French Floral Pitcher K & G Pottery Mark

by Terry Hanson
(Miles City, MT., USA)

I think it's a French Floral Pitcher K & G Pottery Mark

I think it's a French Floral Pitcher K & G Pottery Mark

French Floral Pitcher K & G Pottery Mark:- Hi, All I know is this pitcher has been in my family's possession for a long time. What can you tell me about it.

Thank you

Terry Hanson


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- French Floral Pitcher K & G Pottery Mark

Hi Terry

Many thanks for your attempt at supplying good photos, but there needs to be a larger and clearer image of the mark included in order to get the best out of the potential replies in this open pottery mark forum.

I have to be careful to re-iterate I am not an expert in antique and fine china - I am merely an enthusiast trying to help visitors to my site move in the right direction in their research if at all possible.

I have to keep adding this caveat because when I forgot to do so in a reply I wrote to try to help a visitor the other day, somebody left a reply on the comments section saying "You don't seem to know much, call yourself an expert?".

Answer = "No, I don't pretend to be an expert". I myself am just a gatherer of information, but I have a team of over 30 experts who, unlike me, charge for their opinions and valuations.....

So just to let everybody know I am not trying to masquerade as an expert - I just pass on whatever information I might know help people in their research. I console myself by thinking in any public forum you are going to get your fair share of idiots.

Anyway, that said, I need to try to help you with this mark - on the off chance it is something interesting.

There is a very well known K&G maker based in France. However, I have not come across this particular mark associated with them in any references I have at my disposal.

Keller & Guerin, Luneville, Lorraine are the company I am thinking of. Luneville was a French faience factory founded c. 1720 to 1730 by a man called Jacques Chambrette. They were one of the French centers to rival the expanding English and German ceramics centers of that period.

Unfortunately, I can't read the words on your
blurry small picture, but it doesn't appear to read "Luneville" but does appear to say "?----?ville. I can't make out the last word underneath at all. Maybe you can read them and post as to what they say.

It is an important factory in the history of European porcelain, awarded 'Manufacture Royale de Fayence' by the Ducs of Larraine in 1749, and over 3 centuries has adapted production from the early hand painted Faience and Majolica to Art deco revolution in the 20th century.

Classic patterns include 'Old Strasbourg' (Rose and Tulip), Au Chinois, hand painting Barbotines Majolica and the Revolutionary Roosters by Lachenal.

Early pieces were unmarked and often to found in important museums such as the Musee d'Orsay. The factory was acquired by Keller and Guerin (Société KG) in the 19th C and by all accounts is still working today.

They were important ceramicist during the Art Deco period with work of Louis Majorelle and Ernest Bussiere’s plant-inspired forms - see recent Keller & Guerin, Luneville Auction sale. Don't get too excited about the 5 figure sum shown in that report as the more work-a-day item go for just 'normal' prices.

Don't forget, I never attempt to do valuations on this forum as I am in no way qualified. I am able to pass on vintage and antique china valuation queries to experts - this service being the safest, most reliable and best value online.

The Lunéville manufacture artisans were inspired by nature, insects, flower's and animals and later by Chinese decorations brought back by Jesuit priests on their dangerous and far flung gospel missions.

Incidentally, in 1758, Chambrette founded a second faience factory in Saint-Clément, another very famous historic name alongside the K et G Lunéville.

I read that the Lunéville production ceased in 1981, leaving only the Saint-Clément still in operation.

Like I said, I don't know if the K & G mark on your faïence pitcher is associated with K & G Lunéville, I am not qualified to say. Over to you to do your research from there.

More on general K & G Keller & Guerin, Luneville

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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K & G Pottery Mark
by: robin wyatt

My family has the exact pitcher Terry Hanson inquired about and I am wondering if anything further developed on this particular pitcher, ours also has an H embedded in the clay on the bottom and perhaps another mark or two.

We have one in our family too
by: Ann

I too would be interested in any info. about the pitcher as it looks like our family has the same one as well. I know that it was appraised many years ago (30 yrs.) and my family was surprised at it's value. According to the chart I found on Luneville pottery, our mark belongs to the 1900 - 1920 time period of production.

Anyone have anything to add? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

K & G floral pitcher
by: Sandy Imperatori

Maybe there are a lot more of these pitchers. I have one exactly like you the one you pictured with the same marks. Mine does say Luneville, France and has a "J" stamped into the bottom. It is possible that mine originated in the upper peninsula of Michigan or Canada where my mother's family was from.

Another Pitcher
by: Anonymous

We also have the same exact vase with the same signature mark but ours has an O instead of a J mark. It makes us wonder how many were made.

French Floral Pitcher - K&G
by: Anonymous

Posted 11/07/2012 -

I have seen this same pitcher with the identical K&G marking. The particular one I have seen has a "P" as well as a letter "O". Can anybody tell me what kind of appraisal or value they have gotten on theirs. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

K & G Pottery
by: Sue T.

I also have this same pitcher. It was given to me a long time ago by a family friend. I don't know much about it and the marking on the bottom is a bit smeared, but very similar to the one shown on this page. It also has the letter 'g' imprinted in the bottom. Has any information been found as to the value of this pitcher? It's interesting that so many of us have this same pitcher, but with a different letter imprinted.
Thanks of any help in finding out more about this pitcher.

Surprising to see this is not that uncommon
by: Anonymous

This vase was my mother's, and I am not sure how she acquired it.
In blue ink the name" K&G Luperville France" is noted on the bottom. The letters, "EB" and a third letter are stamped into the ceramic. Also the number "2" is stamped into the ceramic is seen. I can't find any other distinguishing marks.

Picture also cups
by: Anonymousgloria

I also have the picture and 5cups (with handle) mine has green lettering k&g les Rose lune vile France . Also more letters which looks like cue pose..?chocolate set? I bought it as antique (40yrs ago)

by: Anonymous

i have a plate of this pattern, same markings. looks as if it was meant to be decorative as their are holes on back for a wire to hang

by: Anonymous

I, too, have the same pitcher. It has an L stamped on the bottom and the same blue imprint as in the photo. It was my Grandmother's, but I believe she inherited it from my great great aunt.

K & G Floral Vase
by: Mary Helen

I also have a lovely floral vase like the one shown. It was given to me by a dear woman who collected valuable antiques about 50 years ago. However, the logo on mine is much clearer. It reads K & G Guberville France and there is also a three-pronged etched mark embossed above the green K & G logo. Does anyone know what it might be worth?

by: Anonymous

My grandmother was born in 1896. She had in her possession a large green floral pitcher with rose-colored peonies similar to the other post. The pitcher has K & G Luneville-France printed in green on the bottom. There is an imprint of a small goblet and a capital A, too. Since my mother's death, the pitcher is with me. Just enjoy it because I remember it at Grandma's house.

I have this pitcher
by: Janet

I have this pitcher. It does have K&G Luneville Depose France on the bottom.

K & G Luneville
by: Michelle

Your mark on the bottom of your pitcher says K & G Luneville France. It is the mark used to imdicate it was made between 1900 to 1920. I have the same mark on 2 vases I recently acquired that my maternal grandmother had bought. You can google K & G Luneville France and pull up all the marks. They show what years and which marks they used.

K & G Pottery
by: Anonymous

My vase also says Luneville. I thought it was the same as the one in the photo but realized mine was painted with two bunches of grapes. Same colors. I bought it over 30 years ago at an antique store

I also have a flowering pitcher with number2 on bottom and greenish blue stamped k&g france NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a floral pitcher with number2 rd engraved in pottery and bluish green stamp on bottom , says something than france. White and purple daiys

Mary Helen NEW
by: Kathy M

I have a love green pitcher/vase and the markings on the bottom say K & G Guberville, France as does yours but the motif on the Vase is 2 large bunches of purple grapes.
Have you found out anything regarding K & G in ‘ Guberville’?

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