figurine marked K

by donna
(new york)

sewing woman figurine

sewing woman figurine

Hello! I bought a lovely figurine I think is is of a woman sewing. White but has bright orange flowered item she is sweing...looks handpainted shw has long brown hair barefooted.... marked "K" in bold orange with number 9 and other markings...

I have searched the internet for hours..

can anyone help?




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Orange K
by: Anonymous

I recently picked up the same figurine at auction.

Someone (not the auctioneer - he called it Russian) said it was Hungarian, but I have not found any info either.

USSR figurine with K marking
by: Anonymous

This looks to be a similar style to a two piece figureen I have from the UUSR. Is the K solid or an outline inside an urn like shape? Mine has numbers 6p - 80k. I found one other figureen on eBay with the same markings, but it had 50k, which represented 1950. I am also trying to find more information on the manufacturer.

Orange K pottery mark on figurine
by: Anonymous

Mine is a solid K inside a rectangular box. There is an indent in the top right of box and a shadow of the box appears to the right and below.

#р - #к marking
by: Anonymous

I am also researching the K sign however I thought I should point out that #р - #к probably means #roubles- #kopeks, as in how much it cost.

Kiev Factory
by: Anonymous

Information summarised from the excellent Russian page I found, now sadly defunct.

Answer to the above K pottery mark query is the Kiev Factory

See below for mark photos.

Here's a summary of the marks, backstamps and printed stamps of the Kiev Factory (founded 1924).

The K (for Kiev) pottery mark placed inside a box shaped device was used on both Soviet (Russian/USSR) home market wares and also export goods to Europe and the USA. It appears in blue, red and orange (on some experimental design wares this mark appears with the box sides in outline).

The dates of use of this standard pottery mark are unsure due to lack of listings online and in standard issue books such as Kovels, so if anyone can pinpoint, please post below. However, it is my assumption from 1945 to c.1970?. Anyone knowing if this is right or wrong, please post below in a new comments submission.

This standard box pottery mark from Kiev Porcelain is more commonly seen with the box sides filled with colour but does also appear in an orange colour with 'made in USSR'.

The blue does come with 'made in USSR' (see photo below), meaning the blue CANNOT be usually reserved for the marks on domestic market pieces as stated in the original article by Redalert.

The mark used at the Kiev factory during c.1970 - 2000 era and therefore both before and after the fall of the Berlin wall, is the single K (in outline - see image below). This mark occurs in both blue and red. The blue is both pale and darker. The pale may be later.

Kiev Porcelain factory - soviet ceramics

figurines mark k
by: Anonymous

Ihave 2 figurines with a blue k inside a blue square made in USSR. The man has a long mustache and actually looks oriental and the women has a scaef tied on her head.

by: emveja

I have a pair of Kiev figurines for the date 1945
the letter K with a royal blue box around it ,it also has U.S.S.R. on the base. My figurines are of a drunken RUSSIAN MAN holding his head, and a very annoyed wife staring at him. They are lovely figurines.

by: Anonymous

I HAVE THE ABOVE PORCELAIN FIGURINE bought in East Berlin in 2000 summer



for domestic use?
an antique now? worth how much?

regards edmund

Kiev Ceramics
by: Abexx

Hi All

I hope to clear up some of the questions so far.

The K mark does stand for Kiev Keramica - this is correct. Early wares had the double K mark. It was a State run enterprise until the break up of the Soviet union in 1991. Kiev ceramics are still in business, They do make some of the older figurines. Subtle differences are in the painting. They are a hard porcelain, well made and well decorated to this day.

The persons with the two figures, one with the slapped face, are named Karas (The guy) and Odarka (The woman) Karas has been out all night drinking and chasing women. Odarka has had enough and slaps him silly. This is from the Operetta in Ukrainian Zaporazhets. ( Not sure how to spell it). It takes place in the time when Ottoman Turks ruled Ukraine and took the most beautiful girls to wife.

Our Ukrainian characters are Kozaks! This is a wonderful Operetta, I saw it in Sevastopol, Ukraine in 1999.

To the person with the Carmen figure: It is a very nice one and sells for $25 to $50.

Karas and Odarka sell for $50 to $75.

Two of the most common are The Lovers ( Young Ukrainian Couple) and the girl playing he loves me he loves me not with the flower petals. Either of these would go for about $18.

Ukraine, though a State within the Soviet Socialist Republic was and is an independant Nation. It has it's own language history and customs. In fact; Russia stems from the 'Kievan Rus', hence the name 'Russian'.

Kiev Ceramics are treasured because they strongly identify with Ukrainian Nationalism.


It is Ukrainian
by: abexx

Your figurine is, indeed porcelain. It is made by the firm Kyiv Keramica (Kiev ceramics) Hence the big K on the bottom. It date to the 60's or early 70's. The 9 denoted the price in Russian Roubles. Kiev Ceramics is still in business. Some of the earlier peices are now being reproduced. To a collecter (me) they are distinguishable from the older pieces. It is hand decorated, the piece the lady is embroidering is either a towl, curtain or wrap around skirt. the current value would be $20 to $35. 15 years ago the price at a local flea market in Ukraine would have been $1 to $3. I should have bought more while living there. Enjoy it is a wonderful treasure

K K stamp
by: Anonymous

I have bought a Soviet era porcelain Ermine with a
stamp in black, of what looks like 2 Ks in a black
circle. Does any one know which factory this could be? It resembles slightly the mark for pre 1940s
Kiev Porcelain. But I think it dates to the 60s or

Lady Sewing
by: Anonymous

This piece is Ukrainian. It was produced by Kyiv Keramica (Kiev Ceramic) the 60's. They are still in business and still produce some of the older things. In your case, you have an older one: The 9 represents the price in Rubles. At that time price was determined by the State and pieces were marked with that price. This kept shop employees from inflating the price and pocketing the difference. You may go to Ebay and use the searh term Ukrainian Ceramics and see what your prize is worth. I would price it at $15 to $30.

Blue Mark NKM
by: dee

High quality Porcelain Figurine of a man carrying a opalescent spoon on his shoulder with a dog in the spoon. I was told it was from Russia. I can find nothing about it. Mark Is I believe NKM and surrounded by letters in an oval I can't read it other then Baboa or Raboa. There are numbers in a rectangle E-A10?.

Small Vase
by: Colin

I have a small 6 inch high highly glazed vase with the single blue mark 9.on the base. From previous comments can I assume that this is Russian? It has the appearance of Flow Blue leaves but also has some green colour.

king Neptune NEW
by: Eric

Found Grandma's Russian King Neptune. has K in box and looks like gold accents.About 12 inches tall

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