Identifying Imperial Fine English China Tea Set

by Yvonne
(London England)

Identifying Imperial Fine English China Tea Set:- I have inherited a china tea set which has no company name but has the following circular stamp on the base IMPERIAL Fine English China Warrented 22 Kt Gold.

With the initials ED outside the circle.

This belonged to my mother in law and was probably purchased around the 1950's.
As she was Canadian, it could have been purchased there and transported to England with her belongings around 1945 making the purchase date much earlier.

Many thanks



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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Identifying Imperial Fine English China Tea Set

Hi Yvonne

Normally submission without photos don't get published, but your contribution adds to the research on the subject - so I made an exception.

Here are all the makers I can find who use the name “Imperial” within the mark on their wares (not including pattern names - of which there are many):-

    1. There was a firm unconnected with Josiah Wedgwood, calling themselves Wedgwood & Co, who had many different trade marks for their wares. One such mark listed in my books is “Imperial Porcelain”. Another is “Royal Tunstall”, another is also “Royal Semi- Porcelain”. They are not listed as having
    used the “Royal Imperial” pottery mark, but as they survived from 1860 to 1965, there is a chance they may have used the term “Royal Imperial” as a mark from the 1950’s onwards.

    2. There was a firm by the name of William Hulme of Staffordshire who also used the name “Imperial Porcelain” for a short period of time in the 1950’s (but not identified as using “Royal Imperial”).

    3. Two US firms used the term “Imperial” in their pottery marks. One was Hull Pottery of Crooksville OH, founded 1905, and the other was the Pioneer Pottery of Wellsville OH (1884 to 1900).

    4. The Europeans also got in on the act with Imperial Wessel of Bonn (1893 to present) and Imperial wares by the Amphora Works, Bohemia (1892 to 1945)

That's all I know on the subject right now. Next we need to wait for a knowledgeable person to pitch up on this thread (it's happened before many times).

You have to be patient and wait for Google to find and index the page, then post it in the search top 10 and then the right person to do the search and find this page.

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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Royal Imperial & Ridgways
by: Thomas Hodgens

I read your article reply to the question about Royal Imperial (see the other thread here Royal Imperial Soup Plates).

My mother has Royal Imperial Bone China. I came across this on ebay and thought you may be interested in, since you thought it could be connected to Ridgways Potteries.. Here is the link

The seller claims..

''Royal Vale, Royal Imperial, Colcloch etc were all made by Ridgways Potteries in the 1950s Staffordshire, England''

hope this helps.. Tommy


Peter (admin) says:

Thanks for that Tommy. I think this Royal Imperial may well be Ridgways. However, I still don't understand why they used this made up name. Colclough and Vale were both important antique brands (see my Antique China Online Guide) but Imperial is not - just a marketing label as far as I can see. I can only think it was for the purpose of selling into markets where they were unable to use their other names due to exclusivity contracts.

Imperial 22kt china tea set
by: Anonymous

Is i worth anything????


Peter (admin says):-

For valuation advice go here:

Vintage and antique china values page

by: Jan

Imperial Bone China warranted 22KT.Gold was marked on AYNSLEY seconds. Just check out Aynsley Imperial on Ebay. Is is usually the patterns with lots of gold.

by: tracy

Hi whats the difference between finest and fine bone china I got 4 tea cups royal imperial summertime finest bone china please help

by: Anonymous

I have a bone china saucer with the marks saying 22.kt gold and ed printed on the back

Imperial China tea set
by: Anonymous

I have one of the above with a 1644 stamp any ideas as to the value?

lovely tea-set
by: Phil

I have Royal Imperial bone china full tea-set(less 4 cups)with Rose design.

Is it worth anything??

imperial bone china 22 ct gold tea set NEW
by: Anonymous

the tea set has a number 30 painted on it

Royal Imperial Tea Set NEW
by: Anonymous

My Dad thinks his Royal Imperial White Rose Tea Set was purchased with Green Shield Stamps, which might make sense of its being named for that promotion only ?

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