Harvey Adams Formerly Adams & Scrivener, Subsequently HAMMERSLEY & CO Query

by Shirley Jack

Harvey Adams Formerly Adams & Scrivener, Subsequently HAMMERSLEY & CO Query

Harvey Adams Formerly Adams & Scrivener, Subsequently HAMMERSLEY & CO Query

Harvey Adams Formerly Adams & Scrivener, Subsequently HAMMERSLEY & CO Query: Hello Peter, I don't know if you can help with my enquiry. I have two vases (standing over 12inch tall) which have been in my family for many many years. They were made by Harvey Adams and co Longton apparently during the years 1870-1875. I am interested to know their background and whether they were the only ones made. If you are unable to help me do you know who else I could contact? I have photos which I can email.Thanks very much. I am in Australia.

Shirley Jack

Reply by Peter (admin)

To Harvey Adams Formerly Adams & Scrivener, Subsequently HAMMERSLEY & CO Query

Hi Shirley

Thanks for your interesting query about your families Harvey Adams vases.

I am not positive they are who you say as the mark is a little unclear, but I can run through a review of Harvey Adams wares and history and also suggest some other makers I have seen who use a similar mark.

It would be interesting to get some comments from visitors who collect wares with this backtamp to chip in and also give us their view.

Harvey Adams & Co is one of nine English 'Adams' makers listed in my reference books, the most famous of which being the works of William Adams of Tunstall. Harvey Adams has only one mark listed (which is a crown with H. A & Co above), whereas W Adams has a selection in excess of 24 different marks listed.

There is another Victorian antique china firm with a H. A & Co pottery mark, not to be confused with Harvey Adams & Co. They were H. (Henry) Alcock & Co. c1881 - 1910 and they also used these initials,
but didn't have a crown mark, but had either a plain lettering or a coat of arms shield with their full name beneath.

Harvey Adams & Co were in business with that name for only 15 years from 1870. Prior to that they were known as Adams & Scrivener (no dates shown). After 1885 they changed their name to Hammersley & Co, then Hammersley & Co (Longton) Ltd after 1932. They continued into modern times under that name. Whether they are still in operation today, I do not know.

If you check out the searching resources as outlined in my China Replacement page and you will get an idea of value for Harvey Adams & Co wares.

Suffice to say, when I had a look around, I found the wares of Harvey Adams & Co to be extremely rare. Not surprising after such a short period of producing. As they were an earlier incarnation of Hammersley wares, I suspect Harvey Adams items might be quite sought after by collectors of that particular pottery mark, but I don't know for sure.

The other thing to take into consideration when valuing wares is the quality of the make. Reading a review from Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900, by all accounts H. A & Co were well respected potters.

I tried to blow up the close up of your mark, but could not properly make out what the small marks to the right are. This particular mark is shown nowhere in my books. Any help or comments on this one would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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plate by w. adams and co.
by: Jackie

Hi Peter,
I have an old plate that I just received of the Stewart-Haskell Free Library done by W. Adams and Co. Could you please tell me where to find out how old it is? I have tried several times to research it on the net but haven't had much luck. From the looks of it, and it's great for the appearance of it, I think it must be really old. The only info I have found is that Mr. Adams was in the states at one time and he went back to England to do the pottery or porcelain that was sold here. I can send pics if it would help.
Thank you in advance,

Harvey Adams
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Jackie

I think your best bet might be to get a pro to look at this. I can help liaise for you and keep the price down.

Go here:- >vintage and antique china values page

by: Anonymous

I believe this is from the manufacture of Henri Ardant , Limoges , France / HA&co or HA&Cie , late XIX century.
I own some of their works and apart from the stamp its very much in their fashion . Just google Henri Ardant or check on Ebay to compare . Certainly objects of value

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