Germany China Mark Query - Crown over O and X

by Susan & Bill
(Cornelius, North Carolina USA)

Germany China Mark Query - Crown over O and X

Germany China Mark Query - Crown over O and X

Germany China Mark Query - Crown over O and X:- We picked up these 6 plates at an auction in January thinking we could identify the mark as we have been able to do with many others. However, we have hit a brick wall--and are very frustrated! We would appreciate knowing what company used this mark and any history of the company. If you know the pattern, that information would be greatly appreciated. The plates are 8 5/8 inches in diameter. The orange rose pattern is so beautiful and orange is not a common color for dinnerware. The plates are heavily embossed with the pattern repeating 3 times and the scalloped rim is gold trimmed. We thought all 6 plates were the same. However, we discovered differently when washing and drying them. Two have a smaller pattern that repeats 4 times while 4 have a larger pattern that repeats 3 times. Greens, blues, and oranges are the prominent colors on the pure white porcelain.

The plates say Germany on the back and each has a number and letter written separately in gold. The one pictured says L 69 while other numbers are 71, 10, etc. The backstamp is a brown and has a simple crown at the top with the word Germany in an arch at the bottom. We do not know how to describe what is between those two.

Thanks for any assistance.

Susan & Bill


Germany China Mark Query - Crown over O and X

Hi Susan & Bill

This one is definitely classifiable as unclassified!

Nothing in my books, and is impossible to describe in keywords, making searching online impossible.

We have, however, had miracles happen before on this site where a knowledgeable contributor pitches in with a solution (check out the comments section below for replies).

One idea, if you have time, is to go to the German marks specialist site and look through every page of entries until you find it. If it is not on this site, it is likely not online at all. Unfortunately, the publisher uses geographical navigation, so to find a graphic mark without any other clue is not possible with his in house search function.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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found your answer! 9/17/12
by: Laurie

I received lots of cups, saucers and plates from my grandmother and one was a beautiful scalloped edged plate with the same marking on the back as you described. I don't know the date of your posting, maybe years ago :-) but if you're still interested, I found the answer!!!
Go to It is the society for old ivory and ohme porcelains! There you can see pics of the markings, the different styles and designs. This site is specifically for the marking you posted for it is from the factory of Hermann Ohme (that's the "O" and the "H" under the crown)... I thought originally it was an arrow but it was actually made, using his initials, to look like the fleur-de-lis! His factory was in Germany 1882-1928 and he Clear Glaze or the Old Ivory were sold all over Europe and the US. It gives quite the history plus pics. I found my style/blank (Eglantine) but not my specific decoration but it said lots were not listed there. They just had a big convention up in Minnesota. I bet if you wrote/emailed them they could give you worth. Hope this helped, I had fun looking it up!

Ohme Oh MY!
by: Peter (admin)


You are a star - many thanks for your very kind consideration! This is a not so old a query - last year (2011). But in any case, solving issues like this obscure and hard to look up mark is priceless and ageless as there will always be folk wanting to know the answer to this one (including me!).

People (not just the original posters Sue & Bill) will forever Google for this obscure answer and will now find it right here forever - thank you!

Peter (admin)

Hermann Ohme; Pattern 117
by: AnonymouFrank A. Buehlers

Good Saturday Morning(Feb. 23rd, 2013)!

This article (about the trademark for Hermann Ohme) made my YEAR!!!

I have a bread and butter plate, pattern # 117 . I found the pattern on .

Unfortunately, they do not list my exact plate. But, I know that I have the correct pattern...and, of I could, I'd post a picture of my bread and butter plate right here!

I have no clue about its value; I'm "Googled Out" for today!

O'd take any he;p that would be offered! I can be reached directly by cell phone at" 478 979 0588

My e-mail is: I reside in Milledgeville, Georgia

Admin.: If I've asked anything that is inappropos, please edit my post! I'd sure appreciate any feedback from you as well! O thank you one and all!

Hermann Ohme
by: Michelle

WOW thank you thank you thank you! Been trying to research that same (Hermann Ohme) backstamp for over a glad I ran into this page!! Michelle

6 Eglantine Plates
by: Judy

Bought these 6 plates at auction and had no idea what the mark meant. Thanks for putting me on the right trail. The SOIOP website doesn't seem to be working, but I was able to find identical plates to mine by following some of your comments.

Thank you all!

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