the end suggests old. They used the singular before they used the plural.

So I would say a great find! Minton are (were) a magnificent company. Looking at past auctions Minton bowls go from $30 up to $300 and beyond depending on what it is, how old it is and how sought after it is with collectors.

Fine Bone China Crown Staffordshire England
by: Jody

Hello Peter,

It's me again (Minton Bowl), again, thank you!! On to the next, I have a tea set of Fine Bone China Crown Staffordshire England Est-1801, I do not beleive the whole set is here, I have 11 cups, and only 5 plates. The mark on the bottom is the far right one that you show above, but on the cups & plates, below the word England, are different letters, and on at least 3, a * symbol. The letters are A,L,N,M,F,& O. Some have nothing after the England. I was wondering if there was any signifigance to the letters? The plates are white with gold trim, a place for the tea cup to sit on the plate, and they look like a shell design, ribbed, not smooth. The cups are also trimmed with gold and they have pictures of old time cars, and people. One other thing I noticed was near the marking on more of them than not, there is a mark of the gold, some have just a little "smudge", others have 2 little lines, some have 3 little lines in gold?? Lastly, I thought it was interesting to find one of the plates was marked in ink $114.00. So, does this mean this set cost that amount in the 1930's?? Again, I completely understand you do not appraise, but I am thinking of selling.(With recently being layed off, my family could use all the help we can get right now.) So a range would be a wonderful help, so that I do not sell myself short. Thank you for your time and help. I am very greatful!!! Til next time...


Hi Jody

'England' will most always be 20th century. I'll look into the mark details when I have a bit more time, but in the meantime, check out the general Crown Staffs prices on eBay and

Peter (admin)

Needing info
by: Wendy

Hi Im hoping you can help me I have this Tea pot that has been in the family for years my mother passed away two years ago and we are trying to get some more info If I remember correctly she said it belonged to her mothers mother the mark on the bottom says S&C myotts england it has the crown but its not rounded at all it also does not say staffordshire on it anywhere, I was hoping to load it on here to show you. I have looked everywhere for the pattern and can not find it on any site..

Tea Cup & Saucer
by: Roz

The marks on the bottom match very closely to the marks you show on the right except it has Made in England and hand painted numbers and letters next to the mark...... What does thast mean? Thank you

Crown Staffordshire "made in England"
by: Peter (admin)

The "made in England" normally denotes from 1906. They shortened this to "England" in the 1930's.

The squiggles & hand written numbers are just production marks and have no real bearing. A specialist collector in Crown Staffordshire might know, but I've never met anyone with that degree of knowledge, and it's doubtful even museums would have the records.

black crown
by: Anonymous

hi i am hopeing someone can help me i have a soup turrent with a black crown symbol with i think jc or jg underneath the crown any suggestions would be a help

Crown staffordshire china query
by: Clare

I have a set of 12 tea plates, 2 bigger more bowl-like plates and 3 smallish platters from crown staffordshire England. They are just off-white with little bright green leaves & spikey little blue flowers with red spikes round the edge with one tiny flower in the middle. I can't find this pattern logged anywhere, and also the mark on the back only says crown over the picture of the crown and then staffordshire under it and England under that. Also a few of them have no mark at all yet the colours of the leaves and flowers are identical and also the thickness of the paint which sticks up a bit proud of the plate surface. Can you tell me when you think it was made and have you ever seen a pattern like this? I am trying to send you some photos. Many thanks for your opinion. The mark is most like the one sent to you by Afner although with no numbers under where it says England or anywhere else. I can't work out how to send you photos - do you have an e-mail address - I am not on Facebook or twitter or anything like that.

Staffordshire flower pot small
by: Harold Tinker

I have a small tub of flowers with a gold band around it.Staffordshire,Made in England with what looks like a lion on the bottom.
Wondering what it's worth.

Crown Staffordshire floral dish
by: Sue

I have used this very useful site over the past couple of years and have had very useful replies back to help me identify pieces of china and pottery. I love the finding out, the thought into the history of the piece and who owned and used it, as with this little dish by Crown Staffordshire, I just love the pattern it is so pretty, however I have looked on web sites for the pattern name, I cannot find it, investigating is so much fun, but sometimes help is needed. I love collecting and finding pieces to research.

This pretty dish has the mark on the back indicating 1906+, however it has a red p next to the date, also in red the number 714559 any suggestions as to the meaning, it looks hand painted though I not sure, please any help greatly appreciated, I love being able to show the china to friends and family and being able to give a bit of history on the china or pottery.

Thank you

Tudor crown
by: Niamh

Hi Peter,

I was wondering could you help. I found 2 tea sets in an old second hand shop.

1st set is pink with elaborate gold leaves says
"Tudor crown", there is a crown and underneath that it says fine bone china, England. The owner of the shop said it had been taken from a house clearance of an elderly deceased lady.

I have been researching and cannot find where this china came from.

The other set -Yellow with gold trim is Grafton china it says Hand painted, Made in England and 1909 hand painted on each piece of the set . I would love if you could give me any information .


by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a miniture crown staffordshire two handles tankard but I can stem to find anything similar anywhere to value it. It has a cream background and small blue, red and white flowers. The background is kind of lines connecting the flowers and a few cross hatch diamonds as well. Hard to explain!

England design
by: Anonymous

Could you help me please, I came across the cup and saucer with mark crown staffordshire England design at the bottom. I searched and couldn't find any information about it. Could you tell me please if it's real or fake mark?

Many thanks

Any info appreciated
by: Anonymous

I have a large ginger jar with a lid. I cannot find the pattern anywhere. Its crown staff from 1906. Where could I send a photo for identification?

Many thanks

Crown Staffordshire fine bone china
by: Anonymous

I have one too. However it does not say made in england. Just has england. It's one small saucer that has a boat and reads Drakes "Golden Hind" 1577

by: Anonymous

My uncle was Douglas Green. My grandmother was give a number of iteams from the factory .

by: Anonymous

This site may be my godsend. I have a set of 12 cups and saucers, 12 small plates, tea pot and creamer and sugar. I know no one could tell me a true value, but a ballpark would be amazing. I have pics of the mark on the bottom and the pattern if anyone is willing to help me. I'll send it to them. Thank you SO MUCH in advance!


Scrooge toby/character jug
by: Anonymous

Hi i have a scrooge toby /character jug n it says Staffordshire fine ceramics enland... The stamp is a world with a crown n the writing looks like it on a road sign... Can u enlighten plz

I have 3 full tea and coffee sets.
by: Robbie

I'm wanting to sell and I was wondering the sort of price I should be asking or if they are worth anything at all?

Flora and fauna plant

I have been searching for an answer and cant find one on google. I hsve a plant pot white or slightly off whate with blue drawings same all four sides of plant with flowers. Bottom mark is a crown that looks like it has a v on it when blown up. The crown is on top of a shield which has flowers plants growing around edge of shield. The middle of shield has flora and fauna written in it. Appreciate any help its been sitting around my house for some years cant even remember where it came from.

Crown Staffordshire Pill Box
by: Clare B


I recently bought a Crown Staffordshire 1801 pill box from a car boot sale. It depicts a lady, gentleman, child and dog lying on grass. Any idea if its worth anything? Thanks

1957 water mark Backward Royal Grafton
by: Anonymous

I have a Royal Grafton tea cup with a backward water mark. I beleve it`s from 1957 is that common or do I have the only one.Thanks

Crown logo on the front? NEW
by: Alex Nosko

I have a single white plate with a pottery mark on the back that reads: Royal Stafford
Bone(Crown here)China
Made in England

On the front is an array of small gold stars around the plate, a gold trim around the plate edge, and in the center is a gold crown surrounded by a green wreath with red berries and a bow.

I'm curious if you knew the year and the name of this series of dishes. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Thank you very much for you time and assistance.

Alex Hooper
Portland, OR U.S.A.

Missing Pieces NEW
by: Denis

Where can I buy Crown Staffordshire Shamrock pieces. Denis

Please identify this mark NEW
by: Denise

It’s a bone China (or porcelain) 12 setting tea set. 12 plates, 12 saucers, 12 cups, cake plate, milk jug and slop bowl ( repaired)
The mark is a crown with a laurel wreath enclosing the word Staffordshire and a number 72225 with an X below in gold paint.

Any advice gratefully received

Value NEW
by: Tabatha

Hi, we’ve had these plates in our family for a good few years and we were wondering if there is any value to them. Any information would be great as I can’t find them online at all.
Thank you.

No EST date on vase
by: Kelly

My Nan gave me a vase that she believes is worth some money. I have tried to find the mark on the bottom, searching everywhere. It’s a red crown with a blue outlining and the writing says "CROWN fine bone China Staffordshire England".

There is no EST date which makes me thing this is a copy.

Any ideas??

Antiques NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have just inherited all my grans antique pottery and I'm wanting to no the value would you be able to help or give me some idea what they are etc

Extra letter A
by: AZ

What does a letter "A" mean after the pattern number? I have an oval platter with the number F16104A, but every place I look online, the pattern number ends without the A. I’m confused

* Do Crown Staffordshire Marks Rub off? *
by: FairClaire

I inherited a wonderful teacup from my Grandmother! I took a photo of the marks and quickly found similar teacups on Etsy. I ordered them but once received, I've noticed the mark IS NOT baked in. On two saucers the mark is rough to the touch, raised, and looks to be able to be scratched off. On the other two saucers, there is a mark printed within the saucer-like the original...but they are blurred. Are these fakes?
Thank you in advance! Just curious if I was duped! "Made in England" "Est. 1801"

date or pattern name
by: Thom Ritter

I recently had the good fortune to get an almost complete service for 8 of Crown Staffordshire bone china. Value is of no importance to me as I collect sets of china and fell in love with this pattern and wish I could at least find the creamer and sugar. The back stamp denotes it is from the 1930s or newer. I wanted to add pictures but could not find out how to do so.

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