Help Identifying Crown With IVO Pottery Mark

by Richard

Unknown maker - Help Identifying Crown With IVO Pottery Mark

Unknown maker - Help Identifying Crown With IVO Pottery Mark

Help Identifying Crown With IVO Pottery Mark:- I have two 9" figurines. Both are blue and white porcelain with gold/guilt embellishments. They are dressed like late 16th century/early 17th century.

The mark is like a crown, with three 'arches' side by side with the middle one taller. Under that is a bar with four smaller bars/gems inlaid. Below and still part of the image is a plaque with the letters IVO. Please see picture.

My parent have had them for a long while, but do not know where they came from. I have tried to find the symbol without luck. There is no further marks I can find.



Reply by Peter (admin)

to Help Identifying Crown With IVO Pottery Mark

Dear Richard

Please submit a second photo of the actual pieces. Send as many pics as you like - using a new submission form for each photo.

***{ed. pics now submitted - see above}***

The reason I need visuals is they sound unusual and I have never sen this mark before and it is not amongst the 6000 marks in my various reference books and encyclopedias.

There is another anomaly in that you say your parents have had these figurines a long while, yet, to me, the mark looks typical of the type of mark you would see on more modern wares. The pottery mark appears as if it has been cleanly transfer printed rather than 'stamped' like most older wares.

Best regards

Peter (admin)


Further comment by Richard

Hi Peter - in addition to my earlier post. I include a couple of pictures of the objects - 1 in this part and one in part III - to give a better idea of the objects themselves. I will ask my mother when in get chance as to when she bought them, but it was at least 20 years ago as they moved house then and they were part of the move. The mark in not impressed in the clay, but is under the glaze. Thanks again Richard.


Reply by Peter (admin)

Thanks for the pics, Richard. I have uploaded them adding them to your original IVO pottery mark pic.

These items are a mystery to me as this makers pottery mark is nowhere to be seen in either Kovels or Millers guides.

However, I did find
other similar blue & white 'period' figurines with the same 'IVO' mark selling on ebay (go to my China Replacement page to see how to search correctly - use the keyword term "ivo figurines", keep the search on 'all categories' and do not use the 'include title and description' box.

The weird thing about these items is there is a bit of a 'Twilght Zone' connection I found. It can't be a coincidence that the name of a renowned collection of rare and very valuable antique porcelain figures is called "The Ivo Forde Collection". I have no idea who Ivo Forde is, but whoever they are, they lend out their priceless collections to various important stately homes in England.

For example, the Ivo Forde Meissen collection of Italian comedy figurines is housed at Clandon House near Guilford, England. Clandon House and Park is a grand 18th-century Palladian mansion, built in 1730 by the Venetian architect Giacomo Leoni. Another of the Ivo Ford Collections is the the "Ivo Forde collection of Sèvres Porcelain Figures".

These collections are literally priceless.

The IVO figures on ebay, similar to yours have a starting price of just a couple of pounds. You can follow the auctions to see what they fetch (click the 'watch' button).

All round this is quite weird. Someone seems to have done a collection of blue and white figurines in period costume which pays 'homage' to the Ivo Forde priceless collections of Meissen and Sevres figural groups. This means their knowledge of antique china is first class because Ivo Forde is not exactly a household name.

Here are two guesses from me. Feel free to invent your own:

    1. The museum shops put together a reproduction figurine collection based on the Ivo Forde collection to sell as souvenirs to tourists.

    2. A clever Japanese importer such as Arnart (well known for fakery in the 1950's and 1960's) put together a collection and tried to cash in on the prestige of the Ivo Forde Collections.

It could all be a co-incidence, though, in which case we are still in the dark.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

Please post comments below which you think might be helpful……

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IVO mark with crown
by: Anonymous

Hello, i have have also come across a ornament of a man and woman sitting on what appears to be a backless bench and im pretty sure its the same two figures as the ones that are posted by the gentleman. I am just wondering if you came across any information regard them as i can not find anyhting and would like to know what the ornament is worth? Would really apppriciate it if you could get back to me. Thankyou.

kind regards

further comments on IVO Figurines
by: Gill

I too have a figurine with the Crown Mark with IVO - my figurine is a seated lady with a table with wine bottle and a wine cup in her hand. Around the base there is further decoration that is similar to the crown pattern. I have had this figurine for over 30 years and it was given to me with the comment to look after it as it might some day be valuable.

I would like to know something of the origin of this piece.

IVO figurines
by: D. Ambrose

I was interested to see the comments about IVO figurines as I have 2 of them.

Unlike your contributors' examples, mine are of an oriental couple - possibly a Mandarin & his wife in elaborate costumes of blue & white with gold embellishments.

I'd be very interested to know more about their origin.

More information on IVO Figurines
by: Patricia Sawyer

Hello Peter

I have been trying to find out more about IVO figurines and I came across the gentleman who couldn't trace them either.

Here's what I know:-

I bought 7 figurines 40 years ago in Seven Kings Essex and they are all period pieces. They are beautiful figures and at the time were expensive, at least £100 each on today's value.

Are they really fake - they have the same mark as the gentleman's.

Thank you.

Patricia Sawyer


Reply from Peter (admin)

Dear Patricia

Interesting addition to this debate, which we still have not solved. Knowing these were top end figures and not sold for pennies and your other clues is bound to help, so thank you.

I am not sure about calling them 'fakes' but I feel they very much have the look of reproductions (not of the period depicted) and are only of average quality in the modelling, design and production, despite the high-end price points.

I am not saying they are shoddy or mass produced or anything like that, only that top quality porcelain items have a different look and feel to them, and normally have either a top makers name attached or, alternatively a well known (and collected) artist who sculpted them.

To give you an idea of what I mean, please go to my figurine shop homepage here.

Peter (admin)

by: Jim Cuffaro

I have also come across a 9" figurine wirh blue and white porcelain with gold/guilt embellishments. it is also dressed like late 16th century/early 17th century. I'd be very interested to know where they come from and what value they have if any.

ivo mark
by: wendi

Hi, I have one too... mine is a lady and gent on a see-saw.. they look almost exactly like the people in the picture, similar attire etc exactly the same mark underneath. I believe mine is over 50 years old too, in first class condition too, I am looking to sell also, but don't want to just put on ebay as nobody seems to know anything about it. I also trawled the internet for some kind of answer.. to no avail, so how do i get it valued and find out who our mystery 'IVO' is?

IVO Figurines
by: The Forum Help Elf

Peter organises online valuations/appraisals herePeter's Antiques Roadshow style valuations online.

I double whether the resident experts could narrow these down to a specific maker, but from little clues about how they look and how the mark is printed, they would narrow it down to a country (or region) of origin, and a pretty accurate date and hence would be able to value these very accurately.

p.s. They may even know the specific studio which made these, but I think this unlikely.

About "IVO"
by: Javier

Hello, I've been looking for about IVO, and following his hypothesis Arnat found a seal that resembles that shown on the basis of the figures, primarily in the form of the crown. I don't know if you have discovered something more about it, I leave the link:

Images 22.1 and 23.1

Greetings (and sorry for my bad english)

any identical pieces??
by: Claire

I have just been given 6 different pieces. Horse and cart, man and lady on a bench. Card table, lady at dressing table. Does anyone have a piece identical to someone elses???

IVO figurine
by: Anonymous

I have a man sitting on a stool of some sort with a mandolin/violin. It's really a beautiful piece. I would not sell it for less than £100 that's how much I adore it. I might not even sell it for more. I adore it. Even though it might be a copy or fake.

Ivo porcelain
by: Kay

I have four figures, two male and two female representing the four seasons. I too would like to know where nd who made them. I inherited them from my aunt over 25 years ago.

IVO Marking
by: Anonymous

I too have the man and woman figurine as pictured.The woman is marked with the crown and the IVO letters as described, with one difference she has a cross sword with the letter C-3260,the man does not have the crown but just the cross sword with the same C-3260 Leigh S.

Standing Figurines
by: SW

I also have a male and a female figurine similar to the pictures, but my female has a harp in her hand instead. They both have 2 swords crossing and the numbers male-C3260 and IVO crown symbol and the female no IVO crown symbol C3259. I received them from my mom years ago.

two different figures
by: David

Hi I have been looking for a makers name for at least twenty years with no luck.
I got my figures, a man and women both holding a single flower and on round white bases,the woman is wearing a bonnet and the man is holding a hat, from an antique fair in Guildford about thirty years ago.
The old lady selling them said she got them from her mother.
Any news on the maker would be great.


IVO porcelain marks
by: Jacqui

I have had three pieces bearing this mark for around 45 years. They were bought new at a gift type shop in Surrey. One is a gentleman around 7-8inches tall in blue and white floral coat with hat in hand and small posie in other hand. The other two are matching pair again In Blue and white floral and gilt - lady with basket of flowers seated on a log and gent seated with birds. They were not expensive as I had limited money - probably no more than a pound or two.

I also was given by my father another piece of a lady at a table with a bird cage - again in blue and white with gilt . Same theme but this one is a better quality and was part of a collection but I only ever got the one. This has the mark under Weiss Bach in a shield with a crown above and the words Foreign. Continental. This one was a little more expensive - around £10.

by: Monika Higginson

hi from auustralia
I received 9 of these from nanna and grandad..he is 98 now and originally from England Nottingham.
He told me when nanna bought they were expensive late 1940 and they went under the collection of Grace and Favour to do with Royal history: ladies in the court etc
I will try and find out all he can remember on them as he has all his wits about him!

IVO gift
by: Anonymous

Mine, a couple playing cards at table, was bought new at Thomas & Thomas of Swansea around 1980. A Christmas gift from my parents would not have cost much - around £30 I guess.
Thomas & Thomas were trade wholesalers with fairly decent quality household products and my father had a card to buy there. We were a large family so my parents were glad of the discount!

I think I know the origin and date of this IVO range
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks to all for your comments, especialy the last few that nail some details of the origin and provenance of these. Keep them coming . . .

Earlier in this thread, when it had just begun. I made a couple of guesses about what the origin of these items could be.

One of them I think is now more likely. These are likely Imports from the Far East produced on a manufacturing scale in the 1970's and 80's to a price point and sold through wholesalers. It seems most of the contributors are from the UK, so IVO may have been a UK brand only. If anyone from the US has these, please post.

In terms of value, this will be decorative and sentimental only rather than collectable values.

I'd still like to know more details of the maker and importer and how they came about. So please keep posting if you have anything.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

IVO Markings
by: Sheila

I am interested to read the comments by Monika Higginson as I also live in Nottingham and inherited the figurine of a lady and gentleman sitting playing cards at a table.Both dressed in blue and white with gilt edging. I believe the figure to be about from the 1940/1950's and have no idea of its value.

lady figurine
by: david cubert

Hi I have inherited from my mother in law a lady figurine It has the blue crown IVO It also has an impressed A in a circle under the crown. It was gifted to my late mother in law by her neighbour who was from Belgium. DOES THIS EXTRA MARK MEAN ANYTHING?


I have a lovely piece depicting a young man with doves, and carrier box. Also has the IVO mark on its base. Have just put this on Ebay, to test the market.

in the usa NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two of these 9" figurines that I received years ago from my aunt who had received them from her mother in law. beyond that I have no information.

Pottery peices NEW
by: Anonymous

Just researching my two figurines. They have the same marks. Brought them from an antique shop 40years ago for £9.00.

Turkic Origion NEW
by: jeanette

Hi i have a young boy sat down with the same markings only he is holding a axe, and is wearing a papakha hat. I dont know if this is any use.

IVO figurines
by: Phil

I have a couple playing chess in white and
blue,gold in perfect condition bought over 25years ago it would be nice if they are valuable.
Can anyone shed some light on three
military hand made figurines made by
G Arena Sciacca any ideas on a value

IVO in South Africa NEW
by: Casper

Good Day

I have a pair playing chess. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa.


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