Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?

by Michael

Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?

Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?

Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?:- i recently bought this piece at a collectibles fair purely because it matches the decor of our home and it is a lovely colour and delicacy so i have no intention of selling or trying to make any money from it.

the seller suspects it is austrian or german from c.1930, the only mark on it is seems to be jk.
i would be grateful for some suggestions on origin.


Reply by Peter (admin)

to :- ‘Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?’

Hi Michael

I have not yet received a photo of the mark - which in all cases is important - but in this case vital. Please upload a photo asap.
    Pottery mark now uploaded (see above) - but not much help. I have never seen such a mark before. Not much of a mark really, more a blur. Any contributions welcome

    However, I can look at the figurine, which is utterly superb by the way, and just know the modeling comes from the Deco period in the 1920's and 30's.

    The modeling looks Germanic in style and the subtlety of it tells me it could not possibly be recreated by a sculptor working today, even if a top man tried really hard.

    Of course, a modern factory could have done a repro of original modeling, but the glaze is so soft and subtle as to suggest it would be difficult to reproduce today.

    That's just my overall impression without being able to check other
    tell-tale signs of age.

    I don't know which factory, as identifying the mark is difficult - but I will tell you what I know about JK marks.

    Many marks with the cursive letters become confused as to what initials they are supposed to be portraying.

    For example a cursive T looks exactly like what we would regard today as a J. The R can be mistaken for a K if the stamp or writing is not clear enough.

    So anyone (like yourself) describing a J K mark, could actually be looking at one of four possibilities TK, TR, JK, or JR.

    Ludwigsburg, for instance were known to have a mark which looks to our eyes like JR .... but is really saying TR - see Ludwigsburg Marks (scroll down to the "L" listing).

    Between 1857-1920 Hutschenreuther had a mark which was a J R, but if not applied correctly could easily look like a J K. Hutschenreuther, which are of fantastic quality, could easily be the makers of your figurine.

    Any of the information we have on the site is easily searchable. To find the search funtion, all you needed to do was to use one of the search boxes at the top of any main page):-

    For more detailed identification, valuation and history please go here:- This is a premium service.

    OR go to my page here to get further tips on self-help.

    Best regards,

    Peter (admin)

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    end 'Identify JK pottery mark on figurine?'

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Me too!
by: Anonymous

Just bought some book ends in similar colours and look similar style/period to the girl shown in previous message. they are or two clowns and too have what looks like a JK mark. If i send pictures of them and the base could you have a look please?

JK or JR Mark on Nice Quality Art Deco Figurine and Bookends
by: Peter (admin)

Yes please, I would like to upload them here. Please send to Thanks - look forward to seeing them.


JK porcelain mark
by: Anonymous

I have just purchased a pair of clown book ends with the same mark. Could hey be repro.

by: Dani

I have a Romanian teapot with similar "JK". Very curious about it.




Comment by Peter (admin)

Just curious to know how you know this is Romanian as there is no indication on the mark

Romanian is a big clue!
by: Peter (admin)

A big hi to the last poster....

Romanian is a big clue to this. I don't recall we had that info before in this thread unless I missed it.

It definitely has that very creative Eatern European feel to it. I can't explain, but when you see Russian art and figurines, they always have a completely different arty feel to them - and this piece looks like that.

If you read this, please send pics of your teapot and its mark to me at:-

I looked up Romanian porcelain makers and came up with the name Apulum Fine Porcelain, who did make figurines, but they mainly look like Royal Douton's worst attempts and don't have this quality and the mark is different.

The mark looks like this on figurines:-



Peter (admin)

by: Anonymous

Greetings! I also have pieces with the Apulum marks from different eras. I'll post photos as soon as I figure out how.

Send me pics by email please
by: Peter (admin)

Hi to the last poster

Would love your pics and comments - send them to me here by email

and I'll place them up for you.

My forum structure wasn't originally designed for commenters to upload their own pics, but we really need that functionality, so I am getting the techies onto it.

Meantime, either send to me or post them up on Flickr or elsewhere and link.


Peter (admin)

Romanian Pottery? How do you know?
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Dani

I just put your pics up of your Romanian JK teapot and mark, thanks (see above on your comment).

Just curious to know how you know this is Romanian as there is no indication on the mark.

Peter (admin)


Dani Replied:-

Hi Peter

I got this and other pieces from a couple who said they acquired them in Romania.



Peter (admin) wrote:

Ok Dani, thanks for that. Interesting.

JK mark on Deco figurine
by: Karen

I have purchased a Deco figurine from an antiques stall in Rome at the weekend, she has exactly the same JK mark as the one in the photo and looks like the one shown except she is white and yellow. Has anyone found the maker yet?

Not Yet
by: Peter (admin)

We are still looking, but your contribution is piece in the jigsaw, of course.

You got it in Italy and in a different colour.

Do you have any available photos to send?

Best regards

Peter (admin)

JK saga continued
by: Anonymous

I have an Art Deco ashtray with a figure of a clown with the same intertwined 'JK' initials, incised and 'Germany'. The only candidate with those initials that I can find is Josef Kuba but he seems to have concentrated on more traditional transfer patterns, and his backstamps are much more formal. At least the presence of 'Germany' indicates pre-war.

JK mark on art vase
by: Lisa Marie

I just posted a vase with the mark JK but it's not the same style as this example at all. Mine is a vase, with an Iris pattern in the style of an early Roseville. (Of course it's not) I was wondering if it could possibly be German or Romanian? It's just so beautiful. It's hard to imagine this object not belonging to some collection or noted factory somewhere. My mark however is not glazed, or stamped. It appears to be incised by hand as though a student did it? If anyone knows anything about JK please let me know?

The moderator says:-

Hi Lisa Marie - we are moving your post here as this thread is a collecting point for all references to JK marks. People can then compare and contrast the marks and the items - and we can move forward on this marking.


Here's Lisa Marie's post:-

Mystery Mark. Porcelain Iris Vase hand marked "JK"

I have been a collector/dealer/seller of art and antiques for about 16 years. I collect various objects of interest to me. I procure, collect, and sell everything from Japanese art, to Americana. I love odd, aesthetically lovely, tactile, interesting things.

I found this beauty in a thrift shop about a week ago and I haven't been able to find anything on it.

It has no factory mark but is hand etched with the two letters JK. I believe it must be handmade, possibly by a student of some kind but it is just so beautifully done I can't imagine it not belonging to some collection?

This is a lovely porcelain vase. It is decorated with an Iris pattern in the style of Roseville with soft bisque paste colors in light blue and green, with a touch of pink. It is in perfect condition stands about 7 1/2 inches tall and about 3 1/2 inches at its widest point.

I'd like to know if anyone has seen anything like it before? Despite the simple etched hand made mark, could it possibly belong to some factory, or maker? West German or American perhaps? It's just so beautiful. The artist obviously had skill enough to work for any factory making objects like it. If anyone knows please let me know. It is appreciated.


Best regards

Lisa Marie

JK Marking
by: Suz

I have several dog figurines with this stamp on as well as a tag the has HHH and semi-circle join the first and last H. Would love to know more about it.



Reply to Suz from Peter (admin)

Hi Suz

Thanks for this heads up - very useful snippet of evidence that helps this discussion along.

Here's what I found out:-

This is the third separate JK mark uploaded in this discussion thread - which makes it all the more rich and interesting.

I think your mark appears to be saying JHK, but is actually saying HK for Harvery Knox - not JK at all

And here's what I found out about the HHH:-

HHH - The distributor/importer/wholesaler not the maker not sure what 3 H's stand for, but there is some kind of association with Global Art or 'House of Global Art' - a trademark of Geobel (House of Goebel Handelsgesellschaft). So maybe the HHH stands for "Harvey House Handelsgesellschaft"?? Who knows? Confusing! If you know, please post...

Does this get us any closer to knowing if the JK seen on Michael's original Art Deco style lovely figurine lady is anything to do with the above?

Possibly not, but who cares, this is an interesting thread, thanks to all so far.

Peter (admin)

JK or IK ~ Mystery Figurines
by: Anonymous

I have a pair of figurines that have, what looks like, J.K.markings.
One of the figures also has 22 and, what looks like 1741. I'm not sure if the 22 stands for 2 of 2 or?
Can I send you photos?
I would love to find out any information about these pieces.
Thank you

J.K 22 1741 Markings
by: Anonymous

I also have two figurines of a dancing boy and dancing girl with the J.K. 22 1741 mark on the bottom of the girl. I am so curious to see where these pieces are from and how old they are. I picked them up at an estate sale in Pasadena, CA.
Thank you

by: Paulene

I have 2 animal figures (otters I think) with the umbrella over the H, the initials JK and the numbers H525E82 and H525D82.
These would appear to be design/catalogue numbers.
Is this of any help?

J.K Mark NEW
by: Moira

I have a little vase it has JK are on the bottom and the number 115, +2 other very interesting marks which I cannot decipher but there clearly representation of something. I wish I knew how to send a photo because it’s language that someone else might know how to decipher.

by: Anonymous

4" tall figure of a kitten with incised/cast J or HK and H511C82 pattern?# under that

J or HK mark on small cat figure NEW
by: Anonymous

so I just tracked it down to this
Produced By Global Art Harvey Knox Kingdom Japan. 1983 House Of Global Art.

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