German Silvered Bone China - Antique Bone China Query

by Leigh
(Northfield, VT, USA)

Bavarian Porcelain Set for Coffee or Tea in Silver Overlay

Bavarian Porcelain Set for Coffee or Tea in Silver Overlay

German Silvered Bone China - Antique Bone China Query: Do you know the maker of a completely silvered bone china tea service from Bavaria? It looked like a silver tea set but was really bone china.


Answer from Peter (admin)

Hi Leigh

Thanks for your interesting query. I know of a couple of Bavaian makers who made silver overlay on china wares. However, the first thing to point out is that the ware would probably not be 'bone china' if it is of Bavarian origin, it would be porcelain. The difference is bone china (an English specialty) has the addition of ground bone which makes for a purer white color and some say greater resistance to chipping.

In the photograph above you can see an example of Bavarian silver overlaid porcelain. This set was made in Bavaria in 1941 by a firm named Gebr Dyhle in an area of Bavaria called Schwabisch-Gmund. The company, specializing in silver overlay, was wiped out in WWII, so the ware is now rare and valuable.

Another German maker who produced porcelain with a silver overlay was Hertel, Jacob & Co. who made the the finest Bavarian porcelain, again prior to the 1950's. Their workmanship is said to be comparable to Rosenthal of Bavaria.

Hope this helps with your search and gives you something to go on.

Let us know how you get on.


Peter (admin)

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24 Karet gold bavarin china 38 peice, what is the value?
by: Anonymous

It is in excellent shape no chips or cracks. I don't think it has been used to often. If anyone knows anything about it please post your comments.

Thanks Jeff

Kronesten Inquiry
by: Barb

I have a 3 piece set very similiar. It has a crown symbol and Kronesten Bavaria Exclusive with Crowe Wholesale, Savannah, GA Made in Germany on the bottom Use to sit on silver tray. Any info?


Help Elf says:-

Could be "Kronester" not "Kronesten"

Porcelain Factory J. Kronester GmbH - based in Schwarzenbach ad Saale in Bavaria, Germany. Merged with 'Schirnding A.G.' (Schirnding), and 'Johann Seltmann G.m.b.H.' (Vohenstrauß) under the name 'SKV-Porzellan-Union G.m.b.H.' in 1993 after re-unification.

Silver overlaid porcelain
by: Diana

How do I determine the value of my set. I know it's German and looks to be identical to the one on your page. I have creamer/suger and coffee/tea.

Valuing Antique Bone China and other porcelain collections
by: Peter (admin)


To find the value, you can either conduct more of your own research on values by following the advice here:-

value of antiques

OR save yourself some Google burn out (GBO) by paying an expert the price of a couple of cups of coffee:-

My vintage and antique china values page

Peter (admin)

Trademard on Silvered china
by: Diana

The silvered bone china tea set that I have (teapot, coffee pot, sugar/creamer) has the trademark of a W over MF, and each piece has a different serial/model number, such as 0,30 for the creamer. How can I identify this?


Peter (admin) says:-

I haven't been able to find any references to your 'W' over the letters 'MF' porcelain mark yet, but here are some candidates to check out further:-






Hope this helps

Peter (admin)

kronesten china
by: paul

We have a set similar to the ones on display on this page but with no legs. Help in trying to distinguish between the two,this is Bavarian China exclusive with crowe wholesale China Savannah Va ,made in Germany..thank for any help

Silver porcelain
by: Peter C

Have no idea of tge date of earlier posts- a common internet problem! One always dates a letter adter all!!

We have a compllete tea and coffee set with 12 cups and saucers. The manufacturer is Winterling of Bavaria but we are not sur of the date. Either on the 1930s or possibly in the 1900s. Their is not much information available.

Peter C Uk, Feb 2017

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