Hammersly NOT 'Hammersley!' China Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query

by Elisabeth

Hammersly NOT 'Hammersley!' China Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query: We have a large collection of Hammersly China (NOT 'Hammersley!) and we would like to know the history of the make. All the pottery marks say: Hammersly Pottery decorators Ltd, a royal crest, then Fine Bone China, all in green.

Thanking you for your time,



Answer by Peter (admin)

to Hammersly NOT 'Hammersley!' China Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query:

Dear Elizabeth

Well! You have me stumped. I have some serious reference encyclopaedias at my disposal and none of them mention a china manufacturer spelled Hammersly. There are several spelled Hammersley. The most comprehensive online gallery of makers and patterns in the history of the industry can be found on the award winning site, replacements.com (go to my China Replacement page for a link) - and they don't mention a Hammersly only Hammersley.

You mention a pottery mark with a Royal Crest. I can sometimes identify a china manufacturer by looking up the pottery mark - so a picture would be a great help.

My theory is this: Hammersly is a very small local maker or had a very brief history, and has been overlooked by the reference books. It could also be a modern maker maybe. It would most definitely be included in the records otherwise.

Please keep us posted if you are able to find out any more info on the mysterious Hammersly.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Hammersly China
by: Anonymous


Did you ever discover anything about "Hammersly" china? I just purchased a set of it which is quite nice, but I've been unable to find anything out about the maker. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.


"Hammersly" china"
by: Yolande


I am also trying to find out the background of "Hammersly" china? I have a vegetable tureen with lid, Strawberries motif. I would be pleased to hear from you.

Hammersley, not Hammersly
by: Anonymous

I'm sitting here looking at a Hammersley & Co. teacup. So at least some bone china manufacturer spells it this way.


Peter (admin says):- There are several known pottery companies spelled Hammersley, but none that I can find called 'Hammersly'. Any solutions to this thorny one please post here.

by: Beverley Joyce

I am looking to find a cup in the Hammersly La France range. Does anyone have one for sale?

by: Beverley Joyce

I am looking to find a cup in the Hammersly La France range. Does anyone have one for sale? Please reply on this thread right here.

searching for Hammersley
by: pimpmyride36

hi there, ive got a small bone china with floral effect vase with the name "Hammersley" on the base with also a crown below the name and something that looks like a flower design above the name,also on this it says "made in england" all writing and marks in green apart from a number which is in red showing 13-2.
can anyone help me on this cos im finding only hammersley n co on web wearches

I also have a "Royal Ascot" bone chine made in england small shallow dish with fruit design,on the base under the name is the emblem of a top hat in a blue flower like circle,any help on this would be appreciated
kind regards

Autumn Gold
by: Anonymous

I have some hammersly fine bone china with the royala crest called autumn gold with a signature painted on to it of K Sull or K Sall, but I can find no record of this anywhere, it is quite beautiful and given to me by my sister, it is part of a dinner service. Would be interested in any information

by: Katy

I too have some china by hammersly signed K. Sall. It is a breakfast set and I have been unable to find the pattern name but it is a cream background, gold edging and the pattern is different types of fruit.
I too, would be interested if anyone knows anything about this artist.

re- Hammersly fine bone china
by: Jan

I have just bought two lovely pieces today, an ornate teapot and an oval fruit bowl. The pattern is Queen Anne. They are two stunning items and I Googled the name as I have only heard of Hammersley and can find nothing in my reference books. I hope someone can enlighten us all.

Carnival by Hammersley
by: Elaine

I am looking for the Carnival tea set by Hammersley. I would be interested in odd pieces of the set but have not been able to find out anything about it. Not even a history - does anyone out there know anything about it?


hammersley autom gold full set
by: Anonymous

Hi I have the full set can't find any info on it at all is it old or new what is it worth any help would be greatly appreciated

by: Kim

I have a Hammersley tea set - 12 trios, cream jug, sugar bowl and 2 cake plates. they have an impressed crown with H & Co impressed also. So am assuming this is Hammersley. They have Rd no. 150153 and pattern no. 3986. They have a white background with gold/brown leafage and a blue flower - appears to be maybe thistle or cornflower - The edges are trimmed with gold. A really lovely set, but can't find anything anywhere about it. Have a photo if anyone can help am happy to send.

Autumn gold Royal Grafton
by: Vanya


I cannot find a record or pictures or anything on any website regarding this tea set that I have.

If you could help me with the history and value, I would be so grateful. I think it was a rare set for the Queens Jubilee.

Hammersley NEW
by: Molly

Hi, I have a shell shaped piece of Hammersley with an Ivy pattern, on the back it just says HAMMERSLEY IRELAND with a gold harp and all in a blue circle that looks like a ships wheel. I cannot find anything on it, can you give me any information please?

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