F G or G F Pottery Mark Query

by Eileen Worrow

F G or G F Pottery Mark Query - This is the mark on the bottom of vase

F G or G F Pottery Mark Query - This is the mark on the bottom of vase

F G or G F Pottery Mark Query:- I have had this vase stashed away in a cupboard for years, and found it recently. It has a mark on the bottom, but I can't find out what it means. Can anyone please help?

Eileen Worrow

Comment by Peter (admin)

to F G or G F Pottery Mark Query

Hello Eileen

UPDATE (May 2015)
After many years, we think we have solved this mystery. Scroll to the bottom to find out that I feel this mark must be . . .

*FANFARE* . . . one of the marks used by Ardalt Inc. of Madison Avenue, New York, a volume importer of low to mid price wares based in the 20th century c.1950-1980. They sourced ceramic wares from various countries of origin including Japan and Italy .

Read some of the posts on the way down - it's a fascinating story. Remember - you saw it here first!
The thread continues in descending date order - the older posts at the top (from 2007), working down the timeline.....


Original reply from 2007 begins

You have thrown me a curved ball, as they say. I have no record of any maker going under the initials of F G or G F apart from G F Bowers who ceased trading in 1868.

I found a tentative connection linking Arthur Wilkinson (Clarice Cliff) with Bowers patterns, but could find nothing else at all.

Sorry to be of little help.

My own knowledge more centered on famous English china makers, but all queries are welcome. You can do a certain amount of your own research online by knowing the most efficient way to search. On my China Replacement page, I show you how.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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FG pottery mark
by: Mike

Hi Eileen, did you ever find the origin of your mark? I have one exactly like it to trace?




The Forum Help Elf says:-

This mark mystery is now quite and old one and we are no closer to solving this one, unlike many other mysteries which we have solved.

Please write a further comment about exactly what it is you have, where you got it and when etc.

Every little detail of information helps. This mark is truly obscure - but is solvable if we pool our resources.


by: GARY


Follow up
by: Anonymous

We just bought a pair of vases with this mark from an Argentinian lady in The Hague, who bought them as English pottery. They are stencilled porcelain with Japanese design and gilt, 12 inches high.

How can I
by: Anonymous

add pictures to my reply to you?

FG - Mark and Ware Photos
by: Peter (admin)

Send photos of wares and mark to me here at


and I will add them here to this thread


Peter (admin)

p.s.please mark them clearly as for the "F G or G F Pottery Mark Query" thread.

FG pottery mark
by: malcolm

i have a beautifully hand painted vase measuring 310mm with exact same mark and is signed several times by the painter. The signature is very clear but in a written style and starts with B and ends with Y.

could be George Forrister
by: malcolm

could be George Forrister. Is very hard finding his mark but would be same era.



Comment by Peter (admin)

Many thanks Malcolm. I could not find any marks from a George Forrister (or George Forrester)..... just Thomas Forrester.

I will take this opportunity to post up some photos we have had in from our site visitors on this maker and mystery mark.

Many thanks to Mike Waters and Gary for ther photos below.

FG or GF Pottery Mark

FG or GF Pottery Mark

Hopefully we'll get this one solved soon

Peter (admin)

Any update ?
by: Anonymous

Any new info anybody ?

by: Eileen

No Mike, I never did find out what it means. I am going to take a picture of the vase and the mark to an antique auction that specialises in pottery and see what they think

Eileen x


Peter (admin) comment:-

Hi Guys

The more I think about this mark and I see photos of the items, the more this stuff seems modern to me.

Why do I say this?

Well, unless it was a really tiny provincial company, with absolutely no catalogued marks or wares, it is a modern fantasy - people making stuff in recent times (post 1960's) trying to get their production to look as if it might get away with being passed off as older.

I have looked and looked for any evidence of this mark in all my books, in Libraries and online, but found nothing, so unless I am missing it, this mark never existed before 1960.

If I am right, these wares could come from anywhere. Far East, Soviet Block etc.

Peter (admin)

Connected to French pottery?
by: Wendy

I have a piece that looks like a pin dish with a lip - maybe a spoon rest.
It has GF inside a sun, FRANCE, backstamped. There is also a painted symbol - a red painted circle with a cross dividing it. 3 of the divisions have a dot, the fourth is blank.
There is also a paper sticker - from a gift shop in Le Touquet.

I have that same vase.
by: Anonymous

Upon doing my research I found this page. I have that exact vase. Was thinking it was special but not so much anymore. Shucks.

fg pottery
by: jim dufour

I have a vase or a flower pot with fg on the bottom and also the number 512 in the center is ahand written something but hard to make out the secon written word i think is Dainied but not sure

by: Dean

Hey guys just wondering did anyone find out anything about this mark how old it is or what it means? Is it worth anything?

FG or GF
by: Ashley

Hi Guys,

I have a vase here as well different design to the rest of your pics , same guilt top but a pattern of blue and pink flowers. Has the GF stamp on the bottom but the underneath some writing after reading this info it might read made in france ?? will add pictures tomorrow.


Comment by Peter (admin)

Hi Ashley

Unless you know 'image html code', or know how to use Flickr.com, it's hard to upload pics on a comment, so send them to me (clearly marked for this 'F G or G F' thread) and I will add them for you.

My email is:-


GF or FG vase
by: Paul Thomas

After breaking my wife's vase I am looking for an exact copy of the one shown in Mike Water's photo; the one with the tall necked vase with the flying gold/blue crane, and the GF moto. There are no dates on the various comments so have no idea how current this conversation is. If anyone has such a vase for sale at 16" high (40cm) I would be mighty interested. Please contact me at paulthomas16@btconnect.com 21/12/2012

F G or G F Pottery Mark - latest clue (Jan 2013))
by: Roger

Hi All

Regarding the F G mark, this is a vase my 93 year mother has, and she re-calls it from her grandmother, so is pre 1920.

Below are my photos

F G or G F Pottery Mark

F G or G F Pottery Mark

F G or G F Pottery Mark




Comment by Peter (admin)

Hi Roger

Thanks for your photos and your family provenance.

This info is very telling, but you missed an even more important clue - in that nowhere else within this thread has the origin of this mark been attributed to Italy.

I started to do some research.

I found a reference to one Italian GF mark, and that was a company called Este Ceramics, apparently founded in the 18th century in Veneto by one Girolamo Franchini (GF). None of their marks seemed to match this one though - which seems to me to be more FG than GF.

However, we do know that this mark is Italian, whihc is a major leap forward. I will keep looking through the records to see if this mark has anything to do with Este, and post when I find something.

Meantime, if anyone else knows, please post.

Peter (admin)

Fog vase
by: Anonymous

Hi I have just got the same vase as you Roger
mine has also come from my great grandmother
so must have some age to it. The only difference
Is mine doesn't say made in Italy under the mark??
I would love to find out about it too so any info
would be fab!! Thanks Dan

by: Robbo

Hi all i have a matching pair of lidded vases, and was shown an email from christies stating that they didn't know the mark but thought they were mid 19th c staffordshire,though they look Italian to me, i payed for the pair £70

FG Qeury
by: Sidiena

Hi all, I have recentlt purchased what appears to be a coffe set, it has a sugar bowl, two cups and saucers and all sits neatly on a tray. It is a crisp white color with the same transfer picture of an old car infront of a gate on all pices, including the tray. It has this excact logo (FG) on its base, with the words DECORAZIONE made in Italy. I don't believe this piece to be old, it has no grazing, the mark is not hand painted, rather it looks like a modern version of the Fg showen in your pics. Could it be the company still exsists today? Hope this helps a little, i'll check back later to see if we are any closer to solving this mystery.

Lady Vases
by: Jennifer

I have a pair of these elusive vases with the picture of the reclining lady with parasol. My late sister bought them over twenty years ago probably from a flea market or antique fair. I would love to find their origin and worth. I saw the original request regarding this mark last year and have just stummbled on it again. Will hang onto them a bit longer. Keep searching Peter.

FG Mark
by: Pam

I have the same set as the first pictures. A similar vase and two matching caddies. The mark is exact. My father in law bought them in England 50 years ago.i have been searching to no luck either Peter.

FG ceramic
by: Karin

Ik heb 2 vazen en 1 pot van FG ceramic, made in Italy. ik wil wel een foto plaatsen maar weet niet hoe. Ik heb deze potten gekregen van mijn ouders in 1987. Ik wilde ze graag weggooien, is dit wel of niet verstandig? Geen idee of ze van enige waarde zijn. Het waren geen goedkope vazen en pot.


Comment translated as:-

I have 2 vases and 1 jar with the same FG ceramic marks (made in Italy). I want to insert a photo but do not know how. I got these pots from my parents in 1987. I would like to sell them, this is wise or not? No idea whether they are of any value. They were not cheap vases and pot.


Peter (admin) says:

We don't really touch on valuations in these forums - just identifications. Value is best left to experts otherwise we can get into all sorts of problems and issues. All I can say is a maker classified as 'unknown', as in this FG backstamp, is often worth less than a known maker.

click here for the page about valuations

or how to research yourself...
researching the value of antiques yourself

Peter (admin)

A Different GF France Mark - SUNBURST
by: Mark Grizzle

I have an unusual item shaped like a lamp which has a GF France backstamp. The mark is like a round circle with sun rays - and it is hand drawn. The writing is also hand written, suggesting a smaller maker perhaps.

gf-pottery-mark sunburst

Mark Grizzle

Scent lamp with same mark
by: Anonymous

Gabriel Fourmaintraux?

FG or GF Mark France or Italy?
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks for identifying that last entry with the GF sunburst mark as Gabriel Fourmaintraux.

It seems we have two different marks and two different makers.

I had not heard of GF France (Gabriel Fourmaintraux) before, but looked it up and it is a known about and well documented company.

Here are some marks associated with that maker....

GF Desvres sunburst mark

GF mark Desvres France

GF pottery mark

Gabriel Fourmaintraux took over his family ceramics factory in 1930. The business continued until 1997.

Definitely NOT the same mark as our original mark which is made in Italy as far as the evidence we have gathered so far on this page has brought to light.

So our original mark F over G seems to be definitely antique or vintage Italian made products and so far there is no evidence it is associated with the Fourmaintraux firm.

F G or GF Pottery Mark Query
by: Allan

We too are in possession of a pair of identical vases with the initial markings which has been passed down in my wife's family. They belonged to my wife's grandfather who was in the Merchant Navy but we are not aware of where he bought them. They show an oriental garden scene. I will forward the pictures. We too would be keen to find out their origin.

GF Mark
by: Anonymous

Italian GF mark made by Este Ceramics, founded in the 18th century in Veneto by Girolamo Franchini (GF).

Reply by Peter (admin)

I not convinced about the above identification by the anonymous poster is correct. Take it with a pinch of salt until we can get further evidence.

To my eyes, there is no similarity between the products of Este of Venito and the GF or FG products we see above.

Below is a range of typical produce by Este which is clearly marked with their castle logo and very characteristic and easily recognisable in terms of its style of decoration...


by: kiki

Today, I bought the same vase (which were already posted by peter) at a fleemarket in belgium. The marking says GF or FG and then I can read "Gewamiche Artistich"...and the last letter I can't read. I already searched in google but there aren't any hint of Gewamiche pottery.
But maybe this will help in the research.

FG or GF mark 17/04/2014
by: Richard

Hi Peter,
I have just bought three pieces all marked with the same mark and again they are marked as MADE IN ITALY
They maybe of interest to you, so I will post below-




I bought them from an and they were from a house clearance. Decorated with flowers and ornate gilding similar to the style of Mintons Amherst around 1880 - 1920 with cobalt blue leaves and thick gilded veins.

I bought three pots at auction and the photos should explain all.

Interestingly the trinket pot has a reverse stamp for a logo made in Holland which is an obvious mistake made by what I can only conclude is a fraudulent company producing pottery by many countries and many manufacturers. Most likely from the Eastern block.

See want you think from the pictures and please post on your site if you agree.

Cheers Richard

The marks FG or GF
by: Geert Eising, Borger, Holland

Hi Peter,

I read your comments about the marks FG or GF.

Several years ago I bought a cabinet set from an old man.

He has to move out.

I don't know how old this set is.


best regards,

Geert Eising,

FG Marking- Ceramiche Artistiche
by: Anonymous

In case the mystery mark hasn't been answered:

Italian ceramic company


Not So Fast, Sherlock!
by: Peter

Dear Sherlock

Not so sure you are right on this identification.

I think another good attempt, but ultimately a mis-identification.

The pots on the cover image of their website look similar to some of our photos. They use the words "Ceramiche Aristiche" on their branding. "Ceramiche Aristiche" simply means 'ceramic artist' - could apply to anyone, including me if I was Italian.

But that's where the connection between our FG or GF mark stops dead.

If you look closer, the company is called Gialletti Giulio S.n.c. of Deruta, Italy, founded by Giulio and Virgilio Gialletti in the 1950's. Where does the FG mark come in?

When you look at the marks Gialletti use, they are typical provincial Italian hand-written marks.

See examples below (no sign of our infamous FG mark)


Keep thinking, keep posting folks!

Peter (admin)

More on FG logo
by: Elle

Hello all!
Regarding FG with blue stylized cross logo: I bought 2 vases in Florennes, Belgium, in 1986 with the same markings. I assumed they were contemporary. They are the exact shape of the tulip form vases in the previous photo (on either side of the ginger jar). Blue & white, completely different floral designs, though. I assume the "F" stands for Fabrique (manufacturer). I'm at a loss as to the meaning of the "G". I was thinking Ghent. I think they're Belgian or Dutch. Still searching.

by: Norah

Is it possible the FG stands for the Italian city Foggia? That it is made there?

Greetings, Norah.

Same brand/mark, same question
by: Tian


It's hard to tell if my post is still making sense since I can't see the time the previous posts were written, but I give it a shot anyway.

Recently I found the same mark with the slight difference that I have a pair. One of them has the mark as known already, the other one shows characters saying: 藝術陶器 伊太利

My wife, being Chinese, helped me to find the meaning, the funny thing is that, although Chinese and Japanese are 2 different languages, the characters can both be found in Chinese as well as in Japanese. The meaning is nearly the same.

In Chinese this means: art pottery - Iraq too Lee
In Japanese this means: art pottery - Italy

Which clearly means that the writing is Japanese.

Of which we can finally state that according to the characters, the pottery is Italian.

Thus far, my conclusion...

The question remains, which manufacterer?

I hope this was helpfull in any way and can bring new life to this topic.

Kind regards

Thanks Tian
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Tian

Thanks to both yourself and your wife! Much appreciated!

You are very current in your comments for the simple reason that this mystery is still unsolved as of today's date (18th March 2015).

But you have done a great job in helping us move forward.

A would be very grateful if you could contact me privately because occasionally we do get marks which need a fluent person to read for us, so may I email you guys for some help from time to time, pretty please?

please email me here:-


Best regards

Peter (admin)

I love china
by: Loekie-Chiitra

Today I bought this vase at a 2nd hand market for only € 9,50. And was triggered by the fact that it's Chinese pattern and made in Italy, one of the best ceramic producers I know. Already found out that is probably manufactured in Albisole Italy.

If I'm correct they're newly worth about € 85 or maybe little more. I've asked the producer if it's theirs.



Japan/Italy Ardalt's FG


by: Peter (admin)

Hi Guys

The last two post have been interesting breadcrumbs on the path towards solving this ongoing mystery (as at March 2015).

Allow me to explain my thought process....

The post from Tian saying he has seen Japanese writing on these items saying 'art pottery - Italy', means there must be some kind of connection between our FG mark and Japan in some way.

The other was Loekie-Chiitra who I notice has exactly the same pot as one of the other photos above, but with a different variation of the FG mark. So the same production has different markings presumably for different markets.

But these are clearly the same production and the firm who made these two pots are the same FG company.

Loekie-Chiitra pointed us towards Italian maker Francesco Guarino of Albisola, Italy. However, when I looked at his site, although at first glance, the homepage images looked a bit like the type of pottery shown on this thread, when you dig deeper and look at the close ups, all the work seems to be beautifully hand painted Italian majolica, and not at all like the transfer ware pots we are seeing on this make marked as FG or GF.

However, I was curious as to what mark Francesco Guarino of Albisola, Italy actually put on his products because I could not find an example of the mark on his website.

So I did some google-fu and eventually came up with this this photo which the owner described as saying these words "F G, Ceramiche Artistiche, ARDALT, CHINESERIE, Made in Italy, # 4360":-


Note how, if you look close enough, the FG entwined in the foliage within the circle looks very much like our FG mark. However, this mark seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with Francesco Guarino. Let me tell you why I think that...

First, I don't think this transfer print Chinoiserie urn bears any resemblance on close inspection to Guarino's lovely Italian majolica hand painted stuff on his website. Guarino is clearly a proud local Italian majolica artist, very skilled. The urn also features further up this page with the standard FG mark.

Secondly, when I saw the word 'Ardalt', my ears pricked up. Ardalt? I know them from other threads on this site to be an importer to the US of Japanese goods - similar to Arnart. But when I checked them out, they also imported from other countries including Italy.

According to our good friend www.gotheborg.com, Ardalt Inc. Corp. is or was an importer of ceramics based in Madison Avenue, New York. It was first registered in 1945 and is known to import ceramics from various countries including Japan and Italy. Francesco Guarino looks to be a relatively young man on his photo on the website and his business began only in 1990. So Ardalt, (which was trading mainly in the 1940's, 50's, 60's & 70's) and Francesco Guarino are not a match, therefore our FG mark and him are not a match either.

Also, to attribute our FG to him doesn't fit our provenance trail (above), but it does fit Ardalt.

Hope it's all becoming clear by now.

FG, I am fast coming to the conclusion, appears to be one of the marks used by Ardalt Inc. a mass importer and distributor in the US mid to late 20th century.

To confirm this, I did some more digging about Ardalt, and here's what I found:-

They got into the 'Capodimonte' branding game at one point, selling items marked with names like 'Ardalt Palazzo, Made in Italy'. These are described as being made about 1950-1980 being mass-produced and numbered.



So for me, until we know better, let's attribute the FG mark mystery mark we have been trying to solve for some years to Ardalt, New York, and not to Francesco Guarino, or Girolamo Franchini, or
Gabriel Fourmaintraux, or Ceramiche Gialletti, or any of the other suggestions above.

We can say our hunch is this FG mark is part of the Ardalt stable, but we still don't know what the initials FG or GF stand for and why Ardalt chose that brand label

Any ideas?.....

Peter (admin)

FG or GF Pottery Mark Query continued
by: Anonymous

I'm in Australia and I've just purchased a large fluted vase with the same mark though no mention of Italy. This vase is hand painted (crazed)with rich florals in what I would describe as the German style. I collect generally german(Bavaria)china, typical floral sprays including tulips and cabbage roses in soft multi colours. The floral design does include several signatures that begins with B and ends with Y and a dot or ends with N and an underlining flourish!
So I for one, am still looking.

FG Mark.
by: Anton van Grootel


I have got the same pottery- mark on a set of three vases. I dont know how to upload it.. can you help me?

Is it possible to upload an image to this page?



FG or GF Pottery Marking
by: Peter

Hi Anton

Yes, we can get your pic uploaded either by giving me the full URL (you only gave part of it - must start with http:// etc etc)


You can email me - but be sure to say the photos are for this thread (F G or G F Pottery Mark Query)

send them to:-


Best regards

Peter (admin)

I have the same FG vase as Helen
by: Conny

Dear Peter,
we’ve got a vase with the Label FG or GF connected with a floral sign as you multiply described on this thread. The vase itself has a floral Design  (just have a look at the Pictures annexed).
Each of the floral design parts is wearing a signature in Brown colour, beginning with a „B" (I guess) – maybe the sign of the artist?
I would appreciate if you could help on my way to find a little more background information about the Vase and/or the artist.
Conny Askani

p.s. By the sound of it I have the same signatures on my vase as Helen a few posts before this one.

Here are some photos of the vase, signature and markings.


Best regards


GF OR FG backstamp marking on Delft Blue White Vase
by: Tiago from Portugal

Hi Peter

Probably i'm late on the thread since i have seen your conclusion, but just in any case i thought that i could help this investigation by adding my exemple. A vase with the same signature but very diferente from the rest of pieces the other people posted. Mine iniciatly i thought it was delft, with some asian flavour but now i dont know.

Hope this contribute will help anymone to solve the mistery.



From Portugal)

here are my photos:-



Reply by Peter

Yes Tiago, my conclusion at the moment is this is one of the marks used by Ardalt Inc. of Madison Avenue, New York, a volume importer of low to mid price wares based in the 20th century c.1950-1980. They sourced ceramic wares from various countries of origin including Japan and Italy.

I appreciate you sending your delft version. The characteristic of Dutch Delft is that it is hand painted. I think your Ardalt example looks transfer printed, so it is in homage to Delft rather than being Delft.

Best regards and thanks again

Peter (admin)

by: lazaro

what is the real FG because I have a 4360

Francesco guarino? NEW
by: Alice

I have a set of five vases with these marks. The FG i traced back to the following maker: francesco guarino
Can anyone confirm this?

Thank you

Not the same FG NEW
by: Anonymous

Alice, read the entire thread and you will see the answer is NO, not the same FG.

FG Italian Mark NEW
by: Judy Moyer

Hello, I'm going to make a guess here, that I believe is at least on the right track. Rather, it stands for "Ceramiche Artistiche, which has been attributed to Molaroni Artistic Ceramics, which has been producing decorative Italiano majolic homeware and tableware by hand at its original manufacturing site in the historic districtof Pesaro since 1880.

I also found this, which is where I'll be the F and G came from: The Manifattura Italiano Porcellane Artistiche Fabris was created by sculptor Luigi FABRIS from Bassano del Grappa who, after acquiring Raffaele Passarin's pottery factory in Bassano, made the ceramic facade of Grand Hotel Ausonia & Hungaria at Lido di Vanezia, which was finished in 1916.

The Manifattura Fabris and Richard GINORIA were the only porscelain factoriesw published in the Enciclopedia delle Moerne Arti Decorative Italiane (1927), which included pictures of several pieces in the 3rd volume devoted to the arts of fire.

made in Italy NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi , someone on one of my sites posted the same vase as one of the ones here with the same stamp but it also said Ceramiche artistiche . Made in Italy on it .

Delft NEW
by: Anonymous

The brand with that marking is called Delft. It has some value, you should have it appraised.

Delft NEW
by: Anonymous

The name of the brand of your vase Delft.

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