Help With Sun Burst Pottery Marking on Vase

by Roy

Help With Sun Burst Pottery Marking on Vase

Help With Sun Burst Pottery Marking on Vase

Help With Sun Burst Pottery Marking on Vase:- I need a little help with the markings on the bottom of this vase. Don't really know much about it, I got it from an aunt when she passed away and I've had it about 5 years. Vase is 7" tall. There are some faint markings below the numbers 614F.

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To:- Help With Sun Burst Pottery Marking on Vase

Hi Roy

Many thanks for your nice photos.

I am no use on this one. I'm afraid. It does look familiar, but when I looked up this mark I had no luck - at least in my books.

It is likely that a knowledgeable person will pitch up on this thread very soon (it's happened before many times). Scroll down to the comments section to see if there is a reply.

Often we have to be a bit patient and wait for Google to find and index the page, then post it in the search top 10 and then the right person to do the search and find this page.

Also maybe try the website and have a browse there.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Rookwood Vase With Flame RP Mark
by: Blake Awbrey

Dear Roy, The mark on your vase is that of Rookwood Pottery. The RP logo is surrounded by 14 flames. Very early pieces used the flames to denote years until 1901 when a Roman Numeral was added below the mark. Based on your mark of XXVI your vase was made in 1926. The number below the Roman Numeral is the shape number and the letter is the size code. I'm out of time right now to do more research but will post again later this evening. In the mean time, please look your vase over carefully for any initials hidden in the decoration. These would be the initials of the artist that decorated your vase and certain artists command premium prices. You have a very nice piece of American Art Pottery.

Yours, Blake

Flame or Sunburst Mark with R or P Letters - Looks like a Keyhole Symbol
by: Peter (admin)


Many thanks again for your help on this Rookwood one. I suppose to a collector, this was an obvious one, but again I missed it in my Kovels book. You live and learn I suppose.

I looked under circle marks because I saw the sunburst or flames (as I now know they are) as a circle mark. Having hunted throughout the book for this Rookwood mark, I finally found it listed in the P section (not R). That makes it tricky to find for the uninitiated like me. I never would have looked under P for this mark.

The mark looks like a strange keyhole symbol to me (with a line down the center). Once you know they are letters you see two R's - one normal, one reverse. Actually it is a P not an R - it looks like an R because one of the flames joins it to make to look like an R.

There was also a further listing of this mark in the index where it explains the history of this mark. One flame marking was added every year from 1886 to 1900 when a roman numeral was added to indicate the 2 year digits (e.g. 06 would be V1).

Blake, thanks again for taking the time out to help Roy with his beautiful American art vase from the one and only Rookwood pottery - a fabulous 'assist'.

Peter (admin)

I have one of these!
by: Anonymous

It is a simple but striking vase, colors are bold green and black. I rather like it.

Rockpool Pottery
by: Charli

I think it is Rockpool Pottery :)

pottery patty NEW
by: Anonymous

Pretty sure it's Rookwood Pottery

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